Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Phil Coulson’s Character


Agents Of SHIELD’s lasting legacy continues to be felt throughout Marvel’s recent television endeavors, with fans recently campaigning for the show’s irresistibly endearing characters to return in Secret Invasion (via Comicbook). One of the show’s most popular individuals is Phil Coulson, who acts as SHIELD’s loyal director in the absence of Nick Fury. His deep passion and dedication to the secret organization makes him a firm favorite among fans, who have created some glorious images in tribute to his character.

Coulson’s leading role within the spin-off has seen him become responsible for sone of Agents Of SHIELD’s best memes, with viewers offering their take on his well-mannered personality. These memes act as the perfect summarization of Phil’s behavioral quirks, as they capture his strong appeal as one of the MCU’sbest secret agents.


10/10 Charging

Although Agents Of SHIELD aims to show a more grounded perspective on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the series frequently explored some of the franchise’s weirdest corners, with alternate realities and devious androids causing several problems for the SHIELD team. One of the show’s strangest storylines sees Coulson become an LMD, which Twitter’s @FirefoxTessa neatly satirizes.

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This delightful photo reimagines Coulson as a robot created by Elon Musk, as he is placed on charge at a Tesla charging port. Phil’s time as an android leads to a decidedly different lifestyle, with the SHIELD agent now able to spend considerable time underwater, as well as becoming bulletproof.

9/10 What Have You Done?

Despite his frequent appearances within the shared universe, there are still many things that make no sense about Nick Fury. SHIELD’s former director makes a couple of guest appearances in Agents Of SHIELD, where he assists Coulson in taking down John Garrett and his scheming crew. Coulson and Fury’s strong partnership is referenced in this truly excellent Instagram post.

The_Incredible_Memer’s visual depiction of their working relationship references Coulson’s constant dealings with Hydra, who appear an unstoppable force throughout Agents Of SHIELD. Coulson looks up to Fury as a mentor figure, drawing upon his vast experience as SHIELD’s hardened spy.

8/10 But I Lived

Coulson’s demise in the first Avengers movie delivered one of the MCU’s most heart-breaking movies, as an encounter with Loki proves fatal for the loyal SHIELD agent. Fortunately, Coulson manages to cheat his death with help from Nick Fury, leading to a string of resurrections that have piqued the interest of Reddit’s Youssef Elsayed.

This frequent Agents Of SHIELD trope has resulted in an especially hilarious meme, recreating his rebirths with Ice Age’sBuck Wild. Coulson has lost his life on numerous occasions, only to be revived through various unusual methods, including the Project TAHITI program and as a Life Model Decoy, allowing Coulson to produce some of the best Agents Of SHIELD quotes.

7/10 Agent Of SNARK

Coulson demonstrates a great sense of humor throughout the MCU, with his quips generating much laughter from Agents Of SHIELD’s devoted viewers. One particular fan of the SHIELD agent’s lighthearted personality is @Caelanclay, who has declared him the “Agent of SNARK.”

This humorous meme acts as a celebration of Coulson’s comedic abilities, demonstrating his fun-loving approach to his SHIELD duties. Coulson’s dry sarcasm lightens the mood during the secret service’s most dangerous missions, keeping the team’s morale high while they protect the universe.

6/10 Philinda

Romance is a frequent theme within Agents of SHIELD, with the hit comic-book program having delivered some of the genre’s most successful relationships. Instagram user AOShield.Blog is particularly fond of Coulson and May’s partnership, with her witty image referencing the pair’s undying love for one another.

Citing their fan ship name “Philinda,” AOShield.Blog’s image sees her declare how she wants their romance to be acknowledged on her license plate. Coulson and May form an especially close bond during Agents Of SHIELD, with the pair’s romantic embrace behind Phil’s holographic shield providing one of the show’s most striking images.

5/10 Distract Them

Throughout the show’s run, Coulson leads his team to victory against the world’s biggest threats, proving himself to be a strong and courageous leader. These impressive attributes have caught the attention of Instagram’s QuakeTheDestroyer, who has represented one of Coulson’s team meetings as a Despicable Me scene.

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This enjoyable picture highlights the different approaches between Coulson and may to their heroic endeavors. While May prefers to take more direct action, Coulson acts in favor of espionage. SHIELD’s confident and assertive director proves himself to be a great strategist, placing considerable thought into their top-secret missions.

4/10 You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie

Daisy Johnson has provided some of Agents Of SHIELD’s best quotes, with the troubled vigilante having fought some of the show’s most despicable villains. Coulson develops an especially strong dynamic with Daisy, which Reddit’s TDubs687 has observed with his spectacular creation.

This amusing meme showcases Coulson’s affection towards Daisy, with SHIELD’s director remaining supportive of her even after Daisy discovers she will destroy the Earth. Coulson views Daisy as a surrogate daughter, helping her through some of her darkest moments, and encouraging her talents as a skilled hacker during SHIELD’s deadliest missions.

3/10 It’s A Magical Place

Project TAHITI plays a pivotal role in Coulson’s life, with the controversial procedure having resurrected Coulson following the events of The Avengers. Instagram’s Ramyardada has given her take on this essential storyline, with her truly stupendous picture.

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Her Instagram photo offers a unique perspective on Coulson’s revival, comparing it to Gandalf’s description of death in The Lord Of The Rings.Project TAHITI gifts Phil with frequent visions of a tropical island following his reawakening, which later inspire him to spend his final moments in the exotic surroundings of Tahiti, at the end of the show’s fifth season.

2/10 Coulson With His Favourite Girl

Although Coulson displays considerable affection towards May, he also shows a great deal of love towards his flying sports car Lola. Instagram’s QuakeTheDestroyer has an especially comical riff on Coulson’s devotion towards his automobile, with May often having to fight for Coulson’s attention while his beloved vehicle is around.

QuakeTheDestroyer’s expertly crafted meme declares Lola to be Coulson’s “favorite girl in the world.” Phil shows a particularly strong emotional attachment to his flying car, refusing to let even his most trustworthy friends from touching his vehicle, with Lola forming one of the most important aspects of Coulson’s life.

1/10 Coulson’s Fanboyism

The Avengers have developed a significant fan base within the MCU, and one of their greatest enthusiasts is Phil Coulson. This aspect of the SHIELD director’s personality is acknowledged in MarvelMemes’ magnificent post.

This sidesplittingly funny meme from the Redditor gives some witty commentary on Coulson’s geeky nature, with the secret agent having admitted to watching Steve Rogers while he was sleeping. Phil is a particularly big fan of Captain America, having collected many trading cards bearing his face, with his love for Steve informing his driven and motivated nature.

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