All of Hunter x Hunter Made Available Ahead of the Series’ Epic Return


With the series returning from hiatus, Hunter x Hunter is ready to bring fans back aboard as the manga has hit VIZ’s digital reading app. Considering how long it’s been, it makes sense that fans would want to catch up on the series’ previous events. Now, even fans of the series – as well as new readers – can prepare for what’s coming next.

Initially beginning serialization in 1998, Yoshihiro Togashi’s hit series Hunter x Hunter has been known to go on hiatus. This began in 2006 and while the series typically returned, fans have been waiting for the most recent hiatus – announced in 2018 – to end. Hunter x Hunter first released in North American in 2005. It has had at least eleven hiatuses, with the longest being the most recent. While hiatuses happen to manga series on occasion due to various factors, this series is particularly known for them occurring with increasing frequency. The first hiatus came eight years after the series began and while at first glance the series appears to have lasted over twenty years, its longevity in publishing could partially be attributed to the many pauses – as well as fans’ eagerness to continue reading it after each hiatus concludes. This has been especially heartening due to the reason for the hiatuses – mangaka Togashi’s health. Now, four years later though, fans of Shonen Jump’s Hunter x Hunter manga series have their wish – as well as a way to return to the series.


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On its online reading service, VIZ has uploaded every chapter of Hunter x Hunter up to #390. Soon, more chapters will become available, but there has never been a better time to begin a binge-read of the best-selling manga. It was previously not available, leaving fans with few options to read it aside from the already published volumes. However, the last ten chapters (#381-390) have yet to be collected into an official licensed volume. Volume 37 is slated to collect these Hunter x Hunter chapters for a Japan release this November, while a date for an English translation has not been made available. Nonetheless, fans can now catch up and revisit the series from the beginning thanks to this new digital collection upload.

Hunter x Hunter Fans Finally Have An Official Way to Catch Up

Spanning thirty-six volumes, Hunter x Hunter initially began with the story of Gon Freecss and his quest to find his father. However, the last time fans read the series, the protagonist of the ongoing arc had shifted to Kurapika – a member of the Kurta Clan. Kurapika is an incredibly important character in the series, so new readers will not want to jump into the newest arc blindly. With this new upload by VIZ, it will be much easier to catch up to the series and jump in for the latest adventure with as much information as possible.

Thankfully, having access to every chapter in Hunter x Hunter will allow long-time fans to refresh their memories or let new fans jump onto the series from the beginning. This upload from VIZ will also provide fans with the chance to spend plenty of time revisiting the full series in case a new Hunter x Hunter hiatus happens.

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