8 Movies Or TV Shows Where Hulk’s Son Skaar Could Appear Next In The MCU


Warning: This list contains spoilers for the She-Hulk finale!The She-Hulk: Attorney At Law finale dropped this week, and predictably it managed to fire up the Marvel fan base something fierce. Internet galleries are abuzz with the decidedly unconventional ninth episode in the mostly acclaimed series, debating the merits of the wildly meta episode which turned most Marvel finale and climax tropes upside down and delivered a fitting conclusion to the inventive legal comedy series.

Yet it also delivered a somewhat shocking reveal, when Bruce Banner returned and introduced his long awaited son Skaar to the Walters clan. Marvel diehards are already eagerly anticipating his next appearance.


Captain America: New World Order

As far as the slated Marvel docket is concerned, the next official Marvel project which will involve some manner of Hulk family characters looks to be 2024’s Captain America: New World Order. It’s been already announced that Sam Wilson’s big screen debut as Captain America will indeed continue the apparent resurrection of 2008’s The Incredible Hulk by following the footsteps of Tim Roth’s Abomination and finally fulfilling the abandoned tease of Tim Blake Nelson becoming classic Hulk villain The Leader.

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Fans have waited for that payoff for over 14 years, and Skaar showing up in a support capacity to Captain America squaring off with the notorious baddie could be a fantastic cameo for Hulk’s son to continue his role in the MCU.


There’s much scuttlebutt online about the potential recasting and continuation of the Thunderbolt Ross character after esteemed actor William Hurt’s passing. Current trends and rumors claim that Harrison Ford is in ongoing talks with Marvel to take over the role, with insider expectations positing that Ford will be CGI-tweaked and de-aged to properly render the character, particularly if scriptwriters decide to incorporate Red Hulk into the Thunderbolts team. There’s precedent for Skaar joining the Thunderbolts, as he did exactly that alongside Luke Cage in the comics to keep the team in line.

It could just be bucket list wishing, but diehards would love to see the namesake character of the Thunderbolts roster continue on in the MCU and where’s there’s one Hulk, there often is another. Skaar would be an appropriate and power set commensurate character to face off with Ross’ Red Hulk.

She-Hulk Season Two

While season 1 of Jennifer Walter’s meta show just ended and season 2 has yet to be confirmed, the Disney Plus show is a likely platform to be part of the continued incorporation of Skaar into the greater MCU. He was literally just introduced as a tag Easter egg at the outset of the final episode of She-Hulk, revealing not only Bruce Banner’s return to Earth but also the fact he has a son who’s clearly matured in an uncommon fashion.

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Comic readers know perfectly well Skaar’s unusual growth rate stems from his extraterrestrial birth mother Caiera the Oldstrong, who hosts certain regenerative and healing acceleration attributes. His debut in the MCU was first revealed to the Walters family clan (as well as a certain blind lawyer) and it would make sense to follow up that storyline eventually in She-Hulk.

Avengers: Kang Dynasty

In keeping with standard Marvel end-of-saga tradition, presuming Kevin Feige and the writers’ room think tank stay true to form, fans can expect a mass assembly of Phase 4 and Phase 5 heroes and antiheroes to come together and try to fend off Kang the Conqueror’s multiverse domination. They’ll first do that in another first-half preamble fashion much like the iconic Avengers: Infinity War was to Avengers: Endgame in the hotly anticipated Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

While much is still unknown about the penultimate chapter of the Phase Six saga, it’ll surely be an all-hands-on-deck situation, including the assorted members of the Hulk family which will surely include Hulk’s son Skaar.

Avengers: Secret Wars

It may end up that Marvel might pull a classic fakeout and not have Kang be the primary villain of the Multiverse Saga, but rather legendary Fantastic Four foe Doctor Doom. Comic fans know he becomes the primary antagonist in the page events of Secret Wars and if the script adaptation follows suit, Victor Von Doom may usurp Kang’s next-level Thanos-type threat if the comic lore is any barometer.

What’s interesting about Skaar’s potential role in Secret Wars is that in the history of the Planet Hulk storyline he was forged and battle tested in the gladiatorial arenas of Sakaar, and if Secret Wars is written from its legacy source template accurately, a number of arena style battles between heroes and villains will occur in the movie itself. Skaar is perfectly suited for such settings.

Young Avengers

This Skaar appearance prospect is almost a guarantee, what with all the recent hints and drops of a new generation of heroines and heroes coming down the MCU pipe to take up their predecessors’ mantles. Skaar’s participation in a Young Avengers team would be based on the presumption that Ted Altman, aka Hulkling, would not first be joining the team as he did in the comics’ pages during the Skrull invasion, a storyline which may yet rise in the possible events of the upcoming Secret Invasion.

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Nevertheless, seeing as how Patriot, the new Falcon, America Chavez, Kate Bishop, and Kid Loki have already actualized in some form onscreen, it’s a safe bet now that Skaar is officially MCU canon he’ll be joining a Young Avengers roster at a future point.

Fantastic Four

Marvel studios have confirmed that the launchpad of Phase Six introducing Marvel’s First Family into the MCU will not be an origin story, continuing the success of the debut methodology for Spider-Man. As such, it’s a strong probability that planet-eating threat Galactus may make his long awaited debut, and if screenwriters take any of Skaar’s backstory into play, there’s a good chance the Son of Hulk will at least cameo in The Fantastic Four.

One of his most interesting abilities he inherited from his mother is called the Old Power, and it’s more or less a beacon for the ever hungry villain, according to the Silver Surfer. It’s also a power that effectively combats Galactus, so Skaar appearing among the members of The Fantastic Four in the movie isn’t that far-fetched.

World War Hulk

When all is said and done, this much-prophesied Marvel project actually seems to be the most likely at long last. A World War Hulk movie will be every Marvel Hulk fan’s dream come true, and with the recent ramping up of the growth of the greater Hulk family within the MCU, including Skaar, the Abomination, She-Hulk, and the Leader, it stands to reason Marvel’s finally going to go ahead with a kind of Hulk solo movie, depending on whatever’s transpiring in the boardrooms with primary rights holder Universal.

The comic story follows Banner and his son Skaar battling the varied hero teams of Earth eventually taking over the planet in response to the Illuminati banishing him, and while that antecedent will likely be tweaked for the MCU, some future form of that Hulk war is a certainty.

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