Angelina Jolie details abuse allegations against Brad Pitt involving their kids; Latter reacts


Content Warning: The article contains references to physical abuse.

Angelina Jolie has filed court papers accusing ex-husband Brad Pitt of drunkenly attacking her and their children during a 2016 plane ride which led her to file for divorce. The countersuit comes after Pitt sued her in February, over selling her stake in their French winery claiming there agreement neither would sell without the other’s consent.

Jolie has reportedly claimed in her countersuit as reported by CNN that there was never any such agreement between the two. The actress has also claimed that she sold her portion of the winery in an effort to have “financial independence” from Pitt and find “peace and closure” following what she suggests was a deeply painful and traumatic chapter of her and their children’s lives.

Angelina Jolie’s physical abuse allegations against Brad Pitt

As per the court documents, obtained by CNN, Jolie has revealed details about an alleged incident on a private plane on September 14, 2016, five days before she filed for divorce where she claims the actor attacked her and her kids. Angelina alleges that Pitt got into an argument with one of their six children, who at the time were between the ages of 8 and 15. 

Jolie has accused the actor of verbally attacking her and also, claimed that he “grabbed” her by the head and shook her, and then grabbed her shoulders and also pushed her into the bathroom wall of the private plane. 

The claim also alleges, Pitt “choked” one of the children and struck another in the face.  The document states that their children were all frightened and “many were crying.”

Brad Pitt’s response to the abuse allegations

Following Angelina Jolie’s countersuit claims, a spokesperson for Brad Pitt released a statement to CNN and called the claims made by the actor’s ex-wife, “completely untrue.” The spokesperson further maintained that Jolie’s story continues to evolve with new, unsubstantiated claims. The statement also added that Brad has accepted responsibility for what he did but will not for things he didn’t do.

Previously, court documents that were made public in August relating to the 2016 plane incident involving Angelina and Brad had revealed that no criminal charges were filed against Pitt. 

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