Aquaman’s Most Amazing Power is One He Never Actually Uses


Aquaman can actually heal from injury using fish. It’s an incredible ability that he and the other Justice League members should take advantage.

SPOILERS ahead for Batman #128!

There is a strange and interesting ability that Aquaman can use to heal, and he needs to employ it a lot more than he does.

Currently, Batman is in a fight for his life. After coming up with various protocols to take down the various members of the Justice League, Batman developed a system to take himself down in case he ever went rogue. This is a seemingly unstoppable robot named Failsafe. It was activated when the Penguin faked his death to make it look like Batman killed him. Because it seemed as if Batman went too far, the robot came to life and began hunting Batman down.


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In Batman #128 by Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez, Failsafe takes on various members of the Bat Family and the Justice League. He manages to conquer them all and leave Batman near death. In order to escape the deadly robot, Batman drops into the ocean, where he passes out. When he regains consciousness, he discovers Aquaman rescued him and placed him in a tub where fish tended to his injuries and healed him back to health over the course of two weeks.

Aquaman Might Be Better At Healing Than Wolverine or Deadpool

It’s only mentioned in one panel, but this is an incredibly powerful ability for Aquaman to state in passing. Fans consider characters like Wolverine and Deadpool to be the best healers in comics, but there’s something to be said about Aquaman being able to heal with the use of fish. It might not be as strong as a mutant healing ability, but if Aquaman is ever severely injured he can merely jump into the ocean and allow the fish to work on his injuries and heal him back to health.

Also, Aquaman has a leg up on other unnaturally fast healers because his ability can be applied to others just like in this comic. Wolverine and Deadpool can’t necessarily share their healing factor with others, but Aquaman can use his relationship with fish to apply their healing properties to others. Batman didn’t even necessarily have to be in the ocean. He just used that as a means for Aquaman to come to his rescue, but Aquaman moved him to a totally separate tub for the fish to do their work. He probably did this to hide Batman from Failsafe and allow him to heal in a secure location. It was a moment very similar to the healing tubs seen in science fiction like Star Wars. It’s a fascinating characteristic of Aquaman that should definitely be employed more.

Batman #128 is now available from DC Comics!


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