90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? — The Biggest Question Facing Each Season 7 Cast Member


The seventh season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? presents fans with 12 familiar cast members have once again chosen to put their most intimate issues on display. Shifting from the high-pressure world of 90-day grace periods and long-distance engagements to being wed (mostly) under the same roof, the struggles between each fan-favorite couple now loom with legally binding severity.

From problematic family members and suspected unfaithfulness to second wives and closing pregnancy windows, the postnuptial woes between the six couples span a wide range of topics that each carry their own weight. As each couple is reintroduced under a new season’s light, the answers to the questions fueling each cast member’s uncertainties will determine whether their relationships can survive the issues simmering on the back burner.


Is Bilal Willing To Commit To Another Child?

Adding a third child (the first between Bilal and Shaeeda) to the Hazziez clan was the biggest point of contention during the Kansas City couple’s engagement, and it’s the heaviest issue early in their marriage. It was so pressing that Shaeeda refused to sign Bilal’s prenuptial agreement unless he agreed to add a clause giving her a child by 40.

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With Bilal being in no rush to lose the freedom he’s earned as his two prior children age into their early teens, and Shaeeda inversely feeling the urgency of having a child approaching middle age, pregnancy is both a question of preference and possibility. If Bilal is unwilling to address Shaeeda’s maternal ambitions early in their marriage, there’s little doubt it’ll cause further issues for a couple with no shortage of them.

Can Shaeeda Co-Exist With Shahidah?

After Shahidah grilled Shaeeda over the importance of her signing a prenup, the wives Hazziez (past and present) hit a roadblock in their relationship. Shaeeda felt Shahidah was aggressively out of place, and Shahidah felt obligated to protect her children in the home she once shared.

With Shae and Shah furthering their discord at the Tell All and now on Happily Ever After? to the point of Bilal summoning Allah to bring peace, the unlikely harmony between Bilal’s current wife and the woman he peacefully co-parents with is paramount for not only Bilal’s sanity but the family life he refuses to besmirch to catty indifferences.

Who Is Angela Changing For?

Angela has undergone quite the transformation throughout her (seemingly endless) 90 Day tenure. From having gastric sleeve surgery and liposuction to a breast reduction and dental implants, she’s barely recognizable from the woman who stored her cigarettes in her cleavage back in 2018.

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Throughout her costly surgeries and reconfigurations, the one person she chose not to consult was her husband Michael, who was especially bothered by her breast reduction. With few moments of happiness over the last several years for the still long-distance couple, plus Angela hitting on everyone from her surgeon to a newly introduced thief of hearts, it seems more likely that Angela is investing in herself and a more alluring future than the one she’s patched together with Michael.

What Does Michael See In Angela Besides Citizenship?

While Michael and Angela haven’t spent an overwhelming amount of time together in person, they have made up for the distance in dramatic fashion when they’ve shared soil. With Michael on the receiving end of flying cakes, insults, accusations, vulgarities, and numerous “I’m dones,” their union made little sense for Angela and even less for Ilesanmi.

Dealing with emotional abuse, deception over Angela’s fertility, costly surgeries, and accusations over intentionally draining her bank account, it’s unclear what, if anything, Michael sees in Angela besides potential relocation.

Is Sumit Willing To Lose His Family For Jenny?

Sumit’s parents, Sadhna and Anil Singh, have disapproved of Jenny from the moment they became aware of her existence. While Sumit found refuge in Jenny during the unhappy marriage his parents arranged for him, Sadhna saw Jenny as the reason for the (eventual) divorce, placing no blame on herself, or Sumit, who actually catfished Jenny into their relationship.

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Seemingly finding peace through the family astrologist, Sadhna said she wouldn’t interfere with a potential marriage, only to erupt and disown Sumit after finding out they had wed. With family meaning so much to not only Sumit but his culture, his relationship depends on him being able to distance himself from his family’s disdain and focusing on the woman that gave up everything for him.

Will Jenny Ever Hold Sumit Accountable?

Sumit has done very little to prove to Jenny that he’s worthy of her love. He lied about who he was, he lied about his marriage, and he subjected Jenny to countless insults over her age and weight from his parents while rarely standing up for her.

Bafflingly, Jenny overlooked everything in lieu of matrimony. Leaving her life, family and retirement behind for Sumit and his ongoing dishonesty, one must wonder if there’s anything Jenny won’t forgive in the name of not being alone.

Can Andrei Move Past Hurricane Charlie?

Andrei Castravet and Charlie Potthast have the most volatile relationship across any 90 Day platform. Propelled by jealousy over Andrei’s standing with his father Chuck and his rampant alcohol abuse, Charlie took every opportunity to attack Andrei over his intentions.

From interrupting Andrei and Libby’s Moldovan dream wedding with slurred vulgarities and threats to a legitimate brawl in Chuck’s poolroom that left his father in tears, Charlie’s villainous behavior is unparalleled in toxicity. With Andrei’s mother-in-law Pamela pushing for a reunion, Andrei’s willingness and temperament with Charlie looms over this season just as it did in seasons prior.

As the show centers on Libby and Andrei and how their marriage affects the Potthast empire, Libby is the middle woman in every situation. Between her father and Andrei, her sisters and Andrei, her mother and Andrei, and Andrei and his temper, Libby is the tide that binds.

With a sibling for Eleanor on the way, Libby’s health and attention has to be directed inward. If she’s willing to fight to keep her husband and family amenable, she has to do it in a way that won’t negatively effect her health.

Can Jovi Accept Yara Being Social Without Him?

Swiftly losing his party animal days to an unexpected pregnancy, much of Jovi and Yara’s early tenure was spent arguing over Jovi’s desire for excess. With the Louisiana-based underwater robotics technician spending months away from his bride and child, Yara craved quiet companionship while Jovi wanted to blow off steam upon his return.

Now that Yara has found friends and familiarity, Jovi must balance fatherhood with the jealousy he houses over his wife’s burgeoning social life.

Can Yara and Gwen Repair Their Relationship?

Surprising season 7 viewers with an unexpected rift, Yara and Gwen have found a fracture in their relationship. Where Gwen was previously happy to take Yara and Mylah in during Jovi’s absence, it was Yara who wanted freedom to rear in her own way.

There’s little question that the couple took Gwen’s kindness for granted, assuming she’d be there to babysit whenever they needed her to be. With Gwen refusing to be relegated to a nanny and Jovi and Yara brazenly guilting her for it, Yara must find a way to repair and reestablish her relationship with her most important ally.

Is Kimberly Willing To Grant Usman A Second Wife?

From superfan to “potential” to partner ready to propose, Kim Menzies’ relationship with Usman Umar was and is fast, furious and questionable at best. Obsessive over Sojaboy’s music and allure, Usman offers the redux on love she thought she’d never get.

Jealous over Usman’s relationships with other women, Kim seems unlikely, despite telling Usman he could have a second wife to bear his child, to be willing to share her man with anyone else.

Does Usman Actually Love Kimberly?

Usman Umar has a track record. From Babygirl Lisa to Kimbaaaaly, Usman continually targets lonely, postmenopausal women in the U.S.

Clear about wanting to take his Nigerian music career to America and coy about his actual attraction towards Kimberly, there’s much to question about Usman’s intentions and how and when they’ll bring Kimberly’s 90 Day dream back to reality.

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