10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters That Iron Man Has Beaten In A Fight


Iron Man may be officially dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that certainly won’t stop him from getting a brand-new game in his honor. A single-player, action-adventure Iron Man video game was confirmed to be in early development by EA Motive, AKA the company in charge of the upcoming Dead Space remake. Stark is bound to fight some of his most formidable foes in the game, reinvigorating his biggest fans after his untimely death in Avengers: Endgame.


As one of the biggest faces of Marvel, Tony has never come short of impressing his enemies with his unbelievable intelligence and skills, tackling some of the most imminent menaces in Marvel history. There are even times when he has bested other heroes, like in Captain American: Civil War, but which are the most ferocious opponents Iron Man has defeated?


The web-slinger and Tony are known for having a very complicated friendship since they have both banded together against a common enemy, as well as fought each other many a time. Though their battles are often close, Iron Man seems to best Peter when the stakes are high.

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In 2007’s Iron Man #14, Spidey gets up in arms with Stark after learning of his top-secret prison in the Negative Zone, where the tech genius locked away heroes who spoke against the Superhero Registration Act. In the end, Iron Man is ambushed by a slew of Avengers at Yankee Stadium, including Peter in his Iron Spider suit. Still, he completely overpowers Spider-Man and comes out on top.


The events of Superior Iron Man #2 in 2015 paints Iron Man as somewhat of a villain while he dons one of his most powerful suit variants, following the inversion wave of Red Onslaught, which caused many heroes to become evil before it was reversed. Unfortunately, some heroes, like Stark didn’t regain morality the way they should have.

As Iron Man begins to use his insane intelligence for self-interest only, readers see San Francisco become hopelessly addicted to a DNA-altering Extremis application made by Tony. When Daredevil confronts the armored Avenger about this, they fight multiple times before Stark brutally defeats Murdock, almost killing him before deciding to save him with the iron suit and wipe his memory of Tony’s wrong-doings.


Mandarin, the warlord who became Iron Man’s archnemesis after discovering ten rings of massive power inside a totaled alien ship, has gone head-to-head with Tony on countless separate occasions that ended with Stark as the victor.

Despite being a cunningly vicious foe with strength rivaling Tony’s, due to Iron Man’s hyper-advanced technology and problem-solving skills, Mandarin’s alien rings were proven to be weaker than the hero. However, many of their battles were almost the end of Stark himself as well.


The God of Mischief has always been a fan favorite villain, but his intimidating magic is still no match for Iron Man’s scientific genius, as he is able to maneuver his way through Loki’s manipulative tendencies again and again.

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Even when the two first met, Iron Man held the upper hand with the rest of the Avengers cemented at his side. Loki’s dangerously potent magic and shenanigans may trick even Stark at times, but the armored Avenger continually finds a way to break through the illusions by using his technology as a counter.


Though there are many similarities between Kang and Stark intellectually, since they are both decked out in brawny armor and are highly scientific, the two detest each other quite deeply. They are two of the smartest Marvel characters in the comics, after all.

Kang has gone out of his way several times in an attempt to kill Iron Man, going as far as to mind control him into betraying the other Avengers. To the dismay of the Conqueror, Tony consistently outsmarts Kang and thwarts his evil plans, regardless of the villain’s excess of resources or knowledge.


Quite often, preparation can make or break Marvel heroes in their battles against dark foes, and Iron Man is nothing if not the king of preparedness. Magneto underestimates this trait of Stark when the Avengers fight him and other X-Men.

One would think that Magneto’s absurd power to manipulate metals would render the armored hero almost useless, considering the large quantities of it used in Tony’s technology. Yet, when the men clash, Iron Man is equipped with an armor that has immunity to the magnetic master’s powers and defeats him ruthlessly.

Doctor Doom

Though Doctor Doom’s main qualms are with Mister Fantastic and his friends, Iron Man has gone toe-to-toe with him on several occasions and won most times. Stark is disliked, though respected by Doom in the comics, which makes their dynamic pretty special.

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Doctor Doom even took up Tony’s mantle before, and they have worked together a few instances as well, like when they were abandoned in the Arthurian era and forced to cooperate with each other to return to the present day. At any rate, Iron Man holds more power than the Latverian monarch, despite Doom’s suit being fundamentally better.


Ultron was one of the strongest enemies the Avengers ever faced, Iron Man constantly assisting Hank Pym in finding ways to cease the sentient robot’s destruction and thirst for the end of all humanity.

The diabolical android always came close to achieving his mission, but never before he was stopped by Stark’s intricate and fool-proof strategies. Without Tony, the Avengers likely wouldn’t have been able to halt the adamantium evil in his tracks as he snuffed out the human race.


Debatably the MCU villain who changed Stark the most is Thanos, giving him PTSD from the Battle of New York, which was portrayed well in Iron Man 3 and made the anticipation for their fall-out in Avengers: Infinity War all the greater.

The supremely powerful Titan, who almost succeeded in dismantling the universe, was bested by Iron Man many times in the comics with the help of other Avengers. Despite Tony making the ultimate sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame, he managed to defeat Thanos one last time and save the whole world from ruin at the end of the Battle of Earth.


Fights between the Avengers and Korvac have always been ridiculously close calls each time they’ve battled it out. After all, the omnipotent enemy is immensely powerful, having slaughtered and then resurrected the Avengers on multiple occasions.

Iron Man was miraculously able to overpower Korvac by himself, even though he is one of the most dominating foes in the entire Marvel universe. Iron Man #15 is a great example of this, as Tony is able to stop the super-threat from gaining the Power Cosmic from Galactus Worldship by using god-like powers that were comparable to Korvac’s own.

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