10 Worst Horror Movie Friends


Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is perhaps the latest horror movie that can show that no one can be trusted, not even friends. Friends can come in all shapes and sizes and be there for troubling situations. When situations become scarier than anticipated, they can reveal a friend’s true colors.

In horror movies, there have been several examples of people who, if one decides to count on, it would be a terrible idea. There are backstabbers who double-cross their friends to save themselves, cowards, unsupportive team members with nothing but criticism to offer, and even characters who wind up being the film’s main antagonist. Each of these characters has performed actions that would have those they know question their friendship.


10 Mike Hanlon – It: Chapter 2 (2019)

The Losers Club is all grown up now. After being away for 27 years, they’ve returned to Derry to face the childhood fears they left behind. Mike was the only group member who stayed behind and called everyone back.

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He’s mostly a good person who wants everyone to keep the promise they made years ago, but he makes some questionable choices to make his old friends comply. He drugs Bill, so he can be in a more compliant state for him to explain a solution and even omits a large truth that places everyone at risk and in the hands of Pennywise. It’s understandable that he just wants to do what’s suitable for their town, but he didn’t need to take such desperate measures.

9 Markie Cameron – Truth Or Dare (2018)

A group of friends becomes cursed after their innocent game of Truth or Dare turns more into a life-or-death situation. Markie is one of the unwilling participants in this supernatural slasher.

During the ordeal, she never seems to take responsibility for her actions or cannot handle the fact challenges must be completed if they want to survive. For instance, she was angry with her friend Olivia when forced to reveal that she was constantly cheating on her boyfriend, Lucas. A dare that made Olivia and Lucas sleep with each other only had Markie think about herself. It is not that she is a terrible person, Markie is just someone with plenty of misplaced emotions and doesn’t fully realize the severity of the situation.

8 Jemma – Host (2020)

This found footage horror movie has a group of friends conducting a séance through Zoom. Everything goes off the rails almost immediately when they unintentionally welcome an entity that takes them down one-by-one. Though most of the group are making light of the séance, Jemma becomes the worst offender.

Her harmless prank on the medium guiding them brings forth the paranormal chaos that ensues. Her making up a presence allowed a demonic spirit to enter their world. Hers was an honest mistake but had she made more effort to take matters seriously, there wouldn’t have been a supernatural mask formed for an entity to wear to disguise itself. She at least does what she can to right her mistakes.

7 Mark – Midsommar (2019)

Midsommar is a movie with a few unlikeable characters to choose from the group of college students taking a summer trip to Sweden. Mark must be the worst of them, however.

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Right away, he’s shown as an unsupportive friend. Instead of offering Christian some helpful insight or even a listening ear to his friend’s relationship struggles, he displays a lack of empathy and tries to enable bad behavior. He treats Christian’s girlfriend Dani poorly by always taking the chance to voice his annoyance with her when not downright ignoring her. When the group goes on their trip, all Mark does is cause trouble with his idiotic actions, like urinating on a sacred tree. He’s nothing but a fool, something his assailants knew right away.

6 Luke Lerner – Better Watch Out (2016)

This holiday horror puts a spin on the home invasion trope with elements of Home Alone to it. The Kevin McAllister of this story is a boy with little regard for anyone else’s concerns or feelings.

Luke is an entitled brat who, after feeling rejected by his babysitter, makes their night a living nightmare for her and anyone else he sets into his traps. His best friend Garrett is part of everything as a willing accomplice at first but then starts to fear Luke when the situation escalates. He no longer recognizes the person he once called his best friend and now only sees someone full of manipulation tactics and a willingness to get rid of those who stand in his way.

5 Juno Kaplan – The Descent (2005)

The Descent had an expedition go wrong for six women who must do what they can to survive in a mysterious cave. Juno is the one who doesn’t let the others know about the unknown cave. Her wanting them to be the first to claim it gets them lost, which means rescue is almost impossible.

She should’ve been more mindful of her friend Sarah’s emotional state before leading her and the group to dangerous territory. Her inconsideration continues by covering up the fact she accidentally strikes their other friend Beth, who she decides to leave for dead. There is then the reveal that she may have had an affair with Sarah’s late husband. So, this means she was an awful friend right from the start.

4 Jeff – Cabin Fever (2002)

Eli Roth’s directorial debut is a grotesque piece about a flesh-eating virus that befalls college students in a remote cabin. On some level, Jeff had a right to be afraid of the virus that was almost impossible to escape. What he ends up doing is still considered a coldhearted move.

His immediate response to the situation was to abandon his friends and girlfriend. His selfish behavior saves him as well as shows what little remorse he has for leaving them all behind. He doesn’t even show an ounce of regret when he returns to find that everyone has succumbed to the virus, more relieved that he stayed alive. It makes his sudden death in the end almost satisfying as it is darkly hilarious.

3 Heather and Mike – The Blair Witch Project (1999)

From the start of their journey, this trio of filmmakers gets on each other’s nerves. They’re constantly bickering as they continue to lose themselves further in the woods, where the titular witch is said to reside. Heather and Mike, in particular, are awful to be around.

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Heather is a controlling snob whose only concern is making a good documentary even when their lives are at risk. She’s the one who refuses to turn the camera off whenever requested to do so and is constantly barking orders. Mike is no better when he foolishly decides to throw away their map without consulting the others about it. Both make one impulsive choice after another and have no desire to apologize for anything until it’s too late.

2 Everyone – Unfriended (2014)

Unfriended is a found footage film with friends having their video chatting interrupted by a mysterious user who might be the ghost of a dead classmate. No one is a good person here. These high school students are two-faced bullies who always have mean words to say about someone when they leave the room.

The members of their group are no exception to this, especially when their situation turns dire. There is no hesitation in turning against each other and revealing cruel secrets, backstabbing one another, and even offering each other as a sacrifice to the entity. Everyone wants nothing more than to save their skin. They will go so far as to leave their “best friends” and significant others behind to ensure their safety.

1 Billy Loomis & Stu Macher – Scream (1996)

This important movie for the horror genre revived it by injecting commentary on classic tropes. That is achieved through a mysterious killer who uses them to gain victims. Sydney Prescott’s boyfriend, Billy, is crossed off as a suspect and voices his innocence while trying to be a comforting partner for her, and Stu also appears innocent at first with his goofy persona.

However, they are each other’s confidants and accomplices. The pair killed off their classmates and friends and are not above mental torture when talking down to their victims. There is some background to why Billy is doing this. The true motive for their kills, though, is how enjoyable they find it all with the arrogant belief of how they can get away with it all.

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