A Nightmare On Elm Street: Freddy Krueger’s 10 Most Shocking Kills


This article may contain references to brutal violence, murder, and death.

Stranger Things season 4 was packed with talent, including an appearance by Robert Englund, who is most well known for his role as the evil Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The method used by season 4 villain Vecna to kill his victims made Englund’s appearance all the better.

Although he hasn’t been seen on film in over a decade after the reboot of the franchise flopped, Freddy Krueger has still racked up a number of kills over his 9 movie run. But while most deaths have been predictable, some have taken people off guard, either from the surprise of the kill or the brutal way the kill was performed.


10/10 Mark DavisMark Davis

Before the MCU made crossovers even more famous, Freddy crossed over into the Friday the 13th franchise, where he would fight Jason Voorhees in the film Freddy vs Jason.

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Although Jason racks up the highest body count in the movie, Freddy does manage to snag himself one kill in the form of Mark Davis. When Mark falls asleep, Freddy haunts his nightmares with his dead brother. Mark is unable to free himself from the nightmare, and the others arrive just in time to see him slashed up and killed by Freddy. While this kill isn’t as shocking or brutally shocking as others, the shock factor comes in with the slightly humorous calling card that Freddy leaves on Mark’s back to let everyone know that “Freddy’s Back.”

9/10 Mark GrayMark Gray

Even bad horror movies have great scenes sometimes, and Mark Gray’s death in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child is no exception.

Everyone knows that Freddy likes to kill his victims by twisting their own dreams and likes into nightmares, and Mark’s death continues that trend. A big comic book fan, Mark is pulled into essentially a comic book world by Freddy. The two fight, but “Super Freddy” ultimately wins out, turning Mark into a 2D paper version of himself that drains of color before Freddy slashes him to pieces. It’s a completely innovative kill that took some by surprise, as nothing really like it had been seen before.

8/10 Phillip AndersonPhillip Anderson

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is one of Englund’s best movies and filled with interesting characters that Freddy manages to pick off one by one.

One of his first kills in the movie was Phillip Anderson, the more or less leader of the teens at Westin Hills at the time. Phillip is confronted by Freddy, who rips his tendons out and uses them like puppet strings to control his movement, which is seen as sleepwalking in the real world. After forcing him onto a roof, Freddy severs the tendons, making Phillip fall to his death. It was a shockingly brutal and absolutely horrifying kill, and one of the most graphic kills Freddy would ever nab.

7/10 Tina GrayTina Gray

One of Freddy’s most shocking kills is also his first on-screen kill, that being of Tina Gray in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street film.

After falling asleep, she is cornered by Freddy and murdered. The shock of this kill comes from how it’s seen in the real world, where her body is seen being slashed open and dragged, thrashing, out of the bed and up the wall before she drops back to her bed, dead. The brutality of this kill and Tina’s desperate, futile reach for help from her boyfriend seals this kill off as the shocking, nightmarish kill that it is and cementing it as one of the best kills seen throughout the entire franchise.

6/10 Glen Lantz

Although this movie saw Johnny Depp debut in his first film role, this wasn’t what viewers remember the most about the first movie. Rather, it was the brutal manner in which his character was killed.

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The start of the kill, in which Glen is pulled into his mattress, isn’t anything worth mentioning. But the geyser of blood that erupts from the mattress is one that stunned everyone. There have been bloody deaths in slasher films before, but nothing along the lines of Glen’s death. And the fact that Glen seemed like a decent guy and a decent boyfriend in the movie just makes his horrific death even more horrific. After all, it’s usual the jerks in horror movies that tend to get the over-the-top deaths.

5/10 Dan JordanDan Jordan

When Dan survived his first encounter with Freddy in the fourth film, fans initially thought that he would be safe. But this was sadly not the case.

In the fifth film in the franchise, Dan falls asleep at the wheel of his car and is subsequently murdered by Freddy in a painful sequence involving bike cables and gasoline. Although in the real world his kill is capped off through a simple car crash and explosion, this dream sequence of his death is even more painful to watch, made even more shocking and sad due to the fact that he never learned that his girlfriend, Alice, was pregnant with his son.

4/10 John DoeJohn Doe Nightmare on Elm Street

As viewers made their way through the slog of Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, they expected that John Doe, the supposed son of Freddy Krueger himself and the last surviving teenager in Springwood, would somehow make it to the end. However, these expectations would be completely wrong.

After returning to Springwood, John is confronted once more by the dream haunting villain, who tells him that his belief that he is his son is wrong and that his child is a girl before killing him with a bed of spikes. Given the movie attempts to lead fans to believe that John is Freddy’s kid, this revelation and the kill that follows takes those who took the bait completely by surprise. The fact that John was the last kid in Springwood and was gone in a flash added to the shock of this kill.

3/10 Kerry HellmanKerry Hellman

While fans are unsure as to whether it truly happened or if it was just a dream, the shock of the kill is still worth talking about.

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In the final few minutes of the movie, the characters are on a bus, thinking that the nightmare is over and Freddy is dead. However, in a massive jump scare moment, Freddy’s signature glove punches through Kerry’s chest, killing her. Although it’s unclear whether this was the real Kerry or just part of Jesse Walsh’s dream, it’s still a shocking kill that rattled viewers, who thought that the movie and the killing was over, leaving them on the edge of their seats with several questions on their minds.

2/10 Kristen ParkerKristen Parker

Final girls can generally be one-offs or survive multiple movies – especially if viewers look at franchises like Halloween and Scream. However, in the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, no one is safe from Freddy.

Although she isn’t one of the best final girls in horror movies, Kristen Parker’s death in the fourth film still took fans by surprise, as they were led to believe that she would once again be the main character fighting Freddy in the movie. Sadly, she winds up getting killed by the dream demon, along with the other teen survivors from the previous movie, when she is essentially burned to death, shocking viewers and leaving them with only Alice Johnson to fight Freddy.

1/10 Nancy ThompsonNancy Thompson in A Nightmare On Elm Street

The very first final girl in the franchise, Nancy’s return in Dream Warriors made fans believe that she would come out on top once again against her old foe. But that wasn’t going to be the case.

Tricked by Freddy, who takes the form of her recently murdered father, Freddy stabs her fatally with his glove. Although she is seemingly dead, she does rise up one last time to distract him long enough for him to be defeated, dying soon after. Fans who were rooting for her to live throughout the movie were completely dumbstruck that the movie had the guts to kill off the original final girl, especially in the last few minutes of the movie that left more survivors than usually seen in horror movies.

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