10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters That Ant-Man Has Beaten In A Fight


Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantummania pits the heroes against Kang The Conqueror for the first time in the MCU. Lucky for Ant-Man, he’s fought and defeated Kang in Marvel Comics before. Some villains and even comic book fans may overlook Ant-Man thanks to his small stature, but he packs a big punch.

Ant-Man’s strength and more importantly his ingenuity play a key role in helping the Avengers and other teams beat major Marvel villains. He sometimes plays a role in creating them as well, as Dr. Hank Pym did with Ultron, who continues to menace the Marvel Universe in the comics and other media to this day.


10/10 Sandman

Sandman ranks among Spider-Man’s best villains in Marvel Comics and his most powerful. He ran into real trouble against Ant-Man, however. In Marvel Adventures: Superheroes #10, Hank Pym uses his powers and his intellect to beat the far more powerful Sandman. He commands his ants to turn Sandman into an ant colony.

This inventive defeat leads to some incredible if unsettling imagery and demonstrates how Ant-Man often succeeds in using unorthodox methods for superhuman battles.

9/10 The Living Eraser

Ant-Man fought The Living Eraser in Tales to Astonish #49 in 1963, among his earliest battles. The Living Eraser, despite his name, possessed incredible power. Cutza, The Living Eraser, used a weapon that transported people and objects to Dimension Z. This appeared to erase them from existence.

Growing into Giant-Man, Pym attacks The Living Eraser and his compound, smashing through its defenses. With The Wasp’s help, Pym defeats the villain very easily in his own dimension, where he’s otherwise normal.

8/10 The Black Knight

Comic book fans know Dane Whitman serves as the heroic Black Knight in Marvel Comics but an earlier version fought Ant-Man. Professor Nathan Garrett first appeared in Tales to Astonish #52 and brought his powerful armor and several high-tech weapons into a key battle with Ant-Man and The Wasp.

His bolo-cables proved useless however as Ant-Man shrunk down to miniscule size and then applied his heightened strength against Garrett, easily beating him and forcing the villain to flee.

7/10 The Scarlet Beetle

The Scarlet Beetle numbers among Ant-Man’s most powerful villains in Marvel Comics. This once normal beetle gained superhuman strength and gargantuan size thanks to experiments. He also gained superhuman intelligence which easily rivals Pym’s. Still, Ant-Man used his ingenuity to overcome the villain.

Ant-Man employed numerous methods to defeat The Scarlet Beetle in Tales to Astonish #39, including honey and a toy javelin that destroyed the character’s ability to grow to such a large size.

6/10 The Power Broker

Scott Lang faced off against The Power Broker in Marvel Comics, something that could play out in the MCU down the road. The second Power Broker possessed far more than the first, with the ability to manipulate energy. Combined with his vast resources and cunning, this made him very difficult for Lang to overcome.

Lang helped undo The Power Broker with Cassie Lang’s help. His daughter infiltrated the bizarre startup The Power Broker launched called Hench, an app that recruited people to become villains. With her help, they undermined the operation.

5/10 Loki

Ant-Man helped defeat Loki, among the most powerful magical beings in Marvel Comics, in Avengers #1. Loki’s scheming induced the Hulk to go on a rampage and led to the Avengers forming for the first time. His mystical abilities then proved a challenge for the entire team to overcome.

Pym used his scientific genius to create a device to locate the Hulk and end his destructive behavior in Colorado. Ant-Man then helped the team defeat Loki by placing him in a specialized containment device.

4/10 The Avengers

Ant-Man stands among giants on the Avengers, but he has the power to fight even the most powerful Avengers in Marvel Comics. He proved that in Avengers #161 when he launched an attack against the entire team. He quickly overwhelmed characters like the Scarlet Witch, The Vision, and Captain America.

Pym used his heightened superhuman strength and stamina as well as an army of ants to attack the team. This shocking incident ended with The Wasp knocking him out with her patented ‘sting.’

3/10 Ultron

Ultron ranks among the most powerful supervillains in Marvel Comics and Pym created him. Ultron’s advanced artificial intelligence and nearly unlimited technological capacity allow the villain to endlessly upgrade into more powerful versions, all with the same world-ending intent.

Pym played a key role in defeating his creation at the outset which became even more complicated thanks to the Age of Ultron event. Wolverine went back in time to kill Pym and prevent Ultron, but this created a branch timeline. To restore the original timeline, Pym created Ultron but embedded a secret program within him to undermine the android’s efforts.

2/10 Kang The Conqueror

Kang The Conqueror uses 40th century technology and knowledge to rewrite history to his own aims. This places him far beyond the reach of most superheroes, including Ant-Man, but Pym proved key in defeating Kang on numerous occasions. He helped defeat the villain his first appearance in Avengers #8 but played a bigger role in later comics.

Ant-Man variants, including Giant-Man and Yellowjacket from different timelines, became embroiled in Avengers Forever. This comic detailed the war between Kang and his variant Immortus, a battle which may play out in the MCU. In the complex storyline, Yellowjacket betrays the Avengers but his betrayal proves fundamental to the team ultimately defeating Kang.

1/10 Himself

Ant-Man counts among the most heroic characters in Marvel Comics lore, but his worst villain is arguably himself. Pym’s demons led to Ultron’s creation, a disastrous marriage to Janet Van Dyne that ended him striking her, and his eventual fusion with Ultron to become a frightening villain in his own right.

Pym overcomes his worst tendencies through faith in himself as well as the confidence of others. Despite his actions and complex history with the Avengers, he remains a valued friend and teammate, and his colleagues often appeal to his better instincts to keep him on course.

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