9 Most Unexpected Cameos In Bros


Stan Lee was the king of cameos, appearing in every MCU film for a split second. Just like with Stan Lee, cameos in any movie can add a bit of fun to the experience. Universal Studios must have known this when they made Bros.

The romantic comedy starring Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane was released in theaters on September 30, and to viewers’ surprise, the film hosts several family faces. Stars such as Bowen Yang were expected to make an appearance, but there are so many other celebrities that shock viewers with their cameos in Bros.


9/9 Bowen Yang – Lawrence Grape

Bowen Yang is best known for being a main cast member on Saturday Night Live. He also starred in his own LGBTQ+ romantic comedy in 2022, titled Fire Island.

Bowen’s presence in Bros was expected due to his brief line in the movie trailers. However, there was no telling how big a role he would play. He only appears in one scene, but it’s a hilarious scene that moves the film forward and is called back in the final scenes. Bowen has had cameos in a lot of projects, his most recent being The Lost City, so it’s not surprising that his role in Bros served a similar purpose. It would be interesting to see him play the lead in future projects as he did in Fire Island. He certainly has the talent to pull it off.

8/9 Symone – Marty

Symone is a fierce drag queen who was crowned the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13. She slayed at the lip sync challenges, delivered flawless and thought-provoking runway looks and proved to be good at comedy. She certainly was a deserving Drag Race winner.

Symone went with the beauty behind the queen to play Marty. Marty is one of the three men in a throuple situation. This is revealed in the film’s trailers, however, fans may not have initially realized it’s Symone who plays the character. Marty and his boyfriends are extremely wholesome and the performances by the actors help audiences to believe in and root for their love.

7/9 Amy Schumer – Self (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Amy Schumer is a comedian and actress, perhaps best known for starring in Trainwreck, a comedy directed and produced by Judd Apatow, who also produced Bros.

Because of her connection to Apatow, it’s not shocking Schumer was included in this romantic comedy, however, viewers didn’t realize she would actually be in it. Amy takes a comedic approach to her role, careful not to make fun of the former First Lady, but instead bringing humor to the hologram concept that she was a part of at the museum. What’s great about this movie is that the artifacts and exhibits in the museum that are highlighted can educate the viewer and brings things to light that they may not have otherwise known, such as Eleanor’s potential affair.

6/9 Kristin Chenoweth – Self

Kristin Chenoweth is well-known for playing Glinda in the original Broadway run of Wicked. She’s also starred in several romantic comedies and sitcoms such as Pushing Daisies and Schmigadoon!

Chenoweth makes a surprising cameo as herself at the beginning of the movie. She presents the Cis Gay White Man of the Year Award to Bobby at an awards banquet. Her dress is extravagant, and her hat depicts the events of the Stonewall riots. Billy Eichner revealed in an interview that behind-the-scenes, primarily the whole main cast of Bros is a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Chenoweth is widely recognized as an ally because of her vocal support for the LGBTQ+ community despite her passion for religion. While her views are considered controversial by many, her participation in Bros focuses on her love and advocacy for the community.

5/9 Seth Meyers – Self (Harvey Milk)

Seth Meyers is a comedian and TV personality best known for being a part of the Weekend Update segments on Saturday Night Live. He now has a late-night talk show where he interviews and laughs with the world’s biggest celebrities.

Seth plays himself in Bros. He appears as a hologram playing Harvey Milk in the museum exhibit. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay politician to be voted into office in California. Seth hinted at his cameo while interviewing Billy Eichner on his show, but those who missed the shameless plug may have done a double take when he shows up in the film. He has a singular line explaining who he is trying to portray, but just as with the other cameos in this scene, it was fun to see him there.

4/9 Debra Messing – Self

Debra Messing is iconic. She played Grace in Will & Grace, and she’s starred in several romantic comedies and dramas such as The Wedding Date and Lucky You.

Messing has the most prominent cameo out of them all. She’s mentioned several times, and she appears in more than one scene in the film. Her performance is hilarious. She is playing an exaggerated version of herself, and she isn’t afraid to make fun of her own Will & Grace role. Her role was unexpected, but in retrospect, it makes sense. Messing has worked with Billy Eichner in the past on Billy on the Street. She appears to have so much fun with him, no wonder she would want to join him again for this movie.

3/9 Kenan Thompson – Self (James Baldwin)

Kenan Thompson is a comedic icon. He made a name for himself with his roles in Kenan & Kel and All That, and later for his hilarious performances on Saturday Night Live.

Thompson plays himself as James Baldwin in a hologram, just like Amy Schumer and Seth Meyers. He is known for his impersonations and satire bits. While he’s phenomenal at them, it’s nice to see him portray a serious voice in civil and LGBTQ+ rights. He only has one line, but it’s a joy to see him. His inclusion in Bros was indeed a fun surprise for fans of him and his various projects.

2/9 Ben Stiller – Self (Museum Guard)

Ben Stiller has been in several amazing films. He is likely best known for playing Greg Focker in Meet The Parents and Derek in the Zoolander franchise. One of his other well-known movies, Night at the Museum, is referenced early on in Bros as being one of Aaron’s favorite movies, but it’s still a surprise when Ben Stiller appears as a holographic museum guard in one of the last scenes.

Stiller’s cameo may come as such a surprise because of the infamous portrayals of the LGBTQ+ community present in many of his biggest projects. Specifically, Zoolander 2 makes fun of a non-binary character. Since then, however, Stiller has made an effort to appreciate and acknowledge the community. He’s even gone so far as to produce Alex Strangelove, a beautiful LGBTQ+ story.

1/9 Brock Ciarlelli – Steve

Brock Ciarlelli gave sitcoms fans a character to root for when he played Brad Bottig, Sue’s best friend, in The Middle. Brock has such a distinct face that while it may take a second to figure out who plays Steve, fans of The Middle will recognize the actor within a few seconds.

Not just his appearance was unexpected. The scene he is present in is just as shocking, if not more than his initial introduction. He implants himself in an already established threesome, but then, he barely gets any action because he’s so small and unwanted in the ordeal. Brock plays the awkward gay man who is left out of all the fun, and he does a phenomenal job at it.

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