And Just Like That Season 2 Carrie & Charlotte Costumes Teased In New Images


The costume designers behind And Just Like That has given fans a glimpse of what to expect from Carrie and Charlotte’s season 2 wardrobes in new photos posted online. The classic television show Sex and the City, which followed the interconnected lives of four women in New York City navigating relationships and their ever-evolving identities, was first announced to be getting a reboot developed by Michael Patrick King in 2020. After much anticipation from the avid fanbase of the original series and subsequent films, And Just Like That was released to HBO Max in December 2021.


The reboot has notably sought to present the core characters in a more modern context, excluding Samantha who is not featured on-screen in And Just Like That due to actor Kim Cattral’s choice not to return to the series. However, one unforgettable aspect of the original remains just as integral to the revival: fashion. The characters of the original series, particularly Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, instantly became fashion icons of their generation, each presenting a distinct personal style that reflected their unique personalities and showcasing outfits that became cemented in pop culture history. The importance of fashion has remained equally key to And Just Like That, which has been heralded for including groundbreaking style moments just as the original series was.

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Amid the filming of And Just Like That‘s season two, viewers have been given insight into the style choices Carrie and Charlotte will make from posts shared to the joint Instagram page of the reboot’s lead costume designers, Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago. In one post Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw is shown wearing various eclectic footwear items simultaneously, which is very much on brand for the character who is known for making bold fashion statements and combining sartorial elements that few would dare to try. Kristin Davis’ Charlotte York Goldenblatt, on the other hand, can be seen wearing an olive green jumpsuit with sneakers, a stark stylistic departure for the character whose outfits tend to be more stereotypically feminine and modest, reflecting her more conservative and traditionalistic outlook.

How Costumes Are Crucial To The Sex & the City Spinoff

It should not come as a surprise that the fashion featured in the franchise has remained a constant from the original series and films throughout the revival, as Danny Santiago served as one of the costume designers on both Sex And The City films while Molly Rogers was a co-costume designer alongside Patricia Field throughout the original show and subsequent movies. The pair now leads the wardrobe department of And Just Like That together. The designers credit the continued success of their return to the costume department of the revival to their ability to combine high-end clothing items and accessories with contemporary pieces from more underground designers scouted internationally, predominantly using social media.

And Just Like That has notably shifted its focus and taken on many current topical issues in an effort to amend the out-of-touch and exclusionary aspects of Sex And The City, which ran during a far less socially-conscious era than the reboot from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Namely, the revival boasts a more diverse cast surrounding the three lead women, including more people of color and characters with disabilities, and the show has also broadened its depiction of sexuality by featuring the realization and subsequent exploration of Miranda Hobbes’ queer identity. However, the individualized styles of the lead characters have remained a crucial component of the show as an exploration of American culture and the many expressions of womanhood. Whether the style of Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda remain as illustrious and unparalleled as the new photos indicate will be made clear when season 2 of And Just Like That hits HBO Max in 2023.

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