90 Day Fiancé: Rebecca Spills Tea About ‘Scary’ Geoffrey & ‘Brat’ Angela


There are many 90 Day Fiancé stars who cause controversy, and recently franchise cast member Rebecca Parrott shared details about her interactions with Geoffrey Paschel and Angela Deem. Rebecca was first introduced to viewers alongside her now-husband Zied on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 3. Though many fans doubted their relationship would last, the couple seem to be doing better than ever. Zied has finally gotten a job and started working in the U.S., and Rebecca accompanied him on a recent trip to visit his family in Tunisia.


Rebecca has developed a good rapport with 90 Day Fiancé fans and regularly interacts with them on social media. In a now-deleted Reddit thread discussing controversial franchise cast members, Rebecca weighed in about some of the most notorious. Many commenters brought up recently-incarcerated Geoffrey as being one of the most problematic stars from the franchise, and Rebecca gave her two cents. “[Geoffrey] messaged me after filming but before the show aired,” Rebecca revealed. Apparently Geoffrey wanted “advice,” but it didn’t take long before he gave Rebecca “super icky vibes.” After taking a few photos with Geoffrey that she wouldn’t let him post, Rebecca “left quickly” and added that the felon is a “very scary guy.”

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Geoffrey Isn’t The Only 90 Day Fiancé Star Rebecca Got Bad Vibes From

But it wasn’t just Geoffrey who Rebecca spoke out against. Unsurprisingly, Angela was another cast member who was brought up multiple times throughout the thread, and Rebecca gave weighed in. A fan asked about 90 Day Fiancé cast members who are terrible people in real life but got a good edit on the show. “Honestly, Angela is even more of a brat in real life than what you see,” Rebecca admitted about her Before the 90 Days castmate. “I really, really don’t like her Lol.” Another commenter praised her for being the only cast member to stand up to Angela on the Before the 90 Days season 3 Tell All and Rebecca said, “I wish I had done more.”

90 Day Fiancé stars are usually much more hesitant to comment in this level of detail about their fellow franchise alum, but Rebecca was very forthright with her recent comments. She has had first-hand experience with cast members who fans speculate about constantly, so it’s no surprise that her insight is much appreciated. Though Geoffrey was fired by TLC and banned from his season’s Tell All, Angela continues to be cast on franchise shows, and it frustrates many viewers to no end. Rebecca calling Angela out is extremely refreshing to fans who are often enraged that TLC doesn’t address the controversy.

While Rebecca had a bit of a rough start with 90 Day Fiancé fans who criticized her excessive use of photo filters, she and Zied have now become a beloved franchise couple. With so many problematic cast members and couples, the ones who are wholesome and down to earth are like a breath of fresh air. Many viewers would argue that cast members like Geoffrey and Angela have left a stain on the franchise, other stars like Rebecca make them feel like the show may still be worth watching.

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