1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton’s Most Concerning Selfies & Clips Ranked


1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is a polarizing figure. For many reasons, some fans love her, while others love to hate her. Tammy and her sister, Amy Slaton, have struggled to improve their health throughout their TLC series, but Tammy tends to be more difficult to watch. Tammy, who is 36 years old, is prone to temper tantrums when she is having a hard time. Some fans make her out to be the villain of 1000-lb Sisters because of her dramatic behavior, while others feel bad for her situation, believing her actions are a clear cry for help.


Over the course of three seasons, Tammy’s had a harder time losing weight than her sister, Amy. With more weight to lose, less motivation, and larger health issues, Tammy found it more strenuous to work through her demons. After a near-death experience left her in a medically induced coma, 1000-lb Sisters Tammy seemingly turned a new leaf. She posted to her social media accounts to show her fans that she was, in fact, okay, but some of her posts have left fans more concerned than reassured.

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3. Tammy Slaton’s Bratz Doll Filtered Selfie Video

In this video, posted on March 14, Tammy is using a Bratz Doll-style filter while puckering her lips at the camera. Viewers can see her trach tube, which she has reportedly had for nearly a year. Though this post has no caption, fans find it concerning that it is the most recent post on Tammy’s feed. Follower @Brendamac62 commented what many are curious about, asking, “[Does] anyone know if Tammy is ok we haven’t heard from her in ages.

2. Tammy Slaton Throws Up A Peace Sign

In this video, posted on February 22, Tammy shifts in her seat and holds up a peace sign before the camera stops. Fans are concerned in the comments section, finding it confusing to see 1000-lb Sisters Tammy with her trach tube visible still. Even though she does not get up out of her seat, she does seem to have some mobility. While there are many hateful comments on the video, @thompsonword tried to wish Tammy well, saying, “There is a lot of hate on here. I hope these posts do not have a negative effect on you. Please take care of yourself, everyone deserves to be happy and healthy. Good luck!

1. Tammy Slaton’s Natural Beauty

In this rare photo of Tammy smiling at the camera, posted in February 2022, followers can see a shot of the 1000-lb Sisters star that is mostly unfiltered. Tammy is wearing a natural smile and has a bit of a glow, and while follower @chriswhitley commented, “Stop with a ridiculous filter.” Many of Tammy’s other followers were speculative about her, while others were supportive. User @daydreaminstoner was sweet and encouraging toward Tammy, who may no longer be single, commenting, “Girl you look awesome keep up the good work..so happy to see you doing better.” Even with fans uncertain about Tammy’s whereabouts or the status of her health, many are rooting for her to get healthier and put herself first.

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