10 Things To Remember Before Halloween Ends


One of the most iconic horror franchises will seemingly come to a close with the release of Halloween Ends. The third movie in the modern Halloween trilogy finds Laurie Strode and Micheal Myers facing off for the last time in a fight that could destroy them both.

As these movies have seemed to function as one large story, there are some crucial things that fans will need to remember going into Halloween Ends. From the characters who have been killed off to the changing of some franchise details to some shocking new developments, these are the important things to remember before Halloween Ends.


10/10 The Halloween Massacre Continues

Michael’s return to Haddonfield in 2018’s Halloween was an even bloodier outing than the original movie, but fans might not realize that Halloween Kills simply carries on with that same evening. The movie picks up moments after the first one ended and Michael simply continues his massacre.

While Halloween Ends apparently delivers a time jump, it will be interesting to see the aftermath of such an extensive bloodbath that claimed the lives of many citizens, including the town’s entire fire department.

9/10 The 1978 Flashback

While most of the Halloween franchise is ignored in these new movies, the 1978 original is constantly referenced. In fact, Halloween Kills opens with a terrific flashback sequence set on the Halloween night of the original movie as the cops search for Michael Myers.

The sequence wonderfully recreates the look and style of John Carpenter’s original movie to great effect. It also includes an unexpected cameo from Dr. Loomis the first appearance of the character since his shocking off-screen death in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. It is entirely possible the character will make an appearance in this movie as well.

8/10 Haddonfield Turned Into A Mob

One unexpected element of Halloween Kills is how Haddonfield reacts to Michael Myers’ return. While these characters have been hapless victims of Michael’s rampage in the past, they are given more agency, turning into a vigilante mob deadset on hunting him down.

Some fans found this to be a silly addition and an unfulfilled attempt at giving a message to the movie. However, it will surely have made a lasting impact on the town and it remains to be seen how they react when Michael reappears again.

7/10 The Brother-Sister Connection Is No More

This new trilogy has really made the story about Michael and Laurie, giving them some strange connection even as they try their best to kill each other. However, they do away with one of the most controversial retcons to a villain story ever ignoring Halloween II‘s revelation that Michael and Laurie are brother and sister.

Though it was the sequel that introduced this idea, it has become a widely accepted part of the mythology of the franchise. However, 2018’s Halloween, undid this, with Allyson explaining to her friends that this connection was just an unsubstantiated rumor.

6/10 Lindsey Escapes Again

Kyle Richards played the role of Lindsey in 1978’s Halloween, one of the kids Laurie is babysitting and who she saves from Michael. She returns in Halloween Kills and encounters Michael once again, though is ready for a fight this time.

Though Lindsey proves to be no match for Michael, she is one of the rare characters who manages to escape his wrath. She is last seen being taken to the hospital meaning that she might have more of a role to play in Halloween Ends.

5/10 Hawkins Survived His Attack

Officer Hawkins was introduced in 2018’s Halloween as a supporting character and the officer who arrested Michael Myers in 1978. After being stabbed in the neck and run over, it seemed like that was the last of him only for the character to return in Halloween Kills.

In fact, Hawkins plays a substantial role in the sequel with the flashback sequence focused on him and his guilt from that night. It also hints at a romance between him and Laurie. With Hawkins one of their characters confirmed to return in Halloween Ends, he will surely have even more to do.

4/10 Michael’s Motivation May Be Revealed

Despite the strong connection between Michael and Laurie in these new movies, Halloween Kills seemed to confirm that Michael’s motivation doesn’t really have anything to do with Laurie. Though she and her loved ones end up in his path, Michael seems to just want to return home.

The characters discover that Michael’s killing spree draws a direct line to his childhood home which is where he ends up in the climax. It is not a terribly interesting revelation but makes him more than just a mindless killing machine.

3/10 Several Legacy Characters Are Killed

Seeing Laurie Strode return in these movies is a real thrill, but Halloween Kills brings back a lot more legacy characters to join in on the fun. There are adult characters from the original, including Sheriff Brackett and Nurse Marion as well as some of the child characters like Tommy Doyle and Lonnie, now adults.

Unfortunately, not many of them will be returning for Halloween Ends as nearly all of them failed to survive this new encounter with Michael.

2/10 Michael Kills Karen

These new movies have been just as much about Laurie’s family as it has been about Laurie herself. When Laurie is in a hospital bed for most of Halloween Kills, her daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson become the leads of the story.

However, this leads to one of the most shocking kills in the Halloween movies as it ends with Michael cornering Karen in his old home and brutally murdering her. No doubt Laurie and Allyson will be out for revenge in Halloween Ends.

1/10 Michael May Be More Than Human

Though fans knew going into Halloween Kills that there would be another sequel to close out the story, it seemed for a moment that Michael Myers might actually die. He is cornered by the Haddonfield mob and mercilessly beaten and stabbed, in an attack that no one could survive.

But as his body lies on the ground, Laurie begins a monologue from her hospital bed suggesting the more Michael kills, the more indestructible he becomes. With that, Michael stands and butchers the mob suggesting he may not be human after all.

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