90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise’s Aryanna Shows Post-Baby Weight Loss


While 90 Day Fiancé couple Aryanna Sierra and Sherlon McInnis may not be together after Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, the single mom is still making headlines due to her weight loss success. The new TLC franchise won over fans due to its fresh storylines and bold new faces coupled with breathtaking scenery. One relationship that stood out was of Aryanna and Sherlon, who were featured in two back-to-back seasons. Aryanna was pregnant with baby Odin when fans met her, and while she tried her best to make Sherlon stay, he was more interested in living the single life.


In the meantime, Aryanna, who wanted to move on, seems to have focused all her efforts on her fitness transformation. When Aryanna debuted on 90 Day Fiancé, fans could already see a difference between her scenes on TV and her photos on social media. Aryanna, who started her weight loss journey in 2017, has lost most of her weight within a year. An Instagram highlight on her page reveals that 90 Day Fiancé star Aryanna has lost more than 100 pounds. However, Aryanna is still continuing her makeover. In her latest IG post, Aryanna posted before and after photos of herself to show the difference “prioritizing health and happiness” has caused in her in just three months. Aryanna even revealed her weight loss secrets to her fans, which she claims are “consistent workouts, intermittent fasting, and cleaner eating.

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What Happened To Aryanna & Sherlon After Love In Paradise?

Sherlon posting romantic photos from his date night with an unknown woman was reason enough for fans to know that he and Aryanna have ended their romance. Love in Paradise stopped abruptly with no reunion or Tell-All to allow fans to catch up with the post-90 Day Fiancé filming drama. While Aryanna and Sherlon’s story is now being called a one-night stand that resulted in her having a baby by fans, Sherlon has also posted about being engaged to the new woman. Fans are somehow also blaming Aryanna for trying to force Sherlon to be with her because it looks like he was ready for commitment, just not with Aryanna.

The 90 Day Fiancé couple had met in Jamaica when Aryanna was on vacation with her sister. When Aryanna became pregnant, she wanted to have a future together with Sherlon, but he didn’t want to rush things or apply for a K-1 visa. Aryanna gave birth to Odin in the United States, and the baby was several months premature. While little Odin is a healthy baby now, Sherlon never attempted to get the paternity papers to claim him as his own. It was certain that Sherlon wasn’t faithful to Aryanna from the start even though he kept denying it.

Aryanna eventually confirmed that she could never be with someone deadbeat like Sherlon, who can’t even send his baby $60 a month. And this was despite Sherlon having made money thanks to 90 Day Fiancé, according to Aryanna. She has now blocked Sherlon from her WhatsApp and Instagram and appears to be doing better since which reflects through Aryanna’s weight loss updates and her sweet, happy mommy and me moments with Odin on social media.

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