5 times Katrina Kaif spoke about Salman Khan: Calling her Tiger 3 co-star ‘friend for life’ and more


In 2019, Katrina got candid about how good a friend Salman is. During her appearance at Hindustan Times Mint Asia Leadership Summit in Singapore in 2019, Katrina Kaif was all praise for her Tiger franchise co-star. Calling the Dabangg actor a ‘friend for life,’ the Bharat actress said, “Salman has really had my back, and has been there for me as a friend and a support over the years, unfailingly and intuitively.” Katrina Kaif further added, “There have been moments where I was going through a particularly rough time in my life; a struggle, and with no contact, all of a sudden, our paths would just cross, and he would be there.” “He always seems to be able to sense it. It’s a bit of an intuitive relationship, as I said. Salman is definitely a friend for life. He’s that person who is completely reliable. I trust him implicitly, and I think we have that connection,” the actress stated.

When Katrina opened up on Salman working with Zarine because she looks like her

When Katrina Kaif was asked if Zarine Khan was signed for the Salman Khan film Veer because she looked like Katrina, the actor told Hindustan Times in 2008, “Isn’t that flattering? I think that’s so sweet. I even helped her with her make-up during her screen test. She’s a lovely girl and I hope she does very well… though I don’t think she looks like me. But if Salman misses me and wants to work with girls who look like me, that’s so sweet.”

When Katrina confessed that working with Salman in Tiger is fantastic

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Katrina spoke about her upcoming movies with Salman Khan (Tiger 3) and Vijay Sethupathi (Merry Christmas) and said, “I love the kind of thriller stories he (Sriram Raghavan) tells. Working with a phenomenal actor like Vijay Sethupathi, and then Tiger 3. Working again in that franchise that I have so much regards for because Adi (Aditya Chopra, producer) gives Zoya’s role (her character in the movie) that kind of prominence and importance in the action, and I love doing action. Of course, working with Salman again is fantastic.” 

When Katrina opened up about Salman mellowing down because of her

Katrina was once asked if she was ‘responsible’ for Salman Khan getting ‘mellowed down’. Responding to the question, she had said that she didn’t think that she was responsible for the same. “I don’t think so. If he has mellowed down, that’s wonderful. On occasion, the media can be aggressive and write something hurtful. But at the end of the day, there’s no need to be upset. I’m glad that he’s more comfortable with the media. because I think no one is against him,” Katrina Kaif had told Hindustan Times.

When Katrina confessed she is comfortable with Salman

In 2011, when the rumours about her break up with Salman was all over the headlines, Katrina had spoken to Rediff and about her changed equation with the Bodyguard actor. She had said, “Salman and I have kept our feelings private from the beginning. That’s the way we were happy. But having said that, I think there’s been enough documented. I said sometime back now that I am single and he’s also single but we are friends, we are comfortable with each other and we work together. It’s great fun on the sets; everybody’s having a good time. I think the funniest thing is people are so wary.”

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