10 TikToks About Hauntings That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie


As Halloween creeps in, it’s that time of year again when the spookiest supernatural occurrences captured on camera get circulated around the internet. Look no further than TikTok, which has become a bonafide forum for horror enthusiasts and paranormal experts alike to share their harrowing experiences and leave it up to the audience to determine what’s real or not.

Whether elaborate charades, genuine paranormal investigations, accidentally captured footage, and/or completely unexplainable phenomena alike, the scariest TikTok hauntings are mortifying enough to rival the scariest horror movies on record.


Basement Haunting

One of the fastest ways to frighten a horror movie fan is to endanger a young child too vulnerable to protect themselves. In a post from DinoNuggets741, a father is so mortified by what may reside in his haunted basement that he urges his young son to descend the stairs to secure the area first, leading to 90-seconds of genuine hair-raising tension and suspense that culminates in a J-horror-level jump scare for the ages.

After locking two doors to keep intruders out, the father and son descend a dark stairwell into a dank basement. The terrified whispering between the two is really unsettling, outdone by the sudden image of a shadowy figure emerging twice from the corridor. The Ring didn’t even have as many abrupt doses of terror.

Dolls In A Chair

With black-and-white footage that recalls a much scarier Poltergeist or Paranormal Activity, the TikTok video captured by @kittyk38backup is one for the books. Creepy toy dolls? Check. A freaky chair rocking on its own? Check. A static camera replete with unedited timestamps? Indeed.

On August 31, 2022, as soon as a man exits his living room to enter his garden outside, a chair with two dolls in the living room rocks back and stands on its back legs, staying in the fixed position for roughly one minute. It’s like a scarier version of Poltergeist when the Freelings witnessed the furniture move on its own.

Baleful Billiards

Captured on January 24, 2021, @Kittyk38backup also shared raw footage of a mysterious orb of light appearing on their basement billiard table which somehow concentrates light beams onto the nearby wall so powerfully that paintings begin falling from the walls.

Like the video before, there’s something unshakably eerie about the static camerawork, black-and-white footage, and unedited video feed of the home security footage that appears to feature zero trick photography or artificial shenanigans. The inexplicable phenomena itself is doubly freaky, rivaling skin-crawling haunted house movies like The Haunting, The Amityville Horror, and more.

Shadows On The Wall

Reflections and shadows have long been used as a horror movie resource the scare the heck out of viewers. For instance, vampires can’t see their reflection in mirrors, one of the biggest mythological horror tropes on record. But what about invisible ghosts whose reflections can be seen? A rarer occurrence, right?

Such is the spine-tingling subject of MrListParanormal mortifying 44-second clip in which he ambles across his basement in a huge spotlight. As soon as he ascends the stairs, the shadow of a four-legged entity immediately follows him. If that wasn’t startling enough, the door downstairs suddenly swings open and slams shut before a ghostly face looms in the crack of darkness. The suspenseful music makes the video even scarier.

Falling Attic Ladder

While @dudemyhouseishaunted’s account is now private, the TikToker is convinced his deceased wife is haunting their abode and desires physical contact (via AndyRichard86).

To prove his point, the 90-second black-and-white clip focuses on a silent corridor that suddenly teems with paranormal activity when the attic ladder opens on its own, and slides a large package down with a shivering echo before the sound of someone climbing the ladder is subtly heard. Even the scariest haunted house movies with top-notch CGI often fail to nail a simple yet effective haunted house scene as frightening as this one.

Fear Of The Unknown

Fear of the unknown remains a ubiquitous phobia that plagues many people. It’s a reality more horror movies should use to create newfangled boogeyman like the one featured in this alarming 18-second clip that’s been viewed by nearly a million people and shared over 34,000 times.

The short clip finds two people being haunted by an unidentifiable creature slinking down from the roof of a semi-truck as they hide in a tent nearby. Aside from the mortifying howls and guttural growls, what makes the video so unsettling is how sparingly the monster is seen, à la the shark in Jaws, leaving viewers to fill in the blanks with their own sordid imagination.

A Rollercoaster Of Emotion

As if roller coasters weren’t scary enough, @lettylovesyou deserves credit for attempting to find answers about a potential ghost riding and suddenly vanishing from a theme-park attraction in an instant. The video shows four females having a blast on a roller coaster, with one of them abruptly disappearing before the ride ends.

But when the ride finished, three of the girls claimed the fourth rider (the furthest away) never existed. Some people have theorized the ghost is the spirit of a girl who died on the ride and just wants someone to have fun with in the afterlife. Notice how happy the girl looks before she disappears. It makes the infamous roller coaster scene in Final Destination 3 pale in comparison.

Virtual Unreality

Be it Guillermo del Toro’s superb movie The Devil’s Backbone or The Sixth Sense, the ghosts of children are as petrifying as they come. The tragedy of such an innocent life lost so early is hard to swallow. And thanks to this haunted TikTok of a ghastly cherub from @highlysuggested, most viewers will have a hard time breathing as well.

In a fixed camera angle that shows the OP playing a VR game in his living room, the presence of what appears to be the clumsy and inquisitive spirit of a young boy spying on him. Whether fake or not, it’s far more convincing than some of the most memorable haunted house movies on record.

Please Stop

TikToker 8itchF4ceUk also runs the YouTube page Really Haunted, which hosts some of the most bone-rattling material reserved for the most calloused horror movie fans. If seeing ghosts is scary, imagine being violently attacked by them, something the OP has convincing proof of.

Between the droning “please stop” animated voice and the complete lack of awareness the OP shows when a shadowy black entity enters his living room and gets closer to the man as he sits on his sofa, calling to mind the mortifying supernatural horror movie The Babadook if nothing else.

Facing Fears

Japanese horror movie fans know how special the country’s relationship is with the afterlife. In a TikTok that proves one does not mess with the dead, a terrifying video shows what appears to be the ghost of the real person whose likeness what used for a national statue.

The low-fidelity and shaky cam give the video an authentic immediacy that feels harried in response to genuine fear stirred in the cameramen. As far as found-footage haunts go, few feel as real and raw.

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