Azrael Cosplay Is a Twisted Rebirth for DC’s Ultra-Violent Batman


New cosplay from Vancity Outlaw portrays Saint Batman, the Dark Multiverse variant of Knightfall’s twisted version of the Dark Knight, Azrael.

Once the most hated version of Batman, the hero known as Azrael has recently made his return to the DC Universe. Now, new cosplay from Vancity Outlaw shows off the Dark Multiverse variant of Azrael known as Saint Batman, last seen in Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman: Knightfall.

Created by Denny O’Neil, Joe Quesada and Peter Milligan in 1992, Azrael was revealed to be the divine assassin for the Order of St. Dumas, a surviving sect of Knights Templar still operating in the modern world. Jean Paul Valley was an ordinary young man pursuing a computer science degree. But when his father dies in the line of duty, ancient conditioning bred into him since he was an infant, giving him the skills to become the new Azrael. This brings him into conflict with Batman, who helps Jean-Paul overcome his conditioning to become his own hero operating in Gotham City. Soon after, Batman has his back broken in a brutal fight with Bane, kick-starting the mega crossover Knightfall. Needing someone to take his place as Batman while he recovers, Bruce Wayne selects Jean-Paul Valley as his temporary successor. Being Batman ultimately unhinges Jean-Paul, as his methods become increasingly brutal in dealing with the criminal element of Gotham City. After healing, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham and defeats Jean-Paul, taking back his rightful place as Batman. Jean-Paul once again takes up the mantle of Azrael soon thereafter, attempting to atone for his past and find his place in the world.


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Vancity Outlaw’s Azrael cosplay is actually the character’s Dark Multiverse counterpart, from a world where he never left the role of Batman, instead ruling Gotham City with an iron fist for thirty years. This variant is known as Saint Batman, whose story was depicted in 2019’s Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman: Knightfall by Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins and Javier Fernandez. Recently posted to Instagram, Vancity Outlaw certainly captures the menacing nature of Jean-Paul Valley’s Batman. With sharpened claws and a terrifying mask, criminals certainly wouldn’t want to run into this Batman in a darkened alley. Check out Vancity’s exemplary work below:

Azrael adopted various costume changes during his time as Batman. Starting out wearing the classic outfit, it wasn’t long before his conditioning kicked in and Jean-Paul Valley began making upgrades. Starting with a pair of mechanized claws, Jean-Paul soon replaced the classic Batman suit with a tricked-out suit of armor, which got progressively more complicated as the Knightfall saga dragged on. Tales from the Dark Multiverse‘s Saint Batman is the logical extension of that aesthetic, presenting the Dark Knight as an armored avenging angel presiding over a future Gotham City. In a perverse twist, this Batman has also developed an addiction to Venom, the drug that gave Bane his super-strength–as evidenced by the green tube sticking out the back of Vancity Outlaw’s cosplay.

Whatever the case, Vancity Outlaw’s cosplay of Saint Batman stands as an excellent depiction of the character, even though most fans are thankful that Azrael no longer wears the mantle of Batman.

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