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The Great British Bake Off has returned to television screens this week in the UK with a bunch of amateur bakers competing to see who could be crowned the best of 2022. With so many past contestants gaining massive followings across social media, it should be no surprise that some of these newcomers might see some success too.

TikTok has seen its fair share of chefs and bakers who have managed to gain newfound fans thanks to the platform that has become just as popular, or in some cases, even more so. Some have even gone on to share their recipes for healthy meals and scrumptious treats that have made satisfying content for any foodie to enjoy.


10/10 Nutrient Matters

The young Canadian chef may have lots of followers on Instagram and YouTube, but she easily found her biggest platform on TikTok to share her videos as she raked in more than one and a half million followers. Whether she breaks down the steps for multiple meals or going on holiday, many have enjoyed following her journey as a budding chef.

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With such high-quality footage and clear and condensed instructions, Sara shows just how anyone can attempt to create delicious and healthy meals from scratch. She adds new videos regularly too which has seen many viewers return to see what she has cooked up next.

9/10 Cottage Loaves

When it comes to delicious baked goods, bread is seen by some as one of the best with so much variety on offer. Among them is sourdough which has seen this TikTok personality use their baking skills to create some truly beautiful bread.

From decorative loaves to illusionary pieces, no one creation is ever the same with each featuring recognizable music that fits well with each bake’s theme. Starting from a ball of dough, viewers can enjoy the visual spectacle as they transform it into colorfully cooked bread that will surely be as delicious as it is beautiful would make them an ideal fit for life in the Bake Off tent.

8/10 A Cook Named Matt

Just shy of five million followers, Matt Broussard demonstrates his talents in the kitchen with many meals and snacks prepared by his hands. Mixing and experimenting with many flavors and spices, he has previously grabbed the attention of multiple media outlets to tell his story of social media fame.

But what makes him such a success is the high-quality footage that captures the ingredients mixing together to create something wonderful. Add to that the quick edits to fit within a condensed video and many have enjoyed and continued to be entertained and educated by his attention to production.

7/10 Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown might be recognizable to a lot of people as she acted in many movies and television shows before she found her newfound fame as a chef which saw her career transform overnight. Now she has her own YouTube Originals show for kids, cookbooks, and has nearly five million followers on TikTok.

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As well as sharing her detailed recipes for creating some delicious meals and snacks for any food enthusiast to try, she also films herself enjoying the end result of her hard work. Featuring predominantly in each upload, her feel-good and positive attitude shines through that making people fall for her all over again.

6/10 Arthur and Richard Sève

The Sève family have become well known on the social media platform for their delicious pastries and chocolate creations. Richard and Arthur Sève have been able to gather over nine hundred and fifty thousand followers as they show off their love for sweet treats.

Showing off their many tools and machines within their factory has seen their presence only grow as those with a sweet tooth can get a glimpse inside a real working chocolate factory. They may not be as whimsical and their factory may not be as colorful as Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, but no video is ever the same that has caught the attention of those that could only dream of being inside a French factory filled with treats.

5/10 Janelle Rohner

This macro coach has a plethora of food-related content that no matter what type of videos people are looking for, they can certainly find from Janelle Rohner. She has a really impressive and dedicated fan base as five million people are currently subscribed to her account.

The mixture of food product reviews, making drinks and snacks and seeing her enjoy a meal after a workout really hit a chord with people as she invites a global fan base into her daily life. And with her confident and friendly persona, many continue to look forward to what she could do next.

4/10 Emily Mariko

Just shy of twelve million followers, Emily Mariko has shown many her personal journey just as much as her cooking. Whether it’s packing a bridesmaid proposal box or showing off one of her home-cooked meals, she knows just how to create positive short-form content to put people in a good mood.

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What makes her cooking especially worth following is that she has been able to show off the steps to cook a wide variety of meals without having to utter a single word, making her videos open for the whole world to enjoy. And considering how good and healthy they look, those looking for alternative nutritious meals can give them a go.

3/10 Rooted In Spice

Chaheti Bansal has become associated to Rooted In Spice for demonstrating her many tasty-looking Indian food and a number of global cuisines. Whether it’s ice cream mochi for hot days or sabudana for those looking for something new to try, she has certainly opened people’s eyes to the global foods out there.

The mixture of peaceful music and commentary on her thoughts and cooking process make her videos engaging for food lovers to listen to with her open dialogue with the audience. With such focus on less traditional meals has educated a lot about what it is and how to make them that could certainly appeal to the hungry Straw Hat crew from One Piece.

2/10 Michael Ligier

Using a number of inventive ways to create some truly amazing and creative dishes, it’s no surprise why Michael Ligier currently has three million people following him. Whether it’s a meat-based dish that looks like it’s been shot or chocolate spaghetti or dining in some of the best restaurants, each video can rake in over a million views each.

It’s no surprise that his illusionary and experimental cooking and baking is what has seen him make some truly exciting end results that look like something straight out of a menu from a Studio Ghibli movie. But his voice-over narration that explains the flavor and science behind the recipes involved takes them to an entertaining new level.

1/10 Cookingbomb

Raking in over two and a half million fans subscribing to her account and her content liked by over seventy-eight million people, to say Vivian Aronson is a successful TikTok cook is an understatement. Creating some truly beautiful Chinese and rice-based meals and snacks, her love for cooking and the culture shines through.

Whether foodies love Chinese food or not, there is no denying that her videos are engaging, fun, and educational as she shows off some recipes that many may have never heard of. Corn deserts, noodles, and fried chicken; not even some of these well-known culinary items will be the same after Vivian’s attempt to cook them her way that might make some mouths water.

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