9 Best Twitter Reactions To The New Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer


Marvel just dropped the official trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and fans have taken over Twitter to discuss it. The movie has been shrouded in mystery as to who will take on the mantle of Black Panther since the passing of Chadwick Boseman.

While Ryan Coogler is returning to direct the sequel, he has a lot on his shoulders to not only do justice to Chadwick Boseman but also carry the legacy of Black Panther. Although a large part of the plot is still a mystery, the trailer had enough footage to rouse the excitement among fans.


An Emotional Goodbye

Ever since the passing of Chadwick Boseman in 2020, fans have been waiting to see how the studio handles T’Challa’s absence in the sequel.

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Twitter user @THESCARLETRED1 says that “This scene is going to break me” while referring to a still from what seems to be the funeral of T’Challa in the movie. While the details of his absence from the film are still not clear, the trailer seems to show that it will be addressed pretty early on in the movie.

Michael B Jordan As The New Black Panther?

It has not been confirmed as to who will be taking on the mantle of Black Panther in the sequel but fans have some ideas as to who it could be going by the trailer. While some fans are hoping for Shuri to take on the mantle, some fans want to see Michael B. Jordan take on the role.

Michael B. Jordan played Killmonger in the first Black Panther and fans like Twitter user @CarlMarxPunk believe that it “Should have been Michael B Jordan” to take on the role of Black Panther. Even though Killmonger is shown to die at the end of the first movie, giving Black Panther one of the best endings in Phase 3, there are some interesting ways the studio can bring him back.

The New Suit Looks Great

With a new Black Panther comes a new suit as well. While Marvel hasn’t shown who the new Black Panther is going to be, the audience does get a glimpse into what the new suit is going to look like.

Twitter user @TheJokerFan2 thinks that “The new Black Panther suit looks great.” It will also be interesting to see what new technological breakthroughs Shuri would be able to achieve through the upgraded suit. Considering Black Panther had one of the most iconic hand-to-hand combat styles in the MCU, only time will tell if the new suit and the new Black Panther can reach the standard.


Rumors had been circulating well before the trailer that Namor is going to be the main villain in Wakanda Forever. This has been confirmed in the new trailer after a tease in the first trailer

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Twitter user @direkjuan couldn’t help but shout “NAMORRR!!!” after watching him in the clip. It will be interesting to see the politics and the battles between Wakanda and a civilization that seems to be primarily present underwater. It will also be very difficult to top Killmonger as a Marvel villain but fans can only hope that Tenoch Huerta does the role justice.

Shoutout To The Soundtrack

The first Black Panther soundtrack was highly praised by both critics and fans. It seems like the trend is going to continue with Wakanda Forever as well. One of the most noticeable parts of the new trailer was the background music.

Twitter user @Gimix2022 says that “That soundtrack is dope right.” The background music was the perfect blend of traditional African sounds and western hip-hop which pays homage to the origins of the Wakandan culture and the fact that the character was written in the west.

Post Blip Explanation

Fans have not seen Black Panther since the bittersweet ending of Endgame It was made clear in the movie that T’Challa had returned after the blip so fans need to see how the studio will explain his absence since and what the timeline of the events in Wakanda Forever will be.

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Twitter user @WS_WolfStar says that “Curious where in the timeline this is set.” It could be that the movie will continue right after the events of Endgame or convey that a few years have passed since then.

Comic Book Reference

With the inclusion of Namor’s winged boots, the studio has shown fans that it intends to stay true to the comics. Die-hard fans of the comics have already dug up some lines which they would love to be repeated in the movie.

Twitter user @JPTuesday posted an image of one of the pages in the comics and said “Wonder if this will be said in the film.” While the movie will obviously make some creative choices different from the comics, it will be cool to see some iconic dialogues being repeated on screen.

It’s Shuri Time

While it is not clear who will take on the mantle of Black Panther, some fans are pretty sure that it is going to be Shuri. Through the design of the new suit and the shape of the person wearing it, they are all but certain that it is going to be Shuri. It was also one of the most popular Wakanda Forever fan theories.

Twitter user @DarshPa90907362 says that “It is Shuri time baby.” There’s a good chance that Letitia Wright will do justice to the role and the character can use her intelligence to further upgrade the functionalities of the suit if she takes up the mantle.

Shoutout To Ironheart

Marvel has done quite a good job of keeping the plotlines of the movie a secret. While fans have a rough idea about who the villain is going to be, there is still a lot of mystery as to who is going to be in the movie. Some scenes in the trailer shows an “Iron Man” like suit being used which they think is going to be Ironheart.

While comic book fans may be familiar with the character, a lot of movie fans will be properly introduced to the character for the first time. Twitter user @Parviva14699081 also says “Hold up was that Iron Heart?!” after watching the trailer. It will be interesting to see what the extent of the character’s role will be in the movie.

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