10 Tech Brands That Have Won Redditors’ Loyalty (& Why)


With the iPhone 14 releasing with relatively small improvements over the previous model, it’s a testament to the loyalty that Apple has fostered with its customers that there is still so much hype surrounding their new phone. It’s not just mobile tech brands that have achieved an impressive level of brand loyalty though, with Samsung, Sony, and Logitech among the companies that Redditors are committed to.

It’s not just blind brand loyalty either, as they offer smart reasons why those companies have earned their trust. These are some of the top tech brands that they’ve decided to stay loyal to.



HP has always been considered among the most reliable tech companies, especially when it comes to their computers, and Redditors like WinelandsGuy think they still deserve this reputation. They sum up what’s great about HP products with two simple words – “reliability” and “design.”

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While Apple Macs might have a stronger association with sleek design, HP has quietly been producing extremely convenient and attractive computers for a long time and, along with that all-important reliability, it’s little wonder that there are a lot of happy customers with loyalty towards the brand.


It goes without saying that, as one of the biggest companies in the world and the leading competitor to Apple in the smartphone market, Samsung is a formidable tech brand, and it has its fair share of loyal customers too. Whilst consistency and customer service are usually key in building loyalty, Redditor thebody512 has a different reason when it comes to Samsung.

For them, it’s their high level of “innovation in mobile phone technology” that has made them commit to Samsung products. Whilst some dismiss products like the Z Fold as relying on a gimmick, the way their entire Galaxy range has evolved through the years highlights their commitment to pushing boundaries, and many tech enthusiasts have been won over.


Whilst their PCs will always be the most attention-drawing part of their lineup, Asus is a wide-ranging tech brand with a hand in almost every kind of computer hardware imaginable, from computer peripherals to motherboards. That’s perfect for fans like Redditor Darkness3840 who have been won over by the “quality” of their products.

Asus once had one of the best reputations for customer service in the industry too, and they vouch for the fact that the “customer service has always been great.” Their reputation might not be as excellent now as it used to be, but it’s still a huge part of the appeal of Asus that has kept so many loyal over the years.


When it comes to computer peripherals, few tech brands are discussed in glowing terms as much as Logitech. Rated highly by gamers and workers alike, it’s no surprise there are plenty who consider themselves loyal to the company, and that includes Redditor Kyounokaze. As a long-time user, they say all their Logitech products “performed well and had good durability.”

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That’s something that’s key in the world of peripherals, where a lower-quality mouse, keyboard, or headset can end up lasting a painfully short amount of time before inevitably falling apart. With a reputation for longevity, plenty of tech fans are happy to trust Logitech with their future peripheral needs.


Though LG Electronics are often overshadowed by other Korean tech giants like Samsung, they produce an incredible range of tech and home appliances that are generally considered to be highly reliable. For Redditor Carpe_Dragon, a loyal LG buyer, it’s their customer care that stands out, as they say they actually “enjoyed dealing with their customer service.”

No matter how reliable or durable a company’s products are, every consumer has been in a situation where they needed customer service help for one reason or another. That’s why to commit to a particular brand, it’s smart to choose one that makes these experiences as painless and convenient as possible.


With the iPhone 14 only the latest edition to Apple’s absurdly popular iPhone lineup, the tech giant continues to give its fans something to look forward to. While Apple cynics often talk about the company using brand loyalty to avoid making big improvements and still making huge profits, Redditor Arkonicc has a good reason for why they’ve stuck with the brand.

They comment that they “love the interoperability between the devices and the fact that they work like day one” for years after purchase. The way devices like the Apple Watch are so well integrated with their other products is a dream come true for loyal customers and means there’s no reason to look elsewhere for their electronics.

Corsair Gaming

Companies that focus on gaming products don’t always end up having the best reputation, especially since they cater to a demographic with extremely high standards, but Corsair has managed to establish itself as one of the most prestigious brands on the market. Redditor Aeikon thinks they’re one of the best out there.

They say Corsair earned their loyalty because the company cares about its products, has “amazing customer service,” and is “trying to push technical limits.” For gamers that want the very best gear possible, the latter is a huge selling point that may be the reason why Corsair peripherals are so sought after. They even have budget-friendly products for gamers too.


Despite some negative press in recent years, Spotify continues to be one of the biggest streaming services in the world, and that’s partially thanks to loyal listeners like Redditor addictedtolife4. They say the reason for this is that they think the company works closely “with customers to constantly improve upon an already amazing product.”

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That’s evident in Spotify consistently implementing new features to make music listening more convenient or more fun. Whether it’s improving on its algorithms that recommend new music or adding new ways to make the app more social, Spotify has never stood still, and that’s what appeals to some loyal listeners.


One of the biggest names when it comes to headphones and audio technology, Sennheiser retains a strong reputation among anyone who loves listening to music in the highest possible quality. Redditor SV650rider is just one customer who considers themselves loyal to the brand, especially “for over-the-ear headphones.”

That is where the company has tended to excel in its history, often producing market-leading headsets when it comes to noise cancellation and other crucial areas for audiophiles. Their range of in-ear headphones and soundbars ensures loyal customers don’t have to look elsewhere for their other audio needs either.


When it comes to the sheer range of products offered by a top brand, not many companies can beat Sony, which is a market leader when it comes to TVs, video game consoles, headphones, mobile phones, and even great movies and TV shows. The range was one of the things that one Redditor highlighted when explaining why they’re loyal to the brand.

Of course, it takes more than just quantity to win over the loyalty of consumers, and that’s why they mention that the company “never let me down” with any of their products. Providing such consistency across such a huge product range is rare, so it makes sense that Sony is held in high regard by a lot of tech enthusiasts.

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