10 Movies Redditors Think Are The Most Visually Stunning Ever Made


The confirmation of Avatar: The Way Of Water’s release date of December 16, 2022, has delighted many fans, mainly due to the gorgeous 3D visuals promised in the film. While fans anticipate the sequel, there are many other visually stunning movies that need to be given their due credit.

Redditors have been vocal about which movies they believe capture the attention like no other. These range from revolutionary animated films like Akira to classic epics such as Lawrence Of Arabia. Since the Redditors have also given the reasons why they appreciate these movies, it’s worth checking out what makes them so dazzling to watch.


The Fall (2006)

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The Fall is an adventure fantasy where a stuntman tells a young girl the story of how he injured his arm – his fractured state of mind and her vivid imagination ultimately create a fascinating story. Redditor I-seddit loved The Fall because it “had little to no CGI – everything was real. It’s just insanely beautiful.”

The Fall features dozens of places where filming was completed on-location, meaning practical effects were used instead of CGI trickery. The Fall has a visually appealing quality due to the gorgeous backdrops that tie into the framing device of the fantastical story.

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (2007)

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While not considered one of Brad Pitt’s best films, The Assassination of Jesse James deserves credit for delivering a visual punch. Redditor Prestonelliot thinks the film’s story was okay, claiming that it is “basically just a cinematography presentation…it’s gorgeous to look at.”

As a western, the movie features the American Frontier in all its glory, featuring unique color palettes that give it a dated look to throw viewers straight into the past. Scenes are accompanied by time lapses that are awe-inspiring to look at as the environment morphs based on the changing seasons.

Akira (1988)

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Akira has long been considered a landmark in animation, with Redditor jimmery calling it a “masterpiece…it still looks better than most animated movies that are made today.” The film is about a biker gang in a dystopian 2019 looking to contain a former friend after he goes on a psychopathic rampage across Neo-Tokyo.

The iconic “Akira-slide” influenced animators to step up their game, as the skidding scene contains numerous splash of colors, smoke trails, and sparks that are steeped in realism. The look and feel of the cyberpunk environment contributed to Akira’s breakthrough as an animation masterpiece.

Doctor Zhivago (1965)

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Doctor Zhivago is an epic romance set against the backdrop of WWI and the October Revolution. The film’s romantic aspect is captured by the glorious vistas the main characters visit, as they fall in love during a time when little on Earth could be considered beautiful.

Redditor MrFoxLovesBoobafina writes that they “couldn’t have cared less about the story but every shot was like its own little masterpiece.” Doctor Zhivago cleverly uses an attractive environment to sell the romance to viewers, which goes on well along with the soundtrack that complements the visuals.

Lawrence Of Arabia (1962)

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Lawrence Of Arabia is set in the Ottoman provinces during WWI and details an interpretation of T. E. Lawrence’s struggles during this time along with the alliances he made with Arabian tribes. Redditor AshgarPN loved the film, as “between the wide desert shots and young Peter O’Toole / Omar Sharif, there’s always something beautiful to look at.”

Lawrence Of Arabia has a multitude of expansive shots that showcase the scale of the desert landscape that the characters are in. There’s a serene aspect to this due to endless stretches of sand below the clear skies. The film is lauded as a masterpiece both in storytelling and in its technical aspects.

Amélie (2001)

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Amélie is a slice-of-life romantic comedy where a young woman decides to help people around her find love. The film’s aesthetic quality comes from its depiction of Parisian life and establishing the surrounding beauty, with Redditor brisavion terming it as “like falling in love before knowing what love was.”

The romantic environment plays into Amélie’s story, as the characters are charmed by Paris’ infectious appeal that benefits the titular character’s plan. Amélie’s feel-good tone also enables the cinematography to shine in all the right places for viewers to see.

What Dreams May Come (1998)

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While What Dreams May Come qualifies as a “What Did I Just Watch?” movie for its fantastical drama, Redditor Morri___ appreciates it because the film “has so many sequences…shot like music videos, amazing aesthetic.”

The story is about Robin Williams’ character venturing from heaven to hell to rescue his wife, with the ensuing journey filled with imaginative environments and vibrant visuals that highlight the otherworldly setting. What Dreams May Come has everything, from whimsical moments to tragic ones, and they’re all presented with a splash of color, all around.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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The Grand Budapest Hotel is considered one of the best films directed by Wes Anderson, instantly capturing attention through its creative set design. Redditor CryingIrishChef has succinctly provided their opinion by claiming that “every shot is like a painting.”

The Grand Budapest Hotel is extremely colorful, featuring various blends based on the tone the scene demands. The story is about the concierge of the hotel clearing his name of murder, along with his protégé, but the style and setting are so alluring and optimistic that the movie ends up as an uplifting experience.

Blade Runner (1982)

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Blade Runner features a dystopian 2019 where the protagonist has to hunt down synthetic humans known as replicants in Los Angeles. While special effects were used, the set design and cinematography were legit, with Redditor GridPassion writing that “it is strikingly gorgeous and a singular feat of practical filmmaking and effects work.”

Blade Runner places audiences right into the center of the rundown world it’s set in, filled with a jaw-dropping scale that displays the dystopian L.A. like most couldn’t imagine. Everything from the alleys, the city at large, and every place the protagonist visits carries a unique identity of their own.

In The Mood For Love (2000)

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In The Mood For Love is a romantic drama where two people learn their spouses are having an affair with each other, with the pair ultimately falling in love through their shared grief. Redditor uncultured_swine2099 enjoyed the film’s presentation, stating that “you could get screenshots of this and hang it on a wall, its so gorgeous.”

In the Mood for Love’s visuals are supposed to be ironic, as the main characters are unable to experience the beauty of their surroundings due to their tragic situation. The film features exterior shots of the city set to a distinct color palette to capture its elegance that the protagonists are too distracted to appreciate.

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