Analyst Believes Foldable iPhone Would Cost $2,500


Apple is reportedly working on folding iPhones and iPads, but they may not be affordable. The folding iPhone, especially, could cost $2,500.

A new report claims that Apple is working on folding iPhones and iPads, but they could cost buyers a kidney (or two). Folding smartphones have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with Samsung leading the way with its Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lines. However, they still represent a tiny part of the smartphone industry, which sees hundreds of millions of devices sold yearly. In contrast, just nine million foldables were sold last year, but Counterpoint Research believes that the market will grow 73 percent this year to 16 million units.


Folding iPhones have been rumored in the media for several years, but Apple has yet to say anything definitive. Multiple reports suggest that the company is already working on folding devices, although there’s no timeline for their launch yet. Alongside Apple, another tech giant is looking to get into the foldables game is Google, which is said to be prepping the launch of its 1st-generation Pixel Fold smartphone sometime next year. According to a new report, the device could have a similar design to the Galaxy Fold series insofar as it will unfurl into a tablet.

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According to CNBC, analyst firm CCS Insight forecasted that Apple could launch a folding iPad in 2024, although a folding iPhone is less likely to come any time soon. As per the report, if Apple were to release a folding iPhone, it would only happen in 2025. What’s more, it would be priced around the $2,500 mark to prevent it from cannibalizing its existing iPhones. The report also says that Apple considers the folding iPhone a high-risk product, as it could find very few buyers due to its exorbitant price tag.

Apple’s Folding iPhone And iPad

Apple is also apparently worried about possible criticisms if something goes wrong with the folding technology. According to the chief of research at CCS Insight, Ben Wood, if Apple encountered any technical difficulties with the foldable phone, there would be a “feeding frenzy” among critics who would take the company to task over the faulty product.

Meanwhile, as for the folding iPad, the report claims that it could come with a 20-inch display, although there are no more details about it for now. On a separate note, the analyst firm has also claimed that Apple will likely start using its own 5G modems for the iPhone from 2025 by integrating them into its A-series processors as part of a ‘single-chip’ solution.

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Source: CNBC, Counterpoint Research


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