American Horror Story: 10 Most Powerful Witches, Ranked


The witches of American Horror Story are powerful forces to be reckoned with. Adept at manipulating the energies of nature, the third season of the popular anthology horror series introduced some of the series’ most powerful players, including the witch coven of Miss Robichaux’s Academy and the voodoo tribe of New Orleans.

Several characters throughout the series have demonstrated exceptional mastery of the Seven Wonders, and demonic entities including Papa Legba and Michael Langdon will be excluded, only witches of human blood will be considered viable candidates.

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The eleventh season of American Horror Story is on the horizon, and fans are eager to see whether it goes down as one of the series’ best or as one of its worst. Few seasons have managed to hold up to the quality of the first three seasons, so AHS:NYC has a lot to live up to. While it seems as though the season will focus primarily on serial killers, seasons that focus on witches have historically been beloved, particularly when they bring back fan favorites brimming with power.


15/15 Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt

Every witch in American Horror Story has a specialty, and Coco’s happens to be the detection of danger. This is a form of Divination, but it is generally limited to very minor use, specifically detecting what is in food. She first became aware of her ability when preventing her brother, who has Celiac disease, from eating something with gluten in it.

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While Coco’s powers do expand over time, she’s still undoubtedly the weakest witch on the show. Her family’s money ends up being more useful than her own powers, though she is able to help the witches track Miss Mead, and she’s more of an example of how extraordinary the witches from Coven were, rather than a powerful witch in her own right.

14/15 Princess Anastasia Romanov

The story of Anastasia, the long-lost Romanov princess, has been cherished as an animated musical and a Broadway adaptation. However, the famous Russian princess had a less glamorous ending in American Horror Story. Apocalypse revealed that Anastasia was a witch, and her historically ambiguous ending made her the perfect way to test Mallory’s time travel skills with.

Anastasia attempted to protect her family from the Bolsheviks with a protection spell, but she was too weak to complete it on her own. She had the power of Divination, but it was not strong enough to keep her family safe. That makes her one of the weaker witches shown on AHS, though it’s hard to say what she could accomplish if she were able to focus on her abilities without fear.

13/15 Behold Chablis

Behold Chablis was introduced in Apocalypse, along with the rest of the warlocks from Hawthorne School For Exceptional Men. A member of the Warlock Council and suspicious of the ‘Alpha’ Michael Langdon, Behold accompanies a resurrected Madison Montgomery to the famed Murder House of season 1 to uncover the origins of the Antichrist.

Though not as powerful as his female counterparts, Behold was a capable warlock and demonstrated several abilities, including Telekinesis and Divination. He and Madison made an unlikely but formidable duo, casting numerous spells together to repel the spirits of the Murder House.

12/15 Myrtle Snow

Myrtle was Head of the Witches’ Council, and while her advice to Cordelia was her most significant contribution, she was a powerful witch herself. Myrtle’s specialization is truth spells, which she used to detect Fiona’s lies concerning the previous Supreme.

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Beyond her specialization, Myrtle was capable of four of the Seven Wonders, including Telekinesis, Divination, Transmutation, and Concilium. She seems to be capable of many techniques and skills of witchcraft, as well as having knowledge of many she cannot perform, which led to her important role as a mentor for more powerful witches.

11/15 Zoe Benson

Zoe was actress Taissa Farmiga’s second role in the anthology horror series. Her powers began to manifest during a sexual encounter, and Zoe was shipped off to Miss Robichaux’s Academy immediately. She had the ability to kill her sexual partners, a tragic yet powerful ability.

Zoe’s powers appear relatively limited at the beginning of the season, but the young witch manifests more abilities as Coven progresses. She nearly performed all the Seven Wonders, failing only at Transmutation, and in Apocalypse, she is a teacher and close friend of Supreme witch Cordelia.

10/15 Nan

Nan was particularly gifted with Clairvoyance, which ultimately led to her death at the hands of Fiona Goode and Marie Laveau. She developed other powers as the season progressed, including Telekinesis and Concilium, which she used to exact grisly revenge on Joan Ramsay after the manic matriarch killed Luke.

Nan was often overlooked by the other witches who frequently disregarded her as a candidate for Supremacy, but the young witch was nevertheless powerful. Her alliance with Papa Legba is shown to be still going strong in Apocalypse, with the Gatekeeper warmly regarding her as one of his favorites.

9/15 Queenie

Queenie is a powerful and prominent member of the Coven and shares blood with the voodoo tribes of New Orleans as well as the Salem witches. She is a “human voodoo doll” and can transfer any physical damage inflicted on her body to somebody else, which brought a diverse angle to witchcraft that fans loved.

Queenie demonstrated several powers in Coven and almost performed the Seven Wonders before failing to bring Zoe back from the dead. She met a sudden end in Hotel at the hands of James Patrick March before being brought back in Apocalypse by Michael Langdon.

8/15 Misty Day

Misty Day is one of the most iconic characters from American Horror Story, made easily recognizable by her hippie dresses and Stevie Nicks-inspired shawls. The young witch met a fiery end in the opening episode of Coven but utilized her gift of Resurgence to bring herself back from the dead.

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Misty used her powers numerous times throughout the series to revive fallen characters, including Madison Montgomery and Joan Ramsay. Myrtle Snow originally suspected her of being the next Supreme but, despite mastering at least four of the Seven Wonders, Misty failed to return from Hell when performing Descensum.

7/15 Madison Montgomery

Madison Montgomery was shown to be exceptional from the beginning of Coven. A miniature version of Fiona Good, the former Supreme suspected Madison of being her successor due to Madison’s mastery of Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis.

Madison performed nearly all of the Seven Wonders, failing only at Divination. She is resurrected in Apocalypse by Michael Langdon along with Misty Day and Queenie, before returning to the Coven with a softer attitude and warmer heart.

6/15 Dinah Stevens

Dinah Stevens became the new “Voodoo Queen” after Marie Laveau’s death in Coven. Taking over for such a legend seems to suggest a lot of power, but Dinah doesn’t actually use it much during the show. In her own words, Dinah admitted that Cordelia can do anything she can, suggesting that she is definitively below the power of a Supreme.

However, Papa Legba wants Dinah to make the same deal with him that Marie Laveau did, so she clearly has a lot of power. She is seen using a voodoo doll, creating potions, summoning Papa Legba, and taking down the protective barrier around Miss Robichaux’s Academy. However, since she wants to stay neutral in the fight, audiences never get to see what she could do at full strength.

5/15 Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau was one of the most powerful witches to feature in American Horror Story. A member of the voodoo tribe as well as an immortal, Marie demonstrated an exceptional mastery of voodoo which made her a formidable enemy and ally to the Coven.

Marie’s immortality was given to her at a price by Papa Legba, the mysterious Gatekeeper to the Underworld. She gave some of her immortality to Delphine LaLaurie as punishment for the sadistic torture of Marie’s lover Bastian, burying her alive beneath her house, but eventually falls in both Coven and Apocalypse.

4/15 Fiona Goode

Fiona Goode was actress Jessica Lange’s third role in American Horror Story and one of the most despicable characters in Coven. The mother of Cordelia, Fiona reigned as Supreme after killing her predecessor Anna Leigh before abandoning the Coven to pursue a life of her own.

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Fiona was a powerful witch with near-unlimited power. She performed all Seven Wonders to become Supreme and was shown throughout the season to be an expert in Telekinesis, Concilium, and Vitalum Vitalis. She eventually succumbs to death and is last shown trapped in Hell with the Axe Man.

3/15 Cordelia Goode

As the daughter of former Supreme witch Fiona, Cordelia had a lot to live up to. Her powers appeared limited at the beginning of Coven but developed as the season progressed until she eventually managed to perform all Seven Wonders, restoring her eyesight and establishing her Supremacy.

Cordelia’s powers are tested in Apocalypse as the Supreme is forced to battle the Antichrist, Michael Langdon. As Supreme, she led the Coven into a new era, declaring their existence to the world, and thanks to the time reversal at the end of season 8, AHS fans still may see her again if future seasons reconnect with Coven.

2/15 Mallory

Mallory was introduced in Apocalypse as an unassuming servant at Outpost 3 before her true identity was revealed. A descendant of Salem witches, Mallory inadvertently demonstrates her powers during an interview with Michael and is shown to be the only character in the series to stand a chance against the Antichrist.

During flashbacks, Mallory’s true backstory and powers are revealed. After being sent to Miss Robichaux’s, she used her powers to reverse the death of her friend Coco after the young heiress choked to death, leading her to be handpicked by Cordelia as the next Supreme. She is notably the only witch shown to control time itself.

1/15 Scáthach

One of the most interesting bits of lore added by Roanoke was the first Supreme, Scáthach, who came to the Americas in the 14th century. She was descended from the Druids and worshiped bloodthirsty gods, who were responsible for her powers.

According to Ryan Murphy (via HuffPost), Scáthach is capable of all Seven Wonders, but she may actually be more powerful than any other witch shown on American Horror Story. Through gruesome human sacrifices, Scáthach achieved a form of immortality, as well as having the ability to bind others’ souls to her whim and grant them limited use of magic. No other character, except Papa Legba and (arguably) Michael Langdon has had this level of power, and neither could be honestly called witches.

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