22 Actors Shared The Props They Took From TV And Movie Sets, And I Want Alllll Of Them


For whatever reason, it’s become somewhat of a tradition for actors to steal props from movie and TV sets to keep as mementos. It can be anything from the underwear given by the costume department to large pieces of furniture.

Here are some things that actors have admitted to taking from set:


Daniel Radcliffe took home a lot of props from the Harry Potter movie sets, including some pairs of his iconic glasses, but the strangest thing he kept was his boneless fake arm from Chamber of Secrets.

This scene grosses me out, so I won’t make you look at it if you don’t want to:


Robert Downey Jr. convinced someone to send him the big Avengers “A” from Avengers: Age of Ultron to put in his office.


Robert also took his original Iron Man mask from the set of Iron Man, but he later gifted that to Tom Holland’s brother, Paddy.


Jennifer Stone got to keep several of Harper’s outfits from Wizards of Waverly Place, and her iconic marker dress even made an appearance in one of her recent TikToks.


Ian McKellen revealed in a Reddit AMA that he stole some of Smaug’s gold coins and the key to the front door of Bag End from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings sets.


Kit Harington took a statue of Jon Snow from the set of Game of Thrones in order to use it as a scarecrow in his garden.


Emilia Clarke was nervous about stealing props from set, but her brother, who worked in the camera department on the show, stole a Targaryen flag and gave it to her for Christmas.


Jennifer Lawrence has the original bow that she used as Katniss in The Hunger Games, but she keeps it in a closet to avoid her famous roles being all people can think about when they come to her home.


Most of the Glee cast got to take props and costumes with sentimental value from set when the show ended, but Darren Criss went so far as to take the entire couch from Principal Figgins’s office.


Joseph Quinn kept the Reebok high tops he wore as Eddie in Stranger Things and also said he had “a car full” of Hellfire Club shirts.


After The Office finished filming its final season, Jenna Fischer asked to take home Pam’s watercolor painting of Dunder Mifflin, but NBC told her no. However, Prop Master Phil Shea found out, secretly made a copy for NBC to catalogue, and gave the original to Jenna.


After filming wrapped on Modern Family, Nolan Gould took a lot of things from set, including the iconic bowl of fake fruit that sat in the Dunphy’s kitchen for the whole series.


Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley both took their characters’ daylight rings when filming ended on The Vampire Diaries.


Chadwick Boseman took his character’s kimoyo beads from the set of Black Panther.


Mark Hamill kept plenty of props from the Star Wars sets, including the Stormtrooper helmet and the boots he wore in the first movie.


Lana Condor is a self-proclaimed “thief” when it comes to props, and she took some of the letters Peter wrote to Lara Jean in the To All the Boys trilogy.


Reese Witherspoon had it written into her contract that she would get to keep her entire wardrobe from Legally Blonde 2.


The creators of How I Met Your Mother planned on keeping the famous blue French horn for themselves after filming wrapped, but when Josh Radnor asked “very humbly and sweetly” for it, they decided to let him take it.


And finally, John Stamos has the couch from the set of Fuller House, which is modeled after the iconic couches from Full House.

Here’s the Full House couch for reference:

And here’s the couch in John Stamos’s house:

Did we miss an actor with sticky fingers when it comes to props? Let us know!


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