All American Season 5 Proves Olivia Should Move To Homecoming Instead


Olivia Baker is one of All American’s main characters, but season 5 proves that it is time she moves to the Homecoming spinoff show instead.

All American season 5 proves why it is time for Olivia Baker to leave the show and join All American: Homecoming instead. The show based on Spencer Paysinger’s pre-NFL life has continued to elevate Olivia’s role over time. Her journalistic ambitions began in season 3 and have grown since then, with All American season 5 bringing a new story to her life with the investigation of GAU’s football coach. It partially led to Spencer James and Olivia’s break up in the premiere. After being a strong couple for the last few seasons, All American season 5 leaves Spencer and Olivia struggling to find their way without the other.


It is becoming more clear that it might be time for Olivia Baker to leave All American and move to the show’s All American: Homecoming spinoff instead. Now that she and Spencer are no longer together, it puts the show in an awkward place where their storylines cannot overlap, resulting in the main cast being split up even more. It also eliminates her main connection to All American‘s vortex. A move to All American: Homecoming would give Olivia a fresh start without Spencer. More importantly, it would also be a great opportunity to further her journalism career at Bringston University and get some guidance from Amara.

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All American Homecoming Is A Better Fit For Olivia Now

Thanks to her journalist ambitions and without the romantic tie to Spencer, All American: Homecoming is now a better fit for Olivia than the main show. The All American spinoff has always had a journalism storyline thanks to Amara’s work as a reporter and Bringston’s baseball scandal. Now that Amara is the president of Bringston, Olivia joining All American: Homecoming could help the show fill that void. She would be able to investigate stories about Bringston, other HBCUs, and so on. And whenever a problem arises, Amara would be a great mentor for Olivia to use and figure out how to best approach a certain story.

Olivia moving to All American: Homecoming would also free her up from much of the worry that currently comes with her work. Olivia’s stories have repeatedly caused trouble for the people closest to her, but she has also considered dropping certain stories because of how they would impact Spencer, Jordan, and others close to her. This would not be as big of a concern most likely at Bringston. Olivia knows Simone and some other All American: Homecoming characters, but they are not as close. Being away from the All American characters could give Olivia a chance to investigate even bigger stories.

Why Olivia Is Unlikely To Leave All American

A move to All American: Homecoming might be good for Olivia, but it is still unlikely that she will exit the main show. She and Spencer might not be together right now, but a rekindling of that relationship is surely part of All American‘s future. The CW shows already proved how difficult a long-distance relationship was with Jordan and Simone, so it would be odd to repeat that story for Spencer and Olivia. Meanwhile, Olivia remains a key part of All American‘s story. Her exit would leave the show with a huge gap and potentially hurt Spencer’s story too, which is why a move to All American: Homecoming might not happen.

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