15 Best Horror Movies About A Group Of Friends, According To Reddit


While My Best Friend’s Exorcism focuses on the friendship between the two main characters, Abby Rivers and Gretchen Lang hang out as part of a social group at school. Some of the most exciting horror movies are about a group of friends who have fun while hanging out but then realize that something horrible is happening. Whether slashers about teenagers or college students, or there’s a supernatural force at work, these movies always feature high stakes since the characters are so close and care about each other.

While there are several films that fit into this category, Redditors have picked some of the most thrilling horror movies that tell stories about friend groups. The character relationships in these movies are just as compelling as the terror.

Updated on October 12th 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: Many horror films tell the story of friends in terrifying circumstances, and while they always help each other face danger, one character usually stands out as the strongest who will prevail by the end credits. Redditors love to recommend movies to each other and scary ones that focus on friendship are often discussed.


15/15 House Of Wax (2005)

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Jay_Quellin shared that “House of Wax” is a great movie about a friend group. The 2005 film is a remake of Mystery of the Wax Museum, which was released in 1933.

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There are several characters in this movie who go on a road trip: Nick and Carly, who are brother and sister, and their pals Dalton, Blake, Paige, and Wade. While they’re trying to go to a football game, they find themselves in an abandoned area and stumble upon the wax museum, which is an incredibly creepy setting. It’s easy to imagine how freaked out everyone is and how they wish that they had never found this place at all.

14/15 Host (2020)

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There are many scary movies like Host, and it excels as both a legitimately eerie movie and also a story about friendship.

Niccyr124 wrote that Host has a “similar concept to Unfriended (but it’s over Zoom during the pandemic).” Haley and her friends are keeping in touch on Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic but when Haley adds a medium to the chat, they are each attacked by spirits. It’s a creative story, and the characters are clearly great friends as they have easy, natural conversations with one another.

13/15 As Above, So Below (2014)

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93PercentSodiumAzide said “As Above, So Below is a good horror film about a friend group who is in scary circumstances.

A found footage horror movie, As Above, So Below tells the story of Scarlett, who wants to find the philosopher’s stone because that was her dad’s quest. The movie follows people visiting the Catacombs of Paris and filming their experience for a documentary. Scarlett explores with a guide named Papillon, Papillon’s pal Zed, Papillon’s girlfriend Souxie, and Scarlett’s ex George. It’s fascinating seeing a group of friends in this setting so this movie stands out.

12/15 Cabin Fever (2003)

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Basscrank shared that they like horror movies when a “group of friends are together trying to have some fun and end up in a not so nice situation,” adding that Cabin Fever is a perfect example.

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Bert, Paul, Karen, Marcy, and Jeff just want to have some fun on spring break by going away to a cabin, but they get more time in nature than they bargained for when they come across a flesh-eating virus.

11/15 Head Count (2018)

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One Redditor said that “Head Count (2018)” is one of the greatest horror movies featuring a friend group, with an extra fun location since it’s set in Joshua Tree.

Evan is spending time in this beautiful area when he meets a group of friends who are all about having fun. He hangs out with them and ends up staying with them at their house rental. Head Count has it all: a close group of characters, a beautiful location, and a supernatural entity.

10/15 The Descent (2006)

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When a horror fan asked for movie recommendations about friends going on a trip, Doodlebob7 shared The Descent, writing that it “kinda fits the theme although most of it takes place within a cave system.”

The main characters in The Descent want to have a good time exploring a cave in North Carolina, but things go badly very quickly. While the film has some legitimate scares, as there are creatures named crawlers who hunt them down, the story also focuses on the strong friendships between the characters.

9/15 The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

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Sunnykick2 polled friend groups in a few different horror movies, and The Cabin in the Woods won. The fan wrote that they “Like all of these characters” including their “conversations, humor and bonding”

The Cabin in the Woods has likable characters as Curt, Holden, Marty, Jules, and Dana have tight-knit bonds before they head to the cabin where their lives will end. While fans focus on this movie for its artistic ideas and references to other films, it’s also a smart friendship story.

8/15 The Scream Franchise (1996-)

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93PercentSodiumAzide posted that a horror franchise has some great movies about friend groups: “Scream (basically all of them).”

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Scream is famous for Sidney Prescott’s story, the many jokes, and the meta conversations about horror, and the films all have characters who care about each other. In Scream (1996), Sidney and Tatum Riley are really close, and Tatum has Sidney sleep over at her house to try to stay safe from Ghostface. Scream 2 sees Sidney making a new friend group at college, and Scream (2022)has unique new characters who love one another but become frustrated when they start suspecting each other of being Ghostface.

7/15 Malevolent (2018)

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SailAway84 recommended Malevolent as a horror movie about friends and wrote, “There are only 4 friends involved” but they “enjoyed it.”

Malevolent offers an interesting twist on the friend group in trouble plot, as Jackson and Angela are siblings who pretend to look into supernatural occurrences in houses. They work with a crew, and the characters have become friendly with each other as they are lying about what they can do and just trying to make money. Malevolent is one of the best horror movies about the supernatural, and Angela and Jackson are compelling, tough characters.

6/15 Joy Ride (2001)

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Redditor recommended “Joyride” as a horror movie about friends, and it starts off so innocently. Lewis is driving to give Venna, whom he is in love with, a ride, and he ends up helping his troubled brother Fuller and picking him up as well.

The characters are tormented by Rusty Nail, a villainous truck driver, and while the movie is pretty cheesy, it’s a solid story of characters trying to help each other survive a chilling scenario.

5/15 Haunt (2019)

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Rechan recommends “Haunt” as a horror movie about friends. Bailey and Harper go to college together and after meeting Evan and Nathan, the four new pals decide to go to a haunted house. But it’s nothing like a typical Halloween attraction and it’s clear that it won’t be simple to escape this place.

Like other slashers, the characters care deeply about each other but are scared for their own survival, and Harper is an especially good protagonist who knows how to take care of herself because of upsetting experiences from her past. The killers also have chilling masks.

4/15 Annabelle: Creation (2017)

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Annabelle: Creation is one of the best films in the franchise and thapinksock recommended it, writing, “I love the dynamic between the orphan girls in that. It makes the movie super creepy.”

Esther and Samuel Mullins start an orphanage, and the children staying there come across a demon who makes their lives difficult and terrifying. The orphanage setting makes this movie stand out when compared to the other stories about the famous doll Annabelle and it’s sweet seeing the children become close as they fight this evil.

3/15 Final Girls (2015)

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Crosspaws suggested “Final Girls,” which sees a friend group being put in a unique situation: literally walking into a slasher movie from the 1980s. When a screening of Camp Bloodbath goes wrong, Max and her pals Duncan, Gertie Michaels, and Chris Briggs find themselves in the film.

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The movie is compelling as Max has to learn to get along with Vicki Summers, whom she was once close with, and Max also clearly misses her mom, who was the star of the movie. It’s an entertaining story but has a stronger emotional undercurrent as Max feels closer to her mom through this experience, even though it’s definitely scary.

2/15 Sorority Row (2009)

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Spencerlevey suggested “Sorority Row” and this time, the friend group is a bunch of sorority sisters at a college. Five sisters play a prank on Megan’s boyfriend Garrett, but when Megan dies accidentally, no one is sure what to do next.

Like other horror films that focus on friend groups, Sorority Row is about being tied to one another through a dark secret that will wreak havoc if it ever gets out. The characters can no longer remember the good times that they shared as they’re now dealing with this terrible ordeal.

1/15 The Faculty (1998)

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Elliethesmolcat recommended two movies, including The Faculty, and called them “oldies but goodies.” The movie centers on students who become closer after realizing that the teachers at their high school have become aliens.

The Faculty has a plot that draws audiences in and people will want to watch it over and over thanks to the relationships between the characters, who don’t want to rest until they figure out why this has happened at their seemingly ordinary school.

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