AndaSeat Transformers Premium Gaming Chair Review: Overly Warm, But Comfortable


The AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair features a unique aesthetic and most of the features anyone could want out of a gaming chair, although some minor assembly issues, lack of breathability, and bold appearance make the $400 price tag feel a bit steep for possible buyers who aren’t die-hard fans. The Transformers line isn’t the brand’s first foray into pop-culture collaboration, with AndaSeat previously releasing limited-edition chairs with themes like Marvel. However, AndaSeat’s Transformers line certainly doesn’t prioritize form over function, providing a solid amount of comfort alongside sleek design.


The AndaSeat Transformers Edition is available in three different design options: Megatron, which is largely black with gray and purple highlights, Optimus Prime, which is black with pops of red and blue, and Bumblebee, which is all yellow and black. Each chair features a portrait of the Transformer on both the seat back and ergonomic back pillow, as well as a general Transformers logo on the other side of the chair. The designs themselves are good quality and would make a solid addition to any fan’s gaming room, and the Megatron and Optimus Prime editions could even fit in relatively well in a more muted office setting – although the same cannot be said for Bumblebee.

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Like with some other AndaSeat chairs, assembly of the AndaSeat Transformers Edition Gaming Chair is not without its hiccups. Assembly of the Megatron edition received by Screen Rant took about 40 minutes, with much of the time spent on an issue with one of the screw holes in the side of the backing of the chair. One of the holes had not been expanded enough to fit the screws provided, which led to the stripping of one of the screws and a necessary expansion of the hole with a separate tool. However, an excellent feature of the assembly kit was the inclusion of two extra screws, which made the stripping of one much less of a problem. Besides this issue, assembly is smooth and clearly laid out by the instructions that include helpful pictures.

How Comfortable Is The AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair?

As a whole the AndaSeat Transformers Gaming Chair is quite comfortable, with an ergonomic design that encourages better posture. The AndaSeat is made with a combination of linen and leather-like materials, which is of high quality but means the Andaseat isn’t as breathable as some other gaming chairs. While this isn’t notable for shorter sitting, all-day users of the Andaseat may find themselves overheating or sticking a bit to the leather fabric, an issue further compounded by the velvet-covered back pillow. The lower-back pillow itself – although well-designed aesthetically – is disappointingly not able to be held in place by anything but the user’s bodyweight, so any user looking to solidify an adjustment of its height is out of luck. Conversely, adjusting the Andaseat’s neck pillow is incredibly conveinant, as it has a magnetic backing for more free-form placement.

The AndaSeat Transformers Gaming Chair boasts the ability to lean all the way back to a mildly-terrifying 160 degrees, which although somewhat impractical for most users isn’t unwelcome, and is a nice way to take stretching breaks during long video game sessions or periods of working at a desk. Both seat and arm rest height can also be adjusted, but sadly there is no option to move the arm rests any way but vertically. It should also be noted that AndaSeat recommends a maximum height of five feet nine inches for the best comfort, so taller players should perhaps look elsewhere.

Despite the fact assembly wasn’t as smooth as it could’ve been and slight issues with temperature and customization, the AndaSeat Transformers Gaming Chair is a solid seat choice for any Transformers fan looking for a comfortable new gaming chair. Of course, the chair’s designs may not appeal to fans of bolder colors, but outside of a muted office setting the chairs are quite aesthetically pleasing. While the AndaSeat Transformers Premium Gaming Chair does not come cheap, clocking in at $400, for fans of the disguised robots from Cybertron it very may well be worth the price.

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The AndaSeat Transformers Premium Gaming Chair is available on the AndaSeat website. Screen Rant was given a Megatron AndaSeat for the purpose of this review.


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