90 Day Fiancé: 10 Red Flags That Showed Anfisa And Jorge Were Doomed From The Start


It’s been a long time since Anfisa and Jorge appeared on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, but their dramatic fights and the overall awful relationship crowned them as one of the most popular couples on the show (for all the wrong reasons), and nobody will forget about them soon.

It doesn’t take hindsight for viewers to see that the relationship between Anfisa and Jorge wasn’t built to last. That was clear right way. Even back then, when their story unfolded for the first time, viewers could count the red flags, which flew in abundance to say the least.


Jorge Lied About How Wealthy He Was

It is a common saying that all is fair in love and war, but lying definitely doesn’t count as one of the many things a person can do to seduce someone else, much less if that lie makes someone from Russia take a plane and move to the United States.

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From the very beginning, Jorge was dishonest about his finances and lied to Anfisa about how much money he had. One may argue that money shouldn’t be the only reason why someone decides to marry someone else, but Anfisa was always clear about her expenses, and Jorge promised to cover them.

Anfisa Was Clear About Her Expensive Living90 Day Fiance Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava pose over shoulder

Anfisa was honest about her intentions within the relationship, perhaps too honest. She wanted to be able to buy expensive things and enjoy a luxurious living, and that was about all she wanted. She didn’t care if she was in love or if she even liked Jorge.

There’s only a certain amount of time two people can stay together if they can’t stand each other. As it turned out, Jorge didn’t have as much money as he led Anfisa to believe, but even if he had it, how long would she have stayed with him? No one can say.

Both Hesitated When Asked If They Were Looking Forward To Getting Marriedjorge and anfisa via Reality Blurb

Once, when Anfisa and Jorge were being interviewed for their first episodes on the show, they were asked if they were looking forward to getting married. Neither answered right away. They both hesitated and waited for the other to answer first.

This moment said many things about the couple, most importantly that they were not certain, nor thrilled, about the idea of getting married. There are many quotes that sum up Anfisa and Jorge’s relationship, but this silent moment spoke more than any of them and showed how they didn’t want to be in the relationship from the beginning.

Jorge Couldn’t Afford The Wedding Dress Or The Engagement Ring

Many brides nowadays prefer to save the crazy amount of money they would otherwise spend on a luxurious wedding, but those brides are definitely not Anfisa Arkhipchenko. She was always clear about how she wanted an expensive, extravagant dress and a big, shiny diamond engagement ring.

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When Jorge didn’t have the money to buy the dress and ring she wanted, Anfisa became annoyed and demonstrably frustrated. It was a clear red flag that Anfisa seemed more interested in material things than what the wedding should have been celebrating.

Anfisa Was Controlling

There are many quotes that sum up Anfisa’s controlling personality. From “I said come back, right now!” to “Bring me my red bag with my makeup!” Anfisa has given audiences way too many lines that prove poor Jorge was at her mercy.

Anfisa watched Jorge’s every move, and that is mentally exhausting for both parties. It’s not surprising that after the amount of time they spend together, this power dynamic drove both of them crazy and eventually destroyed the relationship.

Anfisa Keyed The Word “Idiot” Onto Jorge’s Car

Keying “idiot” onto Jorge’s car is one of the worst things Anfisa did on 90 Day Fiancé. It not only proved how little respect she had for Jorge’s personal property, but it also showed how aggressive she could be and how she didn’t seem to have boundaries.

For one this, this was an indication that Anfisa wouldn’t hesitate to be physically aggressive. Willful destruction of property aside, the incident was the clearest sign yet of the contempt Anfisa had for Jorge, and contempt is poison to any relationship.

Jorge Was Only Into Anfisa’s Looks

He tried to convince Anfisa that he loved her for something else than her looks, but Anfisa was having none of it. After all, one of the facts about Anfisa Arkhipchenko few know is that it’s rumored Jorge met Anfisa as a cam girl. In the show, Jorge says he reached out to Anfisa because she was a model, which proves the same point: Jorge liked Anfisa for her looks.

They didn’t have chemistry, the same interests, or matching personalities, which is essential for a strong and long relationship. If Jorge only wanted a trophy wife and couldn’t hold up the end of his bargain, it was evident the relationship wouldn’t last.

Anfisa Broke Jorge’s Multiple PhonesA close-up of Jorge from TLC"s 90 Day Fiancé series.

Anisa was violent and aggressive. She strongly believed in the power of punishment and fear to manipulate Jorge as much as she wanted. If he dared to do something she didn’t like (or pretty much command) she would punish Jorge severely, and it was never acceptable behavior.

As fans remember, in one of her worst tantrums, Anfisa broke several of Jorge’s phones. Relationships are supposed to be fun, loving, and caring, but every step of the way, Anfisa transformed that shelter into a war zone.

Anfisa Erased Jorge’s PhoneJorge arguing with Anfisa over the phone on TLC's 90 Day Fiance.

Anfisa seemed to be obsessed with Jorge’s iPhones, given how many of them she destroyed to punish him for some slight, real or imagined. When she wasn’t able to break his phones physically (maybe because her hand was too tired of destroying the prior phones) she messed with the software instead.

One example is the incident when Anfisa erased Jorge’s phone data. Maybe she knew how important his phones were to him and wanted to upset him, or maybe she just had serious anger issues and destroyed what was nearest. Either way, those were unforgivable actions that no one should tolerate from a partner.

Anfisa Was Physically Abusive

The biggest red flag of all is how Anfisa was physically abusive. Once, she even slapped Jorge in front of the cameras. It’s clear why physical violence is never acceptable within a relationship, whether it is done by a male or a female. Jorge, despite his lies, never deserved to be physically abused.

It is evident the couple wasn’t meant to be together, and it is a relief that after he got out of prison, Jorge moved on to a much healthier relationship and now is starting a family. Anfisa on the other hand seems to be doing great in her model career, so it’s safe to say they were both stopping each other from being happy.

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