American Horror Story: 8 Wildest & Weirdest Reddit Theories About Season 11


The long-awaited premiere of season 11 of American Horror Story is coming to FX on October 19th, and fans cannot help but speculate about what the newest installment of the revered horror anthology will bring. The season’s theme, AHS: NYC, makes perfect sense for Ryan Murphy, whose vast filmography carries so much of the same vibrant, gritty, and polluted enchantment as the Big Apple itself. Still, audiences are wondering what such a broad motif could entail.

The season will follow a group of LGBTQ+ individuals being hunted by a violent threat. Of course, when it comes to American Horror Story, the plot is rarely so straightforward. There are sure to be other grisly elements, and fans have made quick work of theorizing on the internet’s favorite forum hub. Some speculate that the season will involve the mafia and others expect BDSM, but there are some fan theories just outlandish enough to be feasible for a show that once featured a satanist robot and vampire Rudolph Valentino.


Fleshy Fashion Week

New York is nothing without its sense of style. Redditor fireninjaofdoom seems to understand this, saying that they “think the season will be about or relating to NYC fashion week/industry.” While this is a fairly reasonable component, some may wonder where the potential is for horror. That’s where Redditor GlitteringThistle weighs in, theorizing that “some big fashion brand in NYC using human flesh or something.”

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This theory sounds peculiar, but human flesh as a fashion statement is right up AHS‘s alley. It’s not a far jump from Bloody Face using human skin for his interior design needs and then some in the series’ second season. On the topic of Bloody Face, Zachary Quinto will be in AHS: NYC, his first appearance on the show since he played the serial killer psychiatrist. Perhaps these Redditors are right, and some fleshy garb will call back to the fan-favorite actor’s first season.

Calling Back To The Countess

Redditor dmgaria has high hopes for a connection to one of the best seasons, AHS: Hotel. They write, “Season 11 images are giving me flashbacks to Hotel, given how a certain blonde bloodsucker is from New York, more specially Bensonhurst. Maybe season 11 will feature a hotel connection and give us more of the Afflicted much like how season 10 gave us more aliens.”

The Countess, is, indeed, from New York, and she may have returned to her birthplace to leave some vampiric bread crumbs. Plus, it is canon that Rudolph Valentino spends time in New York as a vampire. This Redditor’s theory would mean yet another season of bloodsuckers, and in the City of Dreams, things are bound to go wildly wrong with this blood virus.

Sex Dungeons

On a discussion thread about the promo images featuring antlers, Redditor Joesw7770 writes, “Personally I think the antlers are a dramatization of either bdsm or club kid fashion. I think there will be a sex dungeon of some sort. Something like that scene in Cult.”

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BDSM is almost guaranteed in an AHS piece by Ryan Murphy that takes place in New York City. The promo images certainly drive that point in. As untame as it is, this Redditor’s theory that a sex dungeon will make an appearance is not all that far-fetched. This is especially true considering the scene in Cult that they reference, where Kai Anderson murders a gimp hanging from the ceiling by hooks in his skin.

Mafia Boss Patti Lupone

Patti Lupone will star in season 11 as a character named Kathy. Redditor Augusta-Cornwell shares their hopes for the characters, saying “I would love Patti’s character ‘Kathy’ being secretly a mafia boss.” Considering Lupone’s previous character on AHS, a psychotic religious mother, seeing her as an authority in organized crime would be a refreshing spectacle.

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Capitalizing on the actress’s range, Redditor TwilitSky adds, “I want her to be a Madame of a sleezy brothel shooting off one-liners all day.” Either way, fans seem to think they will get to see the Broadway icon in an off-beat role that takes charge of some questionable activities. It’s just unconventional enough for this series.

Already Pinning It On Patrick

Russell Tovey will star in AHS: NYC as a character by the name of Patrick Read. Redditor Zin-jaba already theorizes, “Patrick seems like a really good guy, so he’s probably the killer lol.” Some may think it is strange to decide who the killer is so early, but true fans know that this fan is probably on the right track.

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The characters audiences come to love most often end up revealing some dark secrets. So, while “good guy” may not equate to “villain,” it is important to consider Dr. Oliver Thredson, Hank Foxx, and Margaret Booth. It is never too early to call out a killer for seeming too nice. Perhaps, that’s what Ryan Murphy wants fans to think.

Into The AHS-Verse

The finale of one of the best seasons, AHS: 1984, comes with what some fans describe as a hole, and others describe as an introduction to a new timeline. In Hotel, Richard Ramirez’s ghost comes to James Patrick March’s 2016 Devil’s Night soiree, since he died in prison in 2013. In 1984, he is shown to be stuck in Camp Redwood in 2019, being resurrected by the devil every time the residents kill him.

Some fans think the inconsistency has to do with Mallory creating a new timeline after time traveling in Apocalypse. One viewer thinks the new season will expand upon this and explore the multiverse, referencing John Landgraf’s comment that it will take place in different timelines (via Digital Spy). Redditor mjchambers0904 writes, “OK so with the multiverse being so hot right now (Marvel, Everything Everywhere all at Once, etc.)… if they do use this theme, maybe I can finally forgive the show runners for the Richard Ramirez-sized plot hole they dug at the end of 1984.” Complex, yes, but the multiverse is a hot topic in media right now, so fans may see some timeline-jumping action

Return Of The Body Snatchers

Redditor Proof_Illustrator_24 paid close attention to the iconography in the season promos to formulate their theory, like a graphic of a worm in an apple. The fan writes, “I am getting such a strong vibe of a body snatchers themed season… Seems to be set in gay 70s nyc and Murphy has been on a tip with these creepy shows. The apple and worm icon also leads me to believe there will be a parasitic theme. The idea of a soul catcher or host is compelling.”

This theory is equal parts absurd and intriguing and an ideal combination for a Ryan Murphy production. If this theory were to be true, it would reference Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, and fans know that Murphy never shies away from the opportunity to add cultural references in American Horror Story. A parasitic creature in the big city is an ambitious prospect, and there are few shows more equipped to bring it to life than the series that brought horror television to the modern mainstream.

Strictly Human Horrors

Redditor maxwell_winters thinks the upcoming season will be “grounded,” with no little to no supernatural elements. They believe the season will be “most likely dealing with a serial killer.” This means no ghosts, no vampires, no monsters, and no demonic possessions. Sophisticated and interesting, yes, but it sounds more like a job for American Crime Story.

The scariest monsters are human, but a new American Horror Story season without one supernatural element seems unimaginable, especially since the approach was not well-received in AHS: Cult. Almost every season involves serial killers to some degree, like the Axeman and Richard Ramirez, but even the threats based on real people are sandwiched with paranormal elements like the spirit world and the devil himself. With a theme as big as Empire City, Murphy is sure to go big on scares. Although, the realization of this Redditor’s theory would be an absorbing twist that shows the true, natural grit of NYC.

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