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Alison Brie has been a part of many iconic Community moments, but one particular episode stands out as her favorite. Created by Dan Harmon, Community ran for five seasons on NBC, plus one additional season on Yahoo! Screen, and focused on a group of students at the fictional Greendale Community College in Colorado. Though the study group members are wildly different from each other, they end up forming a friendship.

Appearing in all 110 episodes of Community, Alison Brie played Annie Edison, a kind-hearted and motivated student as well as the group’s youngest member. Though Annie starts the series as a panicked overachiever, she goes through some great character development and learns to relax. In the series finale of Community, titled “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television,” Annie ends up accepting a summer internship with the FBI in Washington D.C. Since Alison Brie is returning for the Community movie, there will surely be an update on what Annie is doing today — and whether she rekindles her romance with fellow study group member Jeff Winger (Joel McHale).


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In an interview with Variety at the Community season 6 premiere, Alison Brie revealed that her favorite episode of the show is “Mixology Certification.” The 10th episode of Community season 2, it follows the study group as they take Troy Barnes (Donald Glover) out to a bar to celebrate his 21st birthday. Brie’s Annie is given a fake ID with the name of Caroline Decker from Corpus Christi Texas and adopts this person’s persona, so she doesn’t get caught. Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) tries to hide evidence that she is a drunken regular of the bar, Abed (Danny Pudi) meets a fellow science fiction nerd (Paul F. Tompkins), and Jeff and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) are constantly arguing. Brie explained that she loves “Mixology Certification” because “it’s some of our most real moments with the characters. I was so impressed with everyone’s work.” It makes sense Brie would enjoy this Community episode since she gets such a fun storyline, but “Mixology Certification” is also a terrific showcase for the rest of the show’s cast, as well.

Why Mixology Certification Works So Well

“Mixology Certification” is hilarious, but it is also a great Community season 2 episode because it explores the characters’ emotional depths. Annie’s Caroline Decker role play is fun at first, but it makes her realize she doesn’t know who she truly is and feels unsatisfied with her life. This leads to a heartwarming scene between Annie and Troy near the end where he helps her feel more self-assured. Dan Harmon mentioned to The A.V. Club that when people drink, “We get excited, and we have adventures […] Then there’s this shameful, quiet, dark, odd, clumsy, tear-stained kind of like, ‘We did all that stuff, and it’s over.'” This perfectly sums up the episode. After the party is over, the group must deal with their emotions. The Community cast does a great job delving into the emotional states people can get into while inebriated, rather than simply playing things up for laughs as other sitcoms would.

It’s great to hear that a member of Community‘s cast loves an episode that is also adored by fans and critics. Alison Brie is given some great material to work with, but she’s right: the entire cast is impressive, especially Donald Glover, who does a great job portraying Troy as he finally becomes a man and sees what growing up truly looks like. Though “Mixology Certification” has a darker tone compared to other Community episodes, it’s still a high-quality installment of the series.

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