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The long-awaited prequel novels to Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Rise Of Kyoshi and The Shadow Of Kyoshi, were published in 2019 and 2020 respectively. They explore Avatar Kyoshi’s life before becoming the all-powerful deity the fans often perceive her to be, and her unlikely and heartbreaking journey to accepting her role and becoming “the chosen one.”

With the recent release of F.C. Yee’s third addition to the Chronicles of the Avatar series, this time about Avatar Yangchen, it is worth looking back on the original two books and exploring some of Kyoshi and friends’ most notable moments and quotes.


“Nothing Is Useful Until You Practice it.”

The Shadow Of Kyoshi

In the context of this scene, Nyahitha states this to Kyoshi as she doubts her abilities and is upset by the lack of skills she possesses in regard to contacting her spiritual successors.

This quote, while simple, is important for Kyoshi to hear in the moment of this scene, and is important to remember in day-to-day life. A piece of advice that can truly be applied to any circumstance. It’s a moment that may appear to mean little within the grand scheme of the story, but it follows Kyoshi — and everyone — well into other aspects of life.

“… At Their Hearts, They Were The Same Animal.”

The Shadow Of Kyoshi

Full Quote: “Human beings could drape themselves in titles and etiquette, but …”

This quote about is Kyoshi’s perception of the events following Fire Lord Zoryu’s decree to have the Keohso clan arrested and killed. The moment compares this brawl in the palace to the fights between the men on the Fire Nation’s islands, which exist in much more run-down and impoverished states.

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Immediately following Zoryu’s most wrathful declaration, this is the moment that Kyoshi realizes that however honorable the Fire Nation’s nobles seem, when push comes to shove, they will still behave themselves as crudely as any member of the daofei. This line is not only humbling, but feels like an entire psychological analysis of people as a whole.

“… Her Own Sacred Ground Was Marked By The Limits Where Her Friends Stood.”

The Rise Of Kyoshi

Kyoshi’s character is established very early on in the first book. This scene provides the first true moments of friendship between her and the others and solidifies her character as caring and sincere. This moment also sets into motion many of her motives throughout the book — namely that anyone who hurts her friends pays the price


Despite the reputation she has received from her few original appearances, Kyoshi repeatedly proves herself throughout her books to be kind, nurturing, and justice-seeking. Like any good leader, she does everything she can to keep her friends safe and out of harm’s way, foreshadowed beautifully in this quote.

“The Tear In The Ground Revealed A Shade Of Color …”

The Shadow Of Kyoshi

Full Quote: “… that Kyoshi couldn’t explain in the language of The Four Nations.”

No human can truly comprehend The Spirit World without having visited it themselves. This line, so eloquently put, describes one of Kyoshi’s first moments as she interacts with Kuruk “in the flesh.” It details the obscure and mesmerizing sights — things that she nor the reader could even begin to imagine.

This beautifully described imagery is also reminiscent of the moment Aang and Zuko meet the dragons in the third book, specifically when Zuko states, “It was beautiful, I saw so many colors … colors I’ve never imagined.” This line serves as a reminder that humans can only see so much of this world, and it is a humbling experience the moment something beyond it becomes visible, no matter the state of mind.

“All Of Our Actions Have An Impact…”

The Rise Of Kyoshi

Full Quote: “… Each decision we make ripples into the future. And we alter our landscapes according to our needs.”

Lao Ge takes on the role of Kyoshi’s wise sifu through much of the first novel, and yet many of his words of advice make him a difficult character to side with. However, in this moment, he makes a statement impossible to counter.

Even though he is using this concept of decisive cause and effect to justify murder, Kyoshi still takes the idea to heart, using it to restructure her plan and clean up Lao Ge’s messes and attempted actions. This quote of his proves that the same words that can be used for the good of others can also backfire and be used for evil. It is up to the individual to decide which to use it for.

“A Gardener Who Nurtures A Flower …”

The Shadow Of Kyoshi

Full Quote: “… so others can enjoy it bloom for a few moments must spend much time with their hands buried in dirt.”

Jinpa’s rationale for why he “sullies” his Air Nomad lifestyle and reputation with Kyoshi’s dirty business is his reiteration of the advice that a group of non-nomad friends gives him. He goes on to state that his personal beliefs are that he must “make peace with [his] own choices, just like everyone else,” which satisfies Kyoshi enough for the conversation’s sake.

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Fans speculate that this secret “community” Jinpa “plays Pai Sho with” might be The Order of the White Lotus. As this series makes many references to its origin shows and significantly enriches the world’s history, this speculation is very much backed up throughout the story. However, this has never been confirmed.

“You Accept The Risk Of Winning Or The Guarantee Of Losing.”

The Shadow Of Kyoshi

Spoken by Kyoshi as she persuades Zoryu to attempt to clean up the current mess in the Fire Nation, this phrase defines what anyone might feel before making a risky decision, and essentially delivers the message that if you never try, you are already destined to fail.

While Zoryu takes this recommendation to heart and assists Kyoshi in her plan, it is certainly a concept that will stick with his family for generations to come. Seeing how Sozin, Azulon, and Ozai rule the Fire Nation during their respective reigns, it is safe to say that “accepting the risk of winning” is the route they chose to take.

“We Must Decide Not To Take All We Can From The World & Others.”

The Shadow Of Kyoshi

One of the first true pieces of advice Avatar Yangchen’s spirit offers to Kyoshi, this moment is pivotal in shaping both Kyoshi and the reader’s view on who Yangchen was and what she stood for, and it’s the perfect lead-in to her own book, solidifying her as one of the best Air Nomads in the ATLA franchise.

Yangchen’s advice refers to her own decisions as Avatar, but extends into each individual Avatar’s story. These decisions and actions that maintain the universe’s balance are crucial to every human and spirit’s survival. Yangchen tells Kyoshi that not only has she, so young, had to make such choices already, but that everyone has and will, and she is doing the best she can.

“What Will You Do Now Knowing That Your Every Step Will Have Consequences?”

The Rise Of Kyoshi

The idea of the now affecting the future is a theme throughout the entire Avatar franchise. Whether it’s Kyoshi’s decisions affecting Aang, Yangchen’s leaving work for Kyoshi, or the very first Avatar Wan impacting Korra’s life, actions never exist in a vacuum. Kyoshi utters this line to Xu while in the Avatar State to offer him a final chance at redemption in the face of his mistakes and wake of absolute terror.

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This idea obviously transcends the Avatar universe, as any person can observe the domino effect that a seemingly small decision can have. And whether its outcome is wildly noticeable in the moment or not, outcomes are something to consider, no matter the circumstance.

“Kyoshi Kept Her Eyes Focused On Her Difficult Path …”

The Shadow Of Kyoshi

This is a truncated version of the final line of Kyoshi’s story, just before the epilogue. While literally in the present moment of her journey, it wraps up her story from the two novels for the reader, as well as the events of her life that have been said to occur later on.

Kyoshi, throughout all of her chronicles, has become a fan-favorite Avatar of the best Earth Kingdom characters for a variety of reasons. Her novels’ conclusion rounds out her character and prepares the readers for everything else to come. And despite all of her missteps throughout the book and into the future, this knowledge — that Kyoshi always tried to do right by everyone and fix her mistakes — is what makes her one of the most relatable and lovable characters in the Avatar world.

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