10 Unpopular Opinions About The DCAU, According To Reddit


The new Black Adam trailer looks further at some fan-favorite characters from DC Comics, leading to further excitement as the DCEU expands to include more heroes.

Given all the starts and stops of live-action based on DC Comics, fans turn to the DCAU to see stories about their favorite characters play out on screen. The DCAU is known for doing a fantastic job when it comes to handling heroes and villains that are so close to people’s hearts, but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Redditors came together to share what they see as some of the DCAU’s shortcomings.


In Justice League Unlimited’s episode “Epilogue,” it comes out that Batman Beyond’s Terry is related to Bruce Wayne, and fans didn’t universally receive this information well. Terry and Bruce’s relationship was beautiful because of the found family aspect.

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JansTheodor writes, “After losing his dad, Terry was lost and found in Bruce a father figure that supported… The plot twist just messed that up by bringing that his father was never ‘important.’” Giving Terry genetic relation to Bruce seemed like a quick fix that diminished something that was supposed to be a massive deal to the character.

Superman: The Animated Series Deserves More Hype

Superman: The Animated Series is often overlooked as a fantastic series from DC despite being the Superman equivalent of Batman: The Animated Series, which has long been known as the best DC animated series.

Redditor DCAUBeyond believes “Superman: The Animated Series is better than Batman: The Animated Series.” While it may not be as popular, the quality of Superman: The Animated Series is on-par, if not better than Batman: The Animated Series. This series took the best of Superman’s villains and placed them on screen in stories heavily focused on the comics.

Wonder Woman Could Have Been Better

Wonder Woman may be the best hero in the DCAU, but the depth of the stories told throughout Justice League and Justice League Unlimited didn’t compare to her abilities as a hero. Njklein58 says, “They could have done so much more with her exile from her home. Then they address it once years later and never again.”

When Wonder Woman confronts villains like Hades or Circe in wildly popular episodes, it feels like a missed opportunity to not spend more time with her rough story where she must fight villains from home while still exiled.

Don’t Worry About A Reboot

Not everything needs to come back; the shows and movies from the DC Animated Universe still hold up today and are as good as they were when they initially came around. Robertluke says, “It doesn’t need to come back. It’s okay that it ended.”

While it may feel unfinished at times because the Teen Titans never got involved and Static never became fully involved in the Justice League the way people hoped, the DCAU as a whole doesn’t need a revival. If the DCAU returned today, the magic of the animation, voices, and stories couldn’t be replicated.

Justice League’s First Season Was Good

Some believe the Justice League show had a slow start with episodes that felt disjointed with each other, but some don’t see it that way. Ghostofamermaid says even though it took a while to find the balance of story and characters, “I liked the first season of JL.”

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With so many characters in the League, figuring out how to tell stories about all of them and give them appropriate depth was difficult at first. Still, overall, each episode as a stand-alone told a great story as they alternated between which hero was at the story’s center.

Bruce Wayne’s Maturity Could’ve Been Handled Differently

Bruce Wayne keeps everyone at a distance for the entire Justice League series when he could have chosen to trust more people. When he ends up alone, it’s entirely his own decision because love would interfere too much with Batman’s work.

CinematicBrock highlights DCAU Bruce as the audience saw him in the end “didn’t have to be that way. DCAU Bruce is a great take on Batman, but he never really stopped being a Batman: Year One Batman.” Bruce Wayne’s DCAU story could have involved him developing more connections instead of being a more stagnant Batman.

Superman Doesn’t Need To Be Overpowered

While Superman may be one of the most powerful heroes, especially from the superfamily, he doesn’t need to be so powerful that nothing ever affects him. Toffeefeather says, “I like Superman when he’s less overpowered. Makes it a more interesting fight if he gets tossed around. He can be powerful while still feeling the hits he gets.”

Seeing Superman in fights that he won’t automatically win is much more interesting to watch. Typically, Superman is nearly untouchable on screen, which leaves fights feeling like they have no stakes, but the DCAU made him feel tough and vulnerable simultaneously.

The Love Triangle Didn’t Need Attention

While many see Hawkgirl (Shayera) and Green Lantern (John Stewart) as one of the best DCAU relationships, not all agree. Junior-Lie4342 says, “Not a John Stewart fan. Way too much attention paid to John-Shayera-Mari, especially considering that ended up being the last season of JLU.”

The attention John Stewart’s relationship with Hawkgirl and Vixen got in the show’s last season led people further into not being Green Lantern fans. Rather than continuing to tell the big stories of moral conflict heroes felt, the focus became a romantic relationship and whether John chooses Hawkgirl or not.

DCAU Didn’t Need Jason Todd

Batman: The Animated Series first introduces Dick Grayson as Robin, and the next Robin of the series ends up being Tim Drake in The New Batman Adventures. The DCAU passes over Jason Todd’s time as Robin when Tim Drake fills the role of Batman’s second Robin.

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Late_Championship359 says, “skipping Jason Todd was a great decision.” While the DCAU didn’t shy away from heartbreaking stories, playing out Jason Todd’s story may have been distracting and redundant to Batman’s narrative. With Jason Todd comes Red Hood and further strain on Robin and Batman’s relationship that Nightwing explored already.

Heroes Can Be Destined Without Lore

SpiderDoctor2 hates that modern media tends to make someone related to a hero to make them a hero because “obviously, becoming those heroes was always gonna be their destiny from a narrative perspective, but making a lore reason for it just really undermines character agency.”

Making heroism a part of someone’s blood retroactively feels as though anything that character experienced in their origin story leading to them seeking a life as a superhero didn’t matter as much as their genetics. It minimizes the role the character plays in their own life.

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