90 Day Fiancé Fans Surprised To See Fernanda’s Latest Modeling Job


Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers are elated as well as surprised to see Fernanda Flores break into the modeling industry with a new respectable gig.

Fernanda Flores from 90 Day Fiancé has been modeling, and fans have spotted her in an online advertisement for scrubs. The 24-year-old reality star is most known for her reality TV gig on season 6, where she appeared alongside American cast member Jonathan Rivera. The couple’s journey began in a club in Mexico when the North Carolina resident fell head over heels for the Mexican native. One thing led to another, and the two fell in love despite their decade-long age gap. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for Jonathan when his newlywed wife found someone else’s underwear in his dresser. The couple split up soon after their marriage.


After finalizing her divorce, Fernanda celebrated being single in March 2020. Later on, she began posting positive content from the Windy City of Chicago, where her grandfather and aunt lived. However, in January 2021, she announced her move to Miami, Florida, and seemed excited to enter the next chapter of her life. While many 90 Day Fiancé fans were worried about Fernanda’s hardships of building a modeling career in Miami, she has done a great job at it.

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Recently, a Reddit user mariel_f spotted Fernanda in an online ad and was surprised to see her new modeling gig. The Redditor shared the screenshot of the advertisement to the popular content discussion platform with the caption, “Fernanda is modeling for scrubs.” The picture showed the 90 Day Fiancé alum sporting a blue and white medical uniform and looking very professional. The modeling shot was part of an ad for Scrubs & Beyond, which is a brand famous for their top of line Scrubs and Medical equipment. “Fernanda is modeling!” a Redditor wrote as they felt happy about her paving her way into the glamour industry. Another surprised Redditor commented, “This is awesome!”

90 Day Fiancé Fans Are Proud Of Fernanda Flores

Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers chimed in to share their opinion on Fernanda’s hustle. One social media user commented, “At least she’s modeling, with her clothes on and I think this is a major retailer,” implying that many other 90 Day Fiancé cast members usually just do the opposite to earn quick bucks. Another Redditor added, “She’s possibly the prettiest one from the show.” Others praised Fernanda’s talent and compared her modeling skills to other reality stars such as Paola Mayfield, Larissa Lima, and Natalie Mordovtseva.

There’s no denying that Fernanda has made a name for herself since the show and has become successful. She boasts nearly half a million followers on Instagram and over fifty thousand supporters on TikTok. Even her love life is going really well with boxing champion Noel Mikaelian. The couple usually posts their cute and funny videos on social media, which tell 90 Day Fiancé fans that Fernanda has finally found her twin flame.

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