15 Horror Movies That Redditors Find Comforting


Part of the reason why horror fans are excited for Halloween Ends is the franchise feels comforting and familiar. While movie fans often turn to romantic comedies and childhood favorites when seeking soothing entertainment, those who love horror often consider scary movies to be just as perfect when the occasion calls for it. The more times that someone watches a horror movie, the more soothing the story feels, and this is true even when there is a feeling of fear and tension throughout the whole runtime.

Whether talking about favorite slasher movies or some horror classics, Redditors are sharing the scary movies that bring them a lot of comfort, joy, and nostalgia every time that they watch them.

Updated on October 13th, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: Horror fans love watching the same films over and over again. Whether these picks are terrifying or simply creepy instead of outright scary, they feel like perfect choices when familiar plotlines and characters are what’s in order. Redditors have recommended several choices that they think other fans of the genre will enjoy.


15/15 The Friday The 13th Franchise (1980-2009)

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The iconic Jason Voorhees mask is one reason why fans love the Friday the 13th franchise so much, and many horror fans enjoy watching these movies several times.

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PipRith24 shared that “Friday the 13th is my comfort series hands down.” Fans are familiar with the setting of Camp Crystal Lake, Jason’s background, and the characters who die in each movie, and while not every movie is well-done, they all evoke a nostalgic feeling.

14/15 The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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Many horror fans have fond memories of watching The Blair Witch Project and wondering if it really was a true story. This is part of what made it so exciting to check out, but the movie’s environment is so eerie that it definitely stands up to its premise.

North-Confusion6125 wrote that they feel comforted when they watch this film as “It was what feels like the first real horror movie” they saw when they were 16 years old with a group of friends. The horror movie’s trailer is scary and definitely sets up this unique experience.

13/15 The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

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The Silence of the Lambs is one of the most well-crafted horror movies, as it has a genuinely creepy story, characters who feel real, and a haunting conclusion. Since horror fans have seen this movie so many times, it has become nostalgic for many of them.

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ApologeticMushroom wrote that they “love putting that on the TV and curling up and falling asleep to it.”

12/15 Scream (1996)

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K-ghuleh wrote that Scream is “comforting for me because of the nostalgia I have for it” as they would watch it with a friend when they were younger. The fan added, “It’s so quotable.”

From the most hilarious Scream quotes to scenes of Ghostface chasing characters around, chances are that most fans of the genre would admit that they watch this movie on a regular basis. Woodsboro, Sidney Prescott, and Billy Loomis and Stu Macher’s reveals are all comforting as fans know what to expect.

11/15 The Fog (1980)

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John Carpenter’s 1980 film, The Fog, is about people living in a California town who experience a fog coming over them. A long time ago, a ship crashed and now those spirits are looking to even the score.

Twokindsofpeople shared that they feel comforted by The Fog as there is “Nothing to over analyze, just pure ghost pirate fun.” While a remake was released in 2005, many prefer the original. It’s a cool story and easy to get swept up in how the characters are going to escape (or if they even can).

10/15 Jaws (1975)

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Some of the most comforting horror movies are classics that people have been watching since they were younger.

Jawsis one such classic, and Final_Character4678 wrote, “Couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it and there’s no telling how many more times I’ll watch it.” The familiar characters, the terrifying shark, and the famous quotes will never get tiresome.

9/15 The Shining (1980)

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The Shining still holds up today for so many reasons: the unnerving twins standing in the hallway of the hotel, the hotel setting itself, and protagonist Jack losing his grip on reality.

Clarkal12 wrote that they put on The Shining“every year when we get our first big snow fall. It’s become a tradition.” For many horror fans, the movie just looks so cool that they can’t help but count it among their favorites.

8/15 My Soul To Take (2010)

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Wes Craven wrote and directed the 2010 movie My Soul to Take, which focuses on seven characters who are the kids of the Riverton Ripper, a serial killer. They find out that they have some of his personality within them, which is definitely freaky.

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Rops925 shared that they saw My Soul to Take in the theater when they were a college student and “It was a nice memory and I’ll always have the upmost respect for the late, great Mr. Craven.”

7/15 The Conjuring Franchise (2013-Present)

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The Conjuring is based on real couple, the Warrens, which makes watching the fictional version of Ed and Lorraine deal with spirits even scarier.

RabidOtterRodeo wrote that for them, this is a comfort movie: “When I’m sick I binge The Conjuring universe.” Fans of the genre really appreciate the world that has been created here and the attention to detail about dealing with the supernatural.

6/15 Freaky (2020)

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Forever_Ambergris enjoys the 2010 movie Freaky and wrote, “Love Christopher Landon’s movies, they’re so calming” and “they flow so perfectly.”

When teenage girl Millie and the Blissfield Butcher swap bodies, it’s hilarious and fascinating. While the movie does have scary moments, its sense of humor makes it a comfort watch.

5/15 Final Destination Franchise (2000-Present)

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Sporshicus said, “I watched a bunch of the Final Destination movies when I was stuck in bed with crippling back pain” and added, “made me feel much better about my own situation.” In the 2000 film, Alex Browning has an odd feeling when boarding a plane to Paris with his high school classmates. He knows the plane will crash and goes home, only to learn about the tragedy that has befallen everyone else.

Since every movie in the franchise follows the same premise of characters who are supposed to die and will be visited by Death later on, these same storylines make each film relaxing to watch.

4/15 Pet Sematary (1989)

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For Sgarden91, Pet Sematary from 1989 is a comforting film. The fan wrote, “I don’t know why but comfy mode engaged.” The ’80s vibe of the movie might feel soothing, and there’s also the fact that fans of Stephen King know exactly what is going to happen to the family who move into a new home and go through a scary ordeal as a result.

While seeing Gage Creed die and return as a killer is definitely unforgettable, and there’s no doubt that he’s terrifying, the overall story is still familiar enough that if feels more comforting than chilling.

3/15 The Thing (1982)

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The Thing is a fan favorite and always a good choice for a rewatch. Redditor considers this movie to be comforting and called it a “great movie to watch when you’re hunkering down.”

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The movie’s effects are often the focus, but the story and main character, R.J. MacReady, are worth mentioning as well. Besides being amazed by the creatures who feel eerie no matter how many times audiences watch this film, The Thing follows a familiar story of good characters trying to fight evil.

2/15 The Wicker Man (1974)

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There may be a remake of The Wicker Man, but many horror fans prefer the original. Since it’s not especially frightening, it’s a good film to watch when comfort is in order, as there aren’t any unnerving jump scares or plot twists that are disturbing and hard to untangle and figure out.

Sea_being said “It’s not scary scary anyway, music is great, and I find the story oddly comforting.” The cult at the core of the movie is intriguing and sometimes an older filmmaking style can feel calming.

1/15 Trick ‘r Treat (2009)

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Some of the most relaxing horror movies to watch are ones that fans revisit on certain occasions, like October 31st. Meimnot555 said “Trick ‘r Treat” feels comforting and temporary5555 said “Yes! I can rewatch this every Halloween (and all the other holidays too).”

Once fans know the story of Sam and his rules, along with the other stories in this anthology, Trick ‘r Treat becomes a top pick to keep watching. The movie also has a sense of humor about the holiday which makes it feel refreshing and different.

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