10 Most Unique Slasher Movies, According To Reddit


While it’s exciting to watch Halloween Ends and see Laurie Strode fight Michael Myers, it can be fun to find a slasher film that isn’t a sequel or part of a well-known franchise. Often, the most unique slashers are standalone movies featuring intelligent characters, unnerving killers, and settings that go beyond the typical small town location of most horror flicks.

Redditors are sharing the slasher stories that they love that go beyond the tried, true and expected, from a movie that can be a new Halloween favorite to a film where the protagonist might actually be evil.


Haunt (2019)

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Redditor CMyers1990 recommended “Haunt” as a slasher movie that feels unique. There are many movies to rewatch around Halloween and this would be a great one too since it’s set at a haunted house that is creepier and more gruesome than any audiences have seen before.

Harper agrees that this will be a fun way to spend Halloween night, but the employees in devil, ghost and clown masks have different ideas. Harper is clever and has real character development, and the reveal of what’s going on is compelling.

Alice Sweet Alice (1976)

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Redditor jb1996 suggested “Alice Sweet Alice” from 1976, which is the first movie that Brooke Shields appeared in. The story follows a mother named Catherine Spages whose life takes a devastating turn when one of her daughters is murdered.

The best slashers have killers who no one could guess, and this movie features a surprising villain, which makes for an interesting twist. Alice Sweet Alice doesn’t get talked about much but it’s a stylish film that still manages to be fairly scary.

The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

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Redditor Sparkski said “The Cabin in the Woods” is a slasher that stands apart from the rest, and it’s a popular pick whether it’s Halloween or a random night when a smart horror movie is in order. The main storyline features college students and feels like a traditional slasher, but that’s on purpose, and before long, the story shifts in another direction.

While The Cabin in the Woods is more riveting than absolutely horrifying, as once audiences figure out what’s happening it’s hard to be truly scared, it’s such a wise take on the genre that it’s no wonder it’s such a fan favorite.

The Furies (2019)

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The Furies has a disturbing premise: a woman is taken by men wearing masks and it turns out that it’s all a game. Redditor horror_junkie5919 recommended the film and said that it’s “really good.”

While typical slashers take place on college campuses or feature tiny towns with an eerie vibe, The Furies strays from that tradition and is more interesting. Setting is crucial for a slasher, as it really has to feel like the main character has nowhere to go but will use their wits and clever personality to find a way out anyway. The movie is set in a genuinely creepy location as the protagonist is out in the woods.

The Pumpkin Karver (2006)

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Fans of the Halloween franchise are always looking for films that take place on October 31st, and there’s a great pick that audiences who always seek out slashers will want to check out. Redditor BackpackerLee recommended “The Pumpkin Karver” and Redditor beybladebaddie said that it has “of the best creature designs ever.”

Siblings Lynn and Jonathan Starks move to a new town and are excited to attend a Halloween party, but a mistake from Jonathan’s past catches up with him. The film has several aspects of popular slasher films: a killer who is looking for revenge, a Halloween setting, and a creepy enough tone.

Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon (2006)

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The mockumentary Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon is a thrill for fans familiar with the conventions of the horror genre, particularly of killers. Redditor gravyflavored called it “original and worth watching. Similar to Scream a little in that it’s self-aware, but Behind the Mask is played more like a dark comedy.”

The film follows a documentary crew who interview Leslie Vernon, whose backstory sounds a lot like that of Michael Myers: a man who once murdered his family when hew as young. It’s tough to guess where the story is going as there are many surprises. It’s also fun to see Robert Englund as Doc Halloran.

Dream Home (2010)

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Dream Home has a distinct hook because the main character is the villain and that’s made clear from the start. Cheng Lai-sheung wants to buy a home and when she’s told no, she decides to go on a killing spree. One Redditor suggested the film and said “It’s pretty different from most other slashers and it’s also extremely brutal.”

This isn’t a slasher movie that follows a traditional formula as the protagonist is also evil, which switches things up and makes the movie more interesting. Cheng is a villain who is absolutely ruthless and will do anything that they can to get what they want.

You Might Be The Killer (2018)

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Redditor Paintedviking said “I never hear any one talk about You Might Be The Killer with Alyson Hanigan. It’s so unusual and meta.” Slasher fans looking for something completely different will definitely be interested in this movie.

In You Might Be The Killer, Sam is terrified of murders taking place at the camp where he’s a counselor. The potential twist is built into the premise: Sam’s pal Chuck, who knows everything about the horror genre, thinks Sam is behind everything. The story draws audiences in right away and it’s compelling to see the dynamic between the characters and whether Chuck could actually be right. The hook here is unexpected as right away, no one knows if Sam is sympathetic or not.

The Guest (2014)

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The Guest has a great hook: David Collins visits the Peterson family and says that he was good pals with their son Caleb, a soldier who tragically passed away. When people start getting killed, it’s unclear if David is good or evil. Redditor MrJackBurtonGuster suggested the movie and said, “It’s the closest thing I can think of that’s an ‘Inventive Slasher’ flick.”

The Guest features Maika Monroe, one of the best horror movie actors, as the Peterson daughter named Anna. The Guest is unpredictable and creates a world where people might not be who they appear to be.

Last Girl Standing (2015)

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Most horror films have a final girl, but not all of them are memorable or worth following up with. Redditor Rechan recommended Last Girl Standing as a unique slasher film that “looks at what happens to a final girl after the credits roll.” This is a great idea as it’s something that audiences often think about when they really connect with a character who has been through hell and back.

Four years after The Hunter murdered Camryn’s friends but she was able to get out alive, she finds that she’s living a nightmare all over again. The premise makes this film appealing to horror fans who have detailed knowledge of every famous final girl and who want to see what happens next.

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