10 Quotes NeNe Leakes Gave To Pop Culture That Prove She’s A Cultural Icon


Born Linnethia Monique Johnson and affectionally known as NeNe, Leakes has been a force since she first hit the screens. From her reality TV moments to the characters she’s played on television shows, there are few dull moments when Leakes is in the picture.

And that is what this post is all about: NeNe’s ability to create a catchy phrase in almost any moment is a talent. Although some of those phrases have caused us to clutch our pearls, the Georgia native has given us moment after moment that has become synonymous with everyday life and language.

Let’s tap into the many times NeNe Leakes gave us new vocabulary for many of life’s situations.


“Whew, child! The ghetto!”

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Walking into any space and deeming it “ghetto” has many negative connotations. But how many of us haven’t been in spaces and situations that we thought were a little sketch? I wouldn’t recommend you go around proclaiming that people and things are ghetto. 

However, in the Black community, we have a way of differentiating between the textbook definition, the systemic connotation, and the colloquial reference of the word. It doesn’t excuse the pretentious nature of the phrase, but there is nuance to its context. Explaining all of that — ghetto (see what I did there).


“I’m just, I’m so tired. I’m really tired.”

This short list shows that it really doesn’t matter how you feel about NeNe Leakes; her impact on culture is undeniable. You’ve likely used one or all of these quotes at some point in your life. Judge me if you want, but I enjoy her and believe she deserves her flowers. She’s often shady but consistently witty and elevates the meme/gif content, and this is proof!

What’s your favorite NeNe Leakes saying?


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