Bachelor in Paradise: Jill Chin, Romeo & Kira Mengistu’s Love Triangle Drama Explained


Every Bachelor in Paradise season is packed with excitement, and during season 8, fans are watching Jill Chin, Romeo Alexander, and Kira Mengistu’s love triangle drama unfold. The series returned on September 27, giving fans the chance to see an array of dynamics develop between Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Audiences got a taste of the startling content in the very first episode of the show, when Jill and Kira had a heated argument.

When contestants arrive to film Bachelor in Paradise, there is a good chance that they have some history with other cast members. Offscreen, they may also have interacted with other The Bachelor franchise stars. This season, Jill and Kira shared their history with Romeo. When Kira appeared on BIP season 8, she’d decided to be Romeo’s partner. On the other hand, Romeo and Jill had already planned to be together on Bachelor in Paradise. This sparked a feud between Jill and Kira. Jill revealed on US Weekly’s Bachelor franchise-themedHere For The Right Reasons” podcast that she had a hard time watching the BIP episodes. She said, “I don’t think I’ve been able to catch a break.”


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What Went Down Between BIP’s Jill, Romeo & Kira?

When Romeo arrived during BIP season 8, he was already planning to approach Jill. He felt a strong connection with her. However, he was afraid that Kira would make things uncomfortable. Jill and Kira knew each other from Clayton Echard’s The Bachelor season, and they shared an exceptional bond on that show. Jill revealed that she was in New York with Kira when the duo met Romeo. Jill and Romeo shared a unique bond that was more than a friendship. Jill disclosed that she was not very interested in Romeo at first. Slowly, the duo developed more of a flirty friendship.

When the duo appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, Romeo confessed that he had feelings for Jill, and also shared a major revelation. He told Jill about his intimate moment with Kira in a club, pre-Paradise. After hearing this, Jill was a little taken aback, and confronted Romeo. She said on the show, “I didn’t know a lot of things were happening in your life. I just wish I had a little more insight on what was going on.” When Jill and Romeo tried to avoid Kira, so they could enjoy their time together, Kira barged in. After all of this, Jill avoided Kira, but Romeo opened up about caring for Jill, and explained the situation to Kira. Eventually, Kira became offended by Romeo’s confession, and rather than having a mature conversation with him, she chose to have a one-on-one with Jill. The women had a heated argument on the beach, and Kira accused Jill of slut-shaming her as they clashed.

It appears that Kira lost her chance to partner with Romeo, as he chose to give his rose to Jill. However, Kira failed to receive a rose, which meant that her Bachelor in Paradise journey was over. However, viewers enjoyed the first love triangle feud, which took place when contestants were just hitting the beach. All in all, Bachelor in Paradise audiences should keep watching, as many confrontations, brewing romances, and love triangles may add drama to upcoming episodes.

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