90 Day Fiancé: Yara’s ‘Friend’ Adele Arrested On Drug Related Charges


Yara Zaya, cast member first onTLC’s 90 Day Fiancé and now the spin-off 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, made a new friend in Brittany Adell Allison (known by Adele on the show), who was recently charged with allegedly committing drug-related crimes. Yara appeared on 90 Day Fiancé with her husband Jovi Dufren and fans had mixed reactions to the Ukraine native. The pair seemed immature and too self-absorbed to make things work, but they have been married for over two years and share a daughter, Mylah, 2.


BRProud reported that Adele, one of Yara’s closest friends in America, was arrested in October 2022 after being accused of participating in “an extensive drug trafficking venture.” She was part of a group of six individuals who were arrested as part of the bust, which allegedly included cocaine, heroin, luxury vehicles, and firearms. Her boyfriend, Francisco Palma, was included in the arrests and the six people have been indicted by a federal grand jury.

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Was Jovi Dufren’s Suspicion of Yara Zaya’s New Friends Valid?

Yara and Jovi had arguments on Happily Ever After? about Yara going out with Adele and another friend, Cymphony. At first, it seemed like Jovi was jealous of his wife being allowed to have a night out with girlfriends while he stayed home with Mylah, a situation that he referred to as “babysitting,” much to the ire of fans. But now it seems like Jovi’s initial dislike of Yara’s new friends wasn’t completely unfounded. Currently facing a federal indictment, Adele’s choices have led to the accusation of her being involved in a massive drug trafficking ring, and it makes sense that Jovi would want Yara to steer clear of her.

Adele was especially critical of Jovi during an outing with Yara, telling her she could find someone better than Jovi, since “he’s not crazy attractive.” She told Yara that it would be no problem for her to find a new man to take care of her and her daughter, Mylah because Yara is “out of Jovi’s league.” Adele and Cymphony also called out Jovi for being “controlling” due to his reluctance to let Yara travel to Europe with their young daughter without him. Of course, the war between Ukraine and Russia is raging and Jovi felt like it would be extremely unsafe for his wife and daughter to venture overseas. Despite the concerns for their safety, Adele berated Jovi for what she perceived as him being overprotective and demanding too much from Yara.

Moving to a new country is a major life change that can be jarring. Leaving behind family and friends in Ukraine, Yara has been desperate for friends in the US. The mother-of-one doesn’t want to feel lonely, especially when Jovi is out of town for weeks at a time for work, and is seeking out support networks in Louisiana. Unfortunately, the friend she made in Adele seems like it is now destined for failure, but hopefully, Yara will be able to find other friends who support her in her day-to-day life and her relationship with Jovi. Seeing as how they have only been indicted, not convicted, Adele and the five others brought up on charges are innocent until proven guilty.

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