8 MCU Horror Projects Currently In Development


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is experimenting with different genres as it takes its step into its latest phases. While the game plan is focused on the Multiverse and Kang’s villainy, early signs are suggesting that the horror side of the MCU is also going to play a major part in the future.

This Halloween sees the arrival of one of the major projects which indicates Marvel is taking its horror source material seriously. There are some fantastic characters from the comics who are getting the spotlight and perhaps these releases are actually leading toward a Midnight Sons team-up!


Werewolf By Night (2022)

This Halloween marks the debut of Marvel’s latest format, known as the Special Presentation. The event feature will be focused on Werewolf By Night, a classic horror character from the comics. This iteration of the anti-hero will be Jack Russell, one of the most well-known incarnations of the monster.

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While fans are certainly thrilled to see this niche character make his way to the screen, it’s also opening the door for a wider array of horror heroes and creatures. Man-Thing and Elsa Bloodstone are two confirmed additional members of this feature, although it also promises further Halloween-themed appearances, perhaps from figures such as The Living Mummy.

Blade (2023)

While there are plenty of other monsters that could make their debut in Werewolf By Night, one potential character is that of Blade, who has already appeared as a voice cameo in Eternals. A movie spin-off featuring the character has already been announced with Mahershala Ali in the lead.

While it might be going through some difficult times in its development, the success of the Blade franchise in past appearances goes to show the potential that the character has in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Vampire Hunter would surely open up a whole new set of antagonists and horror-themed stories to explore that will capture the imagination of fear-finding audiences.

Agatha: Coven Of Chaos (2023)

Agatha Harkness was a standout character in WandaVision and an antagonist that audiences obviously wanted to see more of. While there is some debate over whether she deserves a whole TV show, or would perhaps fit a Special Presentation better, the witch is gaining a project known as Coven of Chaos.

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Not much is known about the show, but it could go in any direction, from her time trapped in Westview to a narrative involving her younger years learning her magical craft. Regardless, horror elements are sure to make their way into the release, especially since Harkness had been previously influenced by the Darkhold itself.

Marvel Zombies (2024)

Marvel’s What If…? is heading toward a second season, but it has also been gifted a few animated spinoffs, based upon the episodes that have already aired. Most notably, the terrifying debut of the undead has led to Marvel Zombies, a new series based on the reality that viewers have already seen.

Some of Marvel’s most well-known characters have been zombified and are utilizing their abilities to spread that plague. It’s a premise that allows Disney+ to dip into some of the most well-known traits and tropes of the concept while putting their own unique spin on proceedings through the serialized format.

Doctor Strange 3 (TBD)

2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a perfect signal that Marvel Studios was happy to use the magical character to explore some of the darker stories of the comic book universe. The sequel, which is currently in the earliest stages of development, is sure to continue on this path.

There are plenty of threads to wrap up, including the debut of Clea, the impact of the Darkhold long-term on Stephen Strange and the narratives of supporting characters like Wong, America Chavez and Baron Mordo. But any sequel is also going to keep tapping into the horror elements that made the last outing so successful.

Venom 3 (TBD)

The Venom series has been a little hit and miss for Sony, but while the quality of the releases might be up for debate, fans have really gravitated towards the characterization of the Symbiote anti-hero. A third film is in development, which will likely tie up the trilogy.

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Considering Venom is a monstrous alien creature, it’s no surprise that horror theme will continue to permeate through the threequel. What’s more, any third movie could be setting the stage for a Spider-Man and Venom crossover, which would put Peter Parker in far scarier territory compared to what he’s used to. While Venom is more related to Sony thank the MCU, the character did show up in a post-credits scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Moon Knight Season 2 (TBD)

Although Moon Knight didn’t completely embrace the horror roots of its comics, the next series could definitely introduce other characters from the genre. It had just enough of a psychological thriller premise to step into horror territory though, and it’s obvious that Marvel have ideas on the next installment of the adventure even if it hasn’t officially been confirmed

There is so much more to explore with Marc Spector and Steven Grant, especially with another personality being introduced in the final scene in the form of Jake Lockley. With the first Disney+ show taking plenty of risks, the sequel may be able to push the boundaries and work Moon Knight further into the MCU, especially with figures like Werewolf By Night. The mummy fight is a great example of where it could go.

Ghost Rider (TBD)

It’s important to mention that a Ghost Rider movie or show has not been fully confirmed yet. However, with an iteration of the character previously introduced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a canceled spinoff previously in development and the obvious notion that Marvel has some kind of plan for the figure, a project is definitely coming down the line.

Kevin Feige and other major starts have even talked about casting the character, and She-Hulk recently made a ridiculous reference to the Ghost Rider, albeit through a similar sounding name. Ghost Rider is the jewel in the crown for Marvel’s horror universe and it would be a mistake to never tap into that potential.

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