15 Best Horror Movies To Watch With Friends, According To Reddit


While some horror fans are so used to the genre that nothing scares them, it’s definitely a little unnerving to watch a scary movie while home alone, especially at night or with the lights off. The best horror movies to watch with friends are familiar slashers like Halloween Ends or a fresh story like Smile that invites discussion. Sometimes a horror movie is best enjoyed in the company of friends who can laugh at a horror comedy or discuss the meaning and characters afterward.

When fans are looking for horror movies to watch with friends, they can follow the advice of Redditors who have shared some great recommendations. The best scary movies to watch with friends come from a range of subgenres but they all offer up some scares and discussion points.

Updated on October 14th 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: While horror fans will always return to beloved films and watch them by themselves, some stories are best enjoyed with friends. There are many new movies in theaters for fall 2022 that are perfect to see with others, as going to see the new entry in a franchise is a fun group activity. But when people want scary movies to watch with friends at home, Redditors have many recommendations that are chilling, different, and awe-inspiring.


15/15 Don’t Look Now (1973)

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Since Hereditary is one of the most popular horror movies of the past few years, many Reddit users recommended that friends watch it together. EisWarren wrote, “Everyone’s been suggesting Hereditary but watch Don’t Look Now first.”

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There are many movies that inspired Hereditary, including Don’t Look Now, and a group of friends could watch both movies for an entertaining and terrifying night in. The movie follows the story of Laura and John, who are grieving the loss of their daughter Christine. They meet people in Venice who say that they can help them contact her spirit. Both movies are about ghosts, religion, and family.

14/15 Host (2020)

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Localfriendly thinks that Host would be a great pick, writing that the film is “fun and not too long of a movie. Has it all for a decent fun horror to watch with friends.”

There’s a lot to discuss with Host, as the main characters talk on Zoom and start realizing that something evil is happening. The movie is relatable as a group who is staying in touch virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic and the friends start being killed by a spirit.

13/15 [REC] (2007)

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In the 2007 movie Rec, a journalist named Ángela learns about something awful happening in an apartment building and goes to cover the story. It turns out that the people living there have been taken over by demons and turned into what seem to be zombies.

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MikeHatSable agreed that Rec is a good movie to watch with friends and called it“the best example of found footage out there,” and another Redditor praised it for being “One of the most fun, tense, frightening movies I’ve seen in a while.”

12/15 Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (2011)

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A movie night with friends calls for a story that is pure joy to watch and also includes some funny moments, which is when a fun horror comedy movie is in order.

Crowber wrote that it would be cool to watch Tucker & Dale vs. Evil “with a group of friends that hadn’t seen it and had no idea what to expect. Don’t watch the trailer! It ruins the whole movie.” Horror fans and people who prefer comedies will both love this story of how college students believe that Tucker and Dale are going to hurt them, and the duo is clueless about what to do next.

11/15 The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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Dan_jeffers recommends that a friend group watches The Blair Witch Project and wrote, “it can be a fun, creepy watch” and people can “argue” about it once it’s done.

This is definitely a movie that inspires a great discussion as people can talk about how it was marketed as a true story of students staying in the woods and filming themselves finding a supernatural presence.

10/15 A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

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When a Reddit user asked for a recommendation for a Halloween party with friends, Jaundicethemauve wrote that A Nightmare on Elm Street would be good for people who haven’t seen a lot of movies from the genre. The fan wrote that it’s a “pretty good representation of horror in general without grossing them out too much or scaring them away.”

While Freddy Krueger kills a lot of people, A Nightmare on Elm Street is still a fun and enjoyable horror movie that works well whether someone is a huge fan of the genre or not.

9/15 The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972)

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While some people in a friend group might love terrifying horror movies, others might want something a bit more entertaining than scary.

One Redditor recommends The Legend of Boggy Creek, calling it a “creepy movie about bigfoot, its slower paced and isn’t gory or violent, but overall is creepy, campy and fun.” Like The Blair Witch Project, this movie says that it really happened and that the Fouke Monster, who is like Bigfoot, is real.

8/15 The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

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One Redditor said that The Cabin in the Woods would be “pretty fun to watch with friends” as it has “self-awareness” that ensures that horror fans are “entertained throughout.”

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Friends can chat about the wild reveals in this movie, the astonishing monsters, and how some characters can spot the evil in the seemingly picturesque cabin and others have no idea what’s about to happen. It’s great to watch The Cabin in the Woods with other fans of scary films as everyone can discuss their favorite character and who they are rooting for the most.

7/15 You’re Next (2011)

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While there are some great slasher movie franchises, there are also some stand-alone films that have made a big impression.

WikiapediaKnows called You’re Nexta “great movie to watch with other people” and wrote that the movie has “a great main character to cheer for, surprises, scares, some big laughs and it escalates all the way until the end.” Fans will like seeing how Erin handles the scary situation that’s in front of her as she goes to her boyfriend’s family reunion and discovers killers in animal masks.

6/15 Drag Me To Hell (2009)

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One Redditor recommended Drag Me to Hell as a movie that “would be a ton of fun to watch with friends.”

Loan officer Christine sees her life become a horrifying ride when a woman wants more time to pay her mortgage and Christine says no. The movie is incredibly intense and keeps people guessing, which makes it a good choice to watch with a group of people who can discuss it afterward.

5/15 Coherence (2013)

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Opticalil22 said that Coherence is a “great movie to watch as a group.” The movie has a mystery that would be great to unpack with other people after watching, as several friends enjoy dinner together and the power goes out. The characters are certain that something is off here and they end up being right.

A dinner party is a perfect setting for a scary movie as the characters are expecting a calm gathering, and instead get quite the opposite. The movie maintains a good, unsettling tone and it’s fun seeing how it reveals its secrets. Horror fans can try to guess what’s happening, which would make it even more entertaining.

4/15 Get Out (2017)

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MLScarletHeart recommended “Get Out” as a horror movie to watch with friends. Since many horror fans count this as a favorite, it would be compelling to watch it knowing what danger Chris Washington will be in when he visits his girlfriend’s parents.

Friends can talk about the well-crafted film and the clues that are present throughout the story, as it’s clear that something is wrong from the moment that Chris and Rose Armitage are seen driving through the country.

3/15 Ready Or Not (2019)

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Pixie6815 suggested Ready or Not and called it “fun.” This is definitely a good pick for a group looking for a horror film that manages to feel both terrifying and also light-hearted. Grace Le Domas is forced to play a lethal game of hide and seek with the family that she married into just hours before, and while she can be killed, the movie maintains a sense of humor.

Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin directed both Ready or Not and Scream (2022) and both films show their humorous and vibrant approach to the horror genre. Grace may be in danger, but the family is so silly that it’s hard not to laugh and know that she will be okay.

2/15 The Skeleton Key (2005)

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One Redditor said, “Skeleton Key is a lot of fun,” and while the film, starring Kate Hudson, might seem a bit corny, it’s perfect when people are looking for a lighter kind of horror movie that isn’t going to be disturbing. Caroline Ellis begins working at a delipidated mansion as she’s an aide, and she learns of a paranormal ritual that is connected to the house.

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There are a lot of supernatural movies but this one is distinct as it involves hoodoo, and while some horror fans might say that this is an unrealistic film, others will enjoy sitting back and going on this journey with Caroline.

1/15 Train To Busan (2016)

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Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, Train to Busan tells the tale of people taking a train journey when zombies appear. Boarty thinks that it’s a good film to watch with a group and wrote, “it was a fun ride… pun totally intended!”

The train setting makes Train to Busan stand out when compared to other films about the apocalypse, and since the characters are stuck, that brilliantly makes the stakes higher. Audiences will root for the characters and friends can discuss how they can escape.

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