10 Most Powerful Marvel Comics Horror Characters


Spoilers for Werewolf By Night!

Marvel Studio’s Werewolf By Nightintroduced several characters from the horror side of the Marvel Universe, including the titular character. Jack Russell possesses great power thanks to his lycanthropic abilities, but far more powerful heroes and villains remain for the MCU to adapt from a furtive period in Marvel Comics history.

Characters like Moon Knight and Man-Thing now exist in live-action, but many others await their turn. Some likely appear in the near future as the MCU continues to explore its darker side in upcoming movies and streaming series. When they appear, these powerful horror characters will likely tip the scales in the MCU’s balance of power.


10/10 Werewolf By Night

Werewolf By Night gains numerous superhuman abilities thanks to the lycanthropic curse on him. Every full moon, Russell gains superhuman strength, speed, and agility. His senses also get an upgrade, transforming him into an apex predator with little control over his supernatural hunger.

Comic book fans know Werewolf By Night also enjoys a healing factor similar to Wolverine and other characters which allows him to quickly recover from bloody battles with Moon Knight and others.

9/10 Elsa Bloodstone

Elsa Bloodstone demonstrated her expert fighting skills in the MCU special. In the comics, she counts among the best martial artists in the Marvel Universe. With the Bloodgem in her possession, she gains superhuman strength, agility, and healing powers that she wouldn’t otherwise have.

The Bloodgem also delivers staggering energy blasts that defend her against far more powerful monsters. The stone’s influence means powers vary between users, and no theoretical limit exists on their potential.

8/10 Blade

Born a human-vampire hybrid, Blade inherited unique superhuman traits. He gained vampire attributes like effective immortality, but also developed immunity to several vampiric weaknesses, including sunlight. He later developed further abilities like the power to transform into a winged vampire and fly.

Blade’s primary skills in the comics lean on his robust martial artistry. Few characters in the Marvel Universe rival his talent with swords, knives, and other weapons, which he brought to bear during his time with Midnight Sons, a supernatural team he joined along with Werewolf, Morbius, and others.

7/10 Morbius

Morbius features similar powers and abilities to Blade. He gained vampiric abilities through scientific experimentation, including the ability to create other vampires. He also achieves immortality by consuming human blood and his natural healing factor. His real power rests in his incredible intelligence and scientific acumen.

Morbius used his genius to try and help other Marvel characters with their affliction, including Werewolf By Night and The Lizard, who became a powerful Spider-Man villain thanks to his own experiments on reptilian cells to replace his lost arm.

6/10 Moon Knight

Moon Knight also achieved immortality thanks to Khonshu, one of the most powerful Heliopolis gods in the Marvel Universe. His power extends far beyond that, however. In some cases in the comics, he possesses superhuman physical attributes like super strength, speed, and agility. He also wields supernatural weapons like crescent darts and ankhs that illuminate when danger arises.

Moon Knight also brings expert martial ability to every battle, trained in high-level combat as a military and CIA operative. He also wields seemingly endless resources thanks to Steven Grant’s status as a billionaire.

5/10 Dracula

Vlad Dracula brings the legendary horror character to the Marvel Universe. His immortality allowed him to reign for centuries, dating back to the 15th century. His vampirism provides him superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, as well as control over other vampires and people, and in some cases, creatures.

His skill and knowledge in sorcery truly set him apart, though. He augmented his already considerable skillset with powerful magic, allowing him to control the dead and cast spells on a level that proved challenging for Doctor Strange. They faced off in memorable battles in the 1970s.

4/10 Man-Thing

Man-Thing appeared in Werewolf By Night, but the MCU special barely scratched the surface of his powers. Theodore Sallis transformed into a living plant creature, with superhuman strength and stamina, as well as the ability to morph his body into organic plant substances. His true power lies with the Nexus of All Realities.

Man-Thing guards this interdimensional gateway, granting him access to the entire multiverse. He opens and closes the Nexus at will and effectively serves as a living embodiment of time and space.

3/10 Ghost Rider

Several Ghost Riders exist within the Marvel Universe and the concept goes back long before the 1970s horror revival. They all feature the same extraordinary supernatural power. Ghost Rider perceives and manipulates souls, burning evil souls with Hellfire, the mystical force that transforms humans into the flaming warrior.

His Penance Stare induces extreme suffering in evil people, making them feel the pain they inflicted on others. He also possesses the ability to travel to other dimensions and alternate realities, a talent only the most powerful magical beings in the Marvel Universe muster.

2/10 Mephisto

Mephisto ranks high among the most powerful supernatural creatures in any realm. He rules his own Hell dimension, where he wields absolute power over reality. This immortal demon manipulates time and space on cosmic scales, demonstrated in his erasing Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson’s marriage from existence in One More Day.

Mephisto often seeks souls to control and acquire and uses his shapeshifting ability to confuse and deceive. His ambitions obey no limits, but his power does, as seen in The Infinity Gauntlet when he proved subservient to Thanos.

1/10 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in some respects serves as the first horror character in the Marvel Universe proper, exploring nightmarish realms and threats years before the Comics Code Authority allowed for characters like Werewolf. His profound knowledge and ability in the mystical arts give him power over time, space, and reality.

Doctor Strange possesses insight that puts him in a position to fight powerful entities like Mephisto, Dormammu, and others. He also discovered cosmic entities like Eternity in his travels to other realms, gaining their trust and respect with his considerable power.

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