Apple Podcast Charts: How To Find Top Podcasts & Episodes


Curious to see which podcasts are the most popular among iOS users? Apple Podcasts has a charts feature that is easy to use and navigate.

While most podcast listeners already have a solid inkling on the type of shows they prefer to regularly listen to on apps like Apple Podcasts, users who base their audio clicks on what’s popular may need to consult the app’s top charts to ensure they’re on top of trending shows. Apple’s dedicated podcast app has its own official charts feature that provides iOS users with useful insights on the platform’s most listened to shows and episodes as well as most subscribed to shows and channels. All of these lists are refreshed all throughout the day, ensuring that only the best content is highlighted.


Apple users who’ve decided to stick to the company’s own podcast listening service can enjoy the app’s massive catalog of podcasts. Some content can be accessed for free and others, through a paid subscription. Either way a person goes, they will be able to access the podcast charts through any Apple device, provided that it has the latest version of the operating system installed.

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Apple Podcasts listeners can easily find chart-topping content through the mobile app’s ‘Search’ function. Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom of the page and select the ‘Top Charts’ tile from the available browse categories. The top half of this page will have sections for ‘Top Shows’ and ‘Top Episodes,’ which will each contain 200 entries spanning various categories. Simply hit ‘See All’ next to the chart name to view all entries and tap on any track to play it. To view topic-specific lists of most listened-to shows and episodes, hit ‘All Categories’ in the top-right corner of the screen and pick one of the 19 podcast genres listed. Two new charts are also accessible through the ‘Top Charts’ page – ‘Top Subscriber Shows’ for podcasts that offer additional premium content and features through a paid subscription, and ‘Top Subscriber Channels,’ which are podcast providers within Apple Podcasts that offer premium subscriptions and access to more than one show. These lists both feature 100 entries each that are refreshed on a daily basis across various categories.

How Apple Podcasts Charts Are Determined

Entries that break into Apple Podcasts’ top charts for best podcast shows and episodes are loosely evaluated based on how often listeners engage with episodes, how often users hit the follow button on shows to receive new episode notifications, and how often listeners actually finish listening to a track. Ratings, reviews, and shares don’t necessarily affect the algorithm used by the app to produce show and episode rankings, but they are practical factors listeners use to influence their decisions on what podcasts to listen to or follow, and the latter does influence the podcast top charts.

The four main Apple Podcasts charts have varying levels of availability. ‘Top Shows’ and ‘Top Episodes’ are available in over 170 countries and regions worldwide, while the newer ‘Top Subscriber Shows’ and ‘Top Subscriber Channels’ are only accessible within the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia through an iPhone, iPad, or Mac with an up-to-date version of the operating system installed. All four top lists will only include Apple Podcasts content in places where their respective producers opt to make them accessible.

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