10 Things To Do In Red Dead Redemption 2 Most Players Never Discover


With the recent AMD driver update which lets Red Dead Redemption 2 run better on the Steam Deck, a lot of new players are being introduced to the game. Even four years after its initial release, players are finding new things to do and discover all the time.

There is so much content packed into the game, that it seems almost impossible to do everything. Thanks to some hardcore fans, people have discovered hidden easter eggs, ghosts, and even aliens among others. It seems like Rockstar knowingly packs a lot of content into its games considering it takes years for the next installments to come out.


Riding With The Ghost Train

One of the spooky, yet coolest things players can do in Red Dead Redemption 2 is ride their horses along a ghost train. Players need to go to the Old Greenbank Mill located near the border of New Hanover and Lemoyne.

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One thing to note is that this can only be done once so make sure to make the most of it. A ghost train appears between 3 a.m. and sunrise. Other than the fact that it looks spooky, the train will not damage the player other than scaring the horse a little.

Find The Mystery Of The Donkey Lady

Even with the incredible story of RDR2, players sometimes prefer to spend their time finding some of the most absurd things. If players head over to Cholla Springs, they will encounter the frightening, yet sad sight of a dead woman tied to a mill. But the catch here is that there is a donkey’s head attached to the woman’s head. It looks as if the woman died while she was working.

While there is no explanation for this, some interpret it as simply a practical joke. Their in-game reaction to Arthur when he discovers this seems to suggest that the creature actually existed at some point.

Ghost Hunting

There are two cases of ghost hunting that players can follow in RDR2, although you can actually see the ghost in only one of them. The first instance happens in Roanoke Valley at night when the player is simply walking around. Players hear two ghosts having a conversation with one another but nothing can be seen.

The second instance happens near Bluewater Marsh where players can see the ghost of Agnes Dowd. Players can see her a total of 16 times, and during the last time, she will guide them to the place where she was hanged.

Digging An Archeological Site

A lot of players are not aware that RDR2 allows them to dig up some archeological sites. One of the biggest and most striking sites is located near Roanoke Ridge, New Hanover where players can find an ancient Viking burial ground.

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Although it is not clear how historically accurate this site is, players can acquire some cool Viking-era objects as well, keep in mind that this will take some searching, Some of the objects include a wearable Viking helmet, a Viking comb, and a hatchet.

Finding The Self-Exiled Giant

Players in RDR2 come across weird skeletons all the time, but one among them especially stands out. Located near Big Valley, West Elizabeth, players can see a large humanoid skeleton that seems to have been dead for a long period of time.

What makes this skeleton special is that players can even interact with a potential living specimen. While going to Ambarino, Fair-vale Shanty, if players follow birdsong to a cave with a boulder blocking its entrance, there is a voice from the other side which greets them. The voice says that it went into self-exile because people would get scared because of his size.

Finding Aliens

If being a Cowboy isn’t enough, just like in GTA V, players can encounter aliens or UFOs in RDR2. There are two instances where players can see a UFO. When players go to the top of Mount Shann between midnight and 4 am, a small UFO hovers around the area for about half a minute before flying away.

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The other instance can be seen at Hani’s Bethel in an abandoned school. It seems like a cult did a mass suicide at the spot and if players reach there at 2 am, a bright green light will appear over them which appears to be coming out of a UFO. It will only stay for a short amount of time before disappearing.

Killing The Night People

The original Red Dead Redemption had actual zombies, while the sequel does not, players can find and fight equally terrifying Night People. If players head to Bayou Nwa Swamp at night, the swamp residents or “Night People” will try attacking them.

Up on interacting with them, a side mission will be unlocked where players can help an old man get rid of the Night People. Once the mission is completed, players will receive a rare animal pelt, a gold tooth, and a dagger. This is one of the most fun “games” within the game in RDR2.

Visiting Grave Sites

Once players have completed the main campaign, a collectible gets unlocked if they visit each and every gravesite of passed-away characters. It is because of the incredible storyline in the game which makes visiting the gravesites quite emotional.

This a cool way of paying respects and going down memory lane of playing through the whole story, Each and every character who accompanies or helped Arthur gets a special gravesite.

Find Mutilated Animals

There are a lot of eery and creepy things present in RDR2, but this one surely goes to the top of the list. Players will come across a house-turned-laboratory near West Horn.

Upon entering the house, there is a lot of surgical equipment and a long table present in the middle of the hall. At the end of the hall, there is a creature present that seems to be put together by a human. Although the creature is dead, the sight of it is very unsettling. The creature comprises a pair of wings, a pig’s head, limbs of different animals, etc. These are the events that make the world of RDR2, one of the worst video game universes to live in.

Finding The Strange Man

Players who played the original Red Dead game will remember the Strange Man who used to be seen every now and then in the game. While RDR2 does have this, there is a cool easter egg with reference to the Strange Man which players can find.

There is a shack near Leymon Beyoue West that has references to the Strange Man. Inside the shack is a panting which becomes clearer upon entering the shack multiple times. The painting will reveal to be that of the Strange Man who will also appear to be next to the player if they look into the mirror in front of it. Players cannot engage with the Strange Man.

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