10 Quotes That Sum Up Deadpool As A Character


The highly anticipated Deadpool 3 has been confirmed by Ryan Reynolds during a very informative ad that he posted on social media. During this small 3 minute spot, Reynolds revealed not only the drop date (which has since been pushed to November 8, 2024), but also informed fans, in the best possible way, that Hugh Jackman would be returning to reprise his role as Wolverine in the film as well.

With this new announcement, fans can only think of the new quips that Deadpool will produce in this new movie, in addition to the brilliant quotes that he has already stated.


10/10 “‘Whose B***s Did I Have To Fondle To Get My … Movie?’”

One of the greatest character traits about Deadpool is his consistency in keeping it real with the fans. That being said, it has been known in the Deadpool franchise that Deadpool doesn’t consider himself and superhero, and, quite frankly, he doesn’t want the fans to consider him as such either.

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Because of this fact, Deadpool assumed that it would come as a surprise that he got his own movie, so addressing this question helps him establish his boundaries and his character early on in the movie franchise.

9/10 “Well, That’s Just Lazy Writing.”

Deadpool has been known for some epic fourth wall breaks. Some of those breaks have included poking fun at the writers and directors of the movie, as seen through this quote. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, writers of the show, have joked about how satirical this movie is.

With that, it makes sense that both Wernick and Reese would poke fun at themselves through the character of Deadpool, and since Deadpool is so honest with his audience, this line seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that.

8/10 “F**k Wolverine.”

Between the second and first Deadpool movies, Logan came out. Not only was this movie nominated for an Oscar, but it supposedly marked the end of Wolverines’ time on the big screen playing the character.

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Of course, fans now know this to be false, but during Deadpool 2, writers thought it would be a good idea for Deadpool to open with the line “F**k Wolverine” because they too decided to make their movie rated R, like Deadpool. This line showcases Deadpool’s slight dislike and weird attitude toward the X-Men as well his internal jealousy.

7/10 “A Fourth Wall Break Inside A Fourth Wall Break?”

A line that is arguably the best fourth wall break in the movie, and even in the Marvel franchise, is when Deadpool acknowledges the fact that he is fourth wall breaking twice.

Deadpool is a character is who is unafraid to break the fourth wall, quite like the new hero, She-Hulk, and he, like She-Hulk, adapts these fourth wall breaks as part of his character. It makes sense then that one of his most iconic lines is the one that embodies both his fourth wall breaks and his sassy character.

6/10 “Almost Like The Studio Couldn’t Afford Another X-Man.”

It is not the first time that Deadpool has poked fun at Marvel, but in this intense jab, Deadpool is implying, and making it known to fans, that Fox could not afford to include more X-Men characters/actors in a Deadpool movie.

Deadpool is known to confront people very openly and have a truly honest personalty, and this line truly showcases that very side of the character.

5/10 “Superhero Landing. She’s Gonna Do A Superhero Landing.”

Once becoming a superhero in the Marvel universe, the hero must establish themselves as a “good” superhero lander. This landing was prominently brought up by Yelena in Black Widow, but Wade bringing this reality up showcases a side of more vulnerability from him.

Instead of saying this line with his usual sassy undertones, Wade is genuinely impressed with the landing and expresses openly that he wanted this landing to succeed.

4/10 “Ryan Reynolds Got This Far On A Superior Acting Method?”

It is no secret that Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, but fans might never have thought that Wade would break the fourth wall so hard that he would promote his true self during the movie.

This line speaks volumes about Wade as a character because he is not only grappling with the fact that he no longer looks the same way and is attempting to make up for it through his suit, but he is willing to break the fourth wall to even promote actual actors in the X-Men universe.

3/10 “Yeah, Technically, This Is A Murder.”

It seems almost fitting that this is Deadpool’s first line in the X-men universe because it so perfectly, without trying, encapsulates the character.

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Two of Wade’s most prominent character traits are being a loving and caring boyfriend to Vanessa, and the other being a kick-butt superhero who is unafraid to take risks and cross the line. This line bridges the two sides of Wade together perfectly during the beginning of Deadpool.

2/10 “So Dark. Are You Sure You’re Not From The DC Universe?”

DC and Marvel have had an unspoken rivalry for years, and the funny component about this rivalry is that it was started by fans. On many occasions, however, Marvel fans will openly state that they will go to DC because DC is willing to step into the rated R sphere and get very dark with its characters.

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That being said, this line, while it showcases the truth about the Marvel fandom, it is also a great example of exactly how sassy Wade can get whilst he is breaking the fourth wall.

1/10 “The Right Girl Will Bring Out The Hero In You.”

Wade is a man of few sweet moments. The sweet moments he does have on-screen are with Vanessa, though he looses her early on in his story.

In this moment of vulnerability, fans are able to see a different side to Deadpool, a side that a lot of fans might want to see more of in the future. Regardless, fans were excited to see that a sweeter side to Deadpool that has been shoved down under his sass and fight.

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