14 Iconic Responses Famous Women Gave To Absurd Interview Questions


Celebrities answer hundreds or even thousands of interview questions across their careers. While some questions are insightful and thought-provoking, others are, well, quite ridiculous.

The number of foolish questions seems to be higher for famous women, who are often asked out-of-pocket questions about their bodies, their dating lives, and other things that are really none of the reporters’ business.

Here are 14 iconic responses famous women gave to absurd questions:


After asking Anne Hathaway if she had to be in “perfect” shape for The Dark Knight Rises, this Extra interviewer started quizzing her on her diet and workout plans.

In response, Anne turned it around on him.

Watch the full interview here:


When Rihanna was promoting her new men’s fragrance, a red carpet reporter asked her, “What are you looking for in a man now?” And Rihanna responded with this:

You can watch the full moment unfold here:


After Serena Williams won a tennis match at the US Open, a reporter asked her why she wasn’t smiling.

So, she gave him an honest answer.

Watch the full exchange here:


When Ariana Grande visited Power 106 FM, they asked her a question they probably wouldn’t have asked a man.

So, she called them out on it.

Here’s the complete moment:


When Oprah asked Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to address rumors they had eating disorders, Ashley had a wise response.

Here’s the full interview, with this moment unfolding at the 18-minute mark:


Keira Knightley shut down a reporter who asked her, “How do you balance your career and having a personal life?”

Here’s the complete exchange:


When an Entertainment Tonight reporter told Taylor Swift that she was going to walk home with “lots of men,” she handled it in a very Taylor way.

Watch the full interview here:


Katharine Hepburn — who famously bucked expectations for women at the time by only wearing pants — had a quick response when Barbara Walters asked her, “Do you ever wear a skirt, by the way?”


When Ellen asked Celine Dion when she was going to cut her son’s long hair, the singer called her out and then offered a kind explanation.

Watch the full interview here:


When Ellen asked Dakota Johnson, “How was the party? I wasn’t invited,” she called her out for lying.

Here’s the complete interview:


While playing a game on Sway in the Morning, Lauren Conrad flipped an inappropriate question with a single word.

Here’s the full interview, with the “Question Sack” portion starting at the 5:15 mark:


When Jane Fonda was on Megyn Kelly’s show to promote Our Souls at Night, the host got wildly off topic.

Jane called her out on it, then directed the conversation back to her movie.


While promoting Avengers, Scarlett Johansson called out an Extra interviewer who asked her, “Were you able to wear undergarments [as Black Widow]?”

Watch the full clip here:


And finally, during an Avengers press conference, a reporter asked Robert Downey Jr. about his character arc, then asked Scarlett about her diet.

She called out the unfair way the reporter treated her compared to her male costar.

Here’s the full press conference, with this exchange taking place at the 2:58 mark:


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