AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3 Premium Gaming Chair Review


The AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3 Premium Gaming Chair is super comfortable, and its sleek style means it looks great in any room. With multiple colors, sizes, and materials to choose from, the AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3 should make a good fit for anyone looking to optimize their home office or gaming space. And thanks to an especially cozy memory foam pillow and magnetic armrests, comfort is prioritized just as much as aesthetics.

As with many AndaSeat gaming chairs, assembly of the AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3 is surprisingly easy. From opening the box to having a finished product, the entire process took no more than 20 minutes. For those who may not be used to assembling products, the setup time may be slightly longer. However, thanks to an easy-to-read manual (complete with photos that show users everything they need to know), it’s a quick and effortless affair.


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Many of the AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3’s features involve magnets. The trademark MagSwap technology is used to easily clip on armrests, and its MagClaps are there to make assembly easier. There’s also a magnetic memory foam pillow that can be adjusted to someone’s height – and because there’s no strap, it’s much more convenient to move around. From longer Dungeons & Dragons campaigns to long stretches of online gaming, the AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3 should keep its owner cool and comfortable. The chair also reclines back impressively far (as much as 165 degrees), which means it’s also easy to relax in.

The bonded PVC leather is soft and surprisingly breathable. Even during longer gaming sessions, the AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3 never felt particularly hot or stuffy. In fact, it seems to breathe just as well as many of the mesh gaming chairs on the market – but feels more comfortable thanks to its PVC leather material. The castersglide wheels and pistons also mean moving around in the chair – from spinning to scooting – is simple and smooth.

This gaming chair also comes with various options. The AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3 Premium Gaming Chair comes in 9 different colors to choose from – like Robin Egg Blue, Creamy Pink, Blaze Orange, and Elegant Black, to name a few. It’s available in two sizes – L (Regular) and XL (Extended, for those who are 5’11” to 6’8″) – so users can ensure the chair is the perfect fit for them. All of this combines to create a product that looks cool but also feels exceptionally comfortable.

Looking to purchase one? The link can be found below:

AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3 Premium Gaming Chair

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Screen Rant was provided with an AndaSeat 2022 Kaiser 3 Premium Gaming Chair for the purpose of this review.


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