Bachelor Alum Clayton Echard’s Most Dramatic Highs & Lows On & Offscreen


During his time as the lead on The Bachelor season 26, Clayton Echard made some decisions that left the viewers shocked and appalled at what he had done. Viewers were first introduced to Clayton when he was vying for Michelle Young’s heart on The Bachelorette season 18. He placed eighth on her season before Clayton was named The Bachelor. However, even before his time on the show, Clayton made a name for himself offscreen.

After Clayton was named the new male lead, fans had a lot to say about the decision. A lot of fans felt someone else should have been chosen over Clayton, something that has been discussed about previous leads as well. What viewers didn’t know is how messy Clayton’s season would end up being, which he surprisingly agrees with.


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The Bachelor Clayton Echard’s Fantasy Suites

When fantasy suites came rolling around, viewers witnessed Clayton tell Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia that he was intimate with both of them after Susie Evans quit The Bachelor. Clayton’s rejection left both girls to break down in tears, wanting to leave the competition. However, Clayton, who’s not ready to date after Susie, convinced them to stay. Fans were not happy with how he handled the situation and thought Clayton could have gone about it a better way.

Susie Evans Rejects Clayton Echard On The Bachelor

After leaving The Bachelor, Clayton realized he still had feelings for Susie. He decided to break up with both Gabby and Rachel after convincing them to stay. However, after showing up to the final rose ceremony, Susie decided she couldn’t be with Clayton and rejected his final rose, leaving Clayton all alone.

Clayton Echard & Susie Evans Get Back Together After The Bachelor

During the AFTR special, Clayton revealed that he had been seeing someone since The Bachelor wrapped. Despite rejecting his final rose, that someone turned out to be Susie. Susie reached out to Clayton after filming The Bachelor, and they began a relationship. They admitted that they were taking things slowly but were happy with where they were in their budding romance.

The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard & Susie Evans Break Up Again

After giving their relationship a chance away from The Bachelor and even living together for a few months, the couple announced that they would be moving to different states and no longer living together. Shortly after the pair announced their new living situations, Clayton and Susie confirmed their split after eight months together. The break up was not shocking to fans as the move was a sign the pair would likely go their separate ways. However, some still had hope that they could make it work.

Even though he was named The Bachelor, Clayton has said he sometimes regrets joining the show since he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. He said he wasn’t ready for the criticism he received but is thankful to his family and friends for pushing him forward. Zach Shallcross has been named the lead for The Bachelor season 27, and although some viewers are not happy with the choice once again, fans are hoping it’s not as bad as Clayton’s. Fans will have to wait for the January 2023 premiere to see how Zach’s season pans out.

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