Animal Crossing New Horizons: 10 Nicest Villagers Everyone Needs On Their Islands


The beloved Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most popular games released by Nintendo in recent years. The life simulation game is the fifth entry in the long-running Animal Crossing game series, and the newest version of the game sees players move to an island and help run its development.

New Horizons allows players to pick up to 10 villagers to have as neighbors to live on their island and interact with. Most players will look for kind villagers that keep island life harmonious and build lasting friendships with, making a handful of them the best people to choose from.



Blue elephant Axel is a jock villager and frequently discusses his love of sports and bodybuilding with players. The character usually has a big grin plastered on its face and punctuate its typically-jolly sentences with a friendly “whonk!”

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Unlike many jocks that can occasionally be obnoxious with constant talk of working out, Axel is always pleasant towards players. He has a love of bright colors and toys that makes him the most adorable elephant in the game.

PuddlesAnimal Crossing Puddles

Longtime die-hard Animal Crossing fans will recognize Puddles from her multiple appearances in previous iterations of the game. The pink frog is an aspiring pop star and can be spotted around the island singing to herself and talking about her future as a celebrity.

While she may have a high opinion of herself, Puddles is a deeply affectionate villager, and gives players the nickname “splish.” As a peppy villager, Puddles is consistently in a good mood and always reacts in a highly positive manner. The frog is easy to make friends with and will treat the player as her best friend.

RolfRolf Animal Crossing

Rolf is categorized as a “cranky” character in Animal Crossing due to his often pessimistic outlook and can be gruff towards the more cheery villagers. However, for players, the old tiger is one of the best friendships you can make in New Horizons.

The best way to describe Rolf’s personality is grandfatherly – while he may be rather grumpy due to his old age, he will treat those he is close to with great affection. He frequently checks in with players and is known to send letters offering advice and encouragement.

CeliaAnimal Crossing Celia

Celia is an eagle with bright rosy cheeks and beautiful green feathers – and “feathers” is how she affectionately refers to other villagers. Celia has a love of nature and can help out the player in island upkeep by frequently watering the flowers and other plants dotted around the island.

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Celia has a “normal” personality – meaning she does not fall into any extremes like peppy or snooty, etc. The benefit of having a normal villager is that they will not butt heads with other villagers on the island, and keep conflict down to a minimum.

DianaDiana Animal Crossing

Diana is easily one of the most stunning villagers in the game, with beautiful doe eyes and pink and purple details on her body. Diana is a very regal-like deer and has a love of anything elegant and glamorous.

Diana is labeled as a “snooty” villager, meaning she can be rather obnoxious for jock or cranky villagers because she finds them uncouth. If a player bonds with Diana, however, she is one of the closest relationships they can form, and the deer will confide in them and shower them with gifts. This a sweet friendship style to have – that is, if the player doesn’t mind if Diana doesn’t get along with other villagers from time to time.

FaunaAnimal Crossing Villagers That Are Great For Fall Seasons Fauna

Like Diana, Fauna is also a deer, but she more resembles a real-life deer. The adorable animal doesn’t tend to have a conflict with other villagers and is categorized as a “normal” villager.

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Fauna is one of the earliest risers in the game and is easy to make friends with as she frequents the island from 6 am until nighttime. She is highly polite and will go out of her way to show kindness towards the player.

DrakeDrake Animal Crossing

A male mallard duck, Drake is pretty small in stature, but has a big heart that he shows through his friendliness to players. His home and objects are mostly wooden, and he enjoys the simple life, meaning he is pretty low maintenance.

Drake is a “lazy” villager, meaning he is highly laid-back. Whereas some villagers can berate the player for not talking to them for a while, Drake is an easygoing animal that does not need to be checked in with frequently.

MarinaAnimal Crossing Marina

Marina is one of the best-loved villagers amongst Animal Crossing players and is highly sought after to have as an island resident. This is not surprising, as the bright pink octopus is a highly approachable character who is easy to befriend.

Marina gets along with every villager type and is highly sociable from early in the morning until late. If a player gets chatting to her, she will tell them about an off-screen friend known as “moppina.”

SherbAnimal Crossing Sherb

Sherb is a relatively new character to Animal Crossing, having made his first appearance in New Horizons. The baby blue goat loves food, fishing, and sleeping, and can usually be spotted around the island chilling out.

As a lazy villager, Sherb isn’t highly strung in any way and gets along well with most villagers of different personality types. He is always happy to chat, but his laid back lifestyle means he’ll happily leave villagers alone.

StitchesAnimal Crossing Villagers That Aren't Based On Real Animals Stitches

Stitches is one of the few non-real animal villagers in Animal Crossing. The creature is meant to resemble a child’s well-loved stuffed toy.

Just like a teddy bear, Stitches has a cuddly personality. He is a chilled-out lazy villager that gets along with everyone in a casual way, but will happily converse with players about his love for superheroes and get excited to talk about them.

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